Good article about the gaping hypocrisy of the Catholic church regarding illegal immigration

U.S. Conference of Bishops’ Ludicrous Response to Steve Bannon’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview

It is very easy to call for the legalizing of 800,000 or two million or 11 million or 25 million illegal immigrants when you will only personally benefit from these policies, both through fuller pews and the love of the mainstream media. The problem with this thinking is that it shows ZERO compassion for the victims of this sort of immigration policy — you know, those who lose their jobs to illegals, those whose wages are lowered by a flood of cheap labor, those whose children cannot get a decent education due to classrooms burdened with illegal children who cannot speak English. Good heavens, where to begin with the wave of crime these illegals have brought with them?

And do you want to know who disproportionately suffers the negative and sometime tragic consequences of all this Catholic compassion?

The poor.

The working poor.

And this includes legal immigrants trying to get their lives jump-started.

The already-disenfranchised in America, the struggling working class, those who follow the rules, they are the ones disproportionately damaged by legalizing and incentivizing illegal immigration. And isn’t it interesting how the advocates of these policies always seem to be above it all, above the consequences of their own advocacy – how they never seem to be in the demographic that takes it in the neck because a bunch of do-gooders are doing good at someone else’s expense.

It’s interesting to note the historical position of “the church” in society going back to the Dark Ages. It was only the increased scarcity in labor after the Plague swept through Europe which led to a wealthy middle class and all the positive things which came from it including the Enlightenment, democracy, etc. The church seems to have no qualms in returning to those good old times nor any appreciation for what brought advanced society out of them.

The church’s willingness to flood advanced civilization with huge swarms of illegals, destroying an already precarious if not devastated middle class, is hearkening back to the days of old, the much crueler time of the dark ages.

Another “benefit” for the church not mentioned in the article: All the increased crime and poverty from the migration swarms creates more need for “healing”, prayer, “compassion”, forgiveness, etc. – an increased role for these hypocritical fuckers who delight from breaking down the core of advanced civilization. I put them in quotes because they are only healing and compassion to those who are deluded.

Deliberately subjecting oneself to injury in order to have cause to virtue signal forgiveness and “compassion” is demented. To afflict society with ill and harm in order to evoke cause for being saintly is the apex of delusion.

In effect what these sick fuckers in the church are doing is using illegals to score their virtue signal points. It has nothing to do with healing nor with wisdom.