Ubuntu has run out of Latin letters. What should it do next?

The upcoming release of Ubuntu will be “Zesty Zapus”. What should it do next? Go to the letter A? It could, but that would be boring. Really boring. Really, really boring.

I was thinking about this and I think that the coolest thing Ubuntu could do would be to use sounds from the languages in the Khoisan language family, which have more phonemes than any other languages on Earth.

People might think that that would be confusing or too complicated, but I think of it the opposite way: I think by officially naming releases based on letters from Khoisan languages it would be the perfect opportunity for people to be exposed to these letters and to really understand them.

For example, many people may know that Khoisan languages use click sounds, but how many people know how these sounds are spelled, much less how they are actually pronounced? Using letters of Khoisan click sounds would be an excellent way to introduce these letters to the world and to popularize them.