Time check: Phoenix time

It has been nearly a month since the horrible abuse of the population by forcing the changing of clocks upon them and as I reported then I refused to submit to the abuse and follow along with the mass stupidity. The result was amazing, better than I could have imagined. I now would like to write a one-month follow-up to report on how it’s been.

In short, it’s been amazing. I cannot tell you how much better it is that I did not accept the forced time change. I have been able to keep my same, daily, healthy schedule on sync as always. I go for my evening walks at the same time, etc.

Another excellent benefit is that I have actually gained an hour each day. My days are basically an hour longer than everyone else’s and I really love it. What do I mean by this? Well, if an average person wakes up at 08:00 in the morning, that for me is already 09:00. Therefore if I wake up at 08:00 my time that gives me a whole extra hour per day. Basically my days are longer than everyone else’s and also a bit more relaxed. If I have to be at an appointment at 14:00 everyone else’s time, that’s 15:00 my time. That’s a whole extra hour to get ready and prepare. I can now take my time before appointments and don’t have to rush as much, and am therefore much more relaxed.

It is abundantly clear to me now that what the time change represents is the theft of time from the population. Be good, productive worker ants!

The computation between everyone else’s time and my time is now innate for me and I really don’t even think of it much. I have not missed any appointments nor found it an inconvenience – except that one of my brain-dead calendar applications automatically shifted all my times by an hour. Ok so the calendar application picked-up on the system time zone change by one hour, but when I went and and manually configured the time zone of the calendar application to match the system time zone, it should have changed everything back. It did not.

Another annoyance has been my mobile phone running Android which refuses to honor my manually setting my time zone to Phoenix (MST). After a phone restart the option to automatically set the time zone – which I uncheck every time – automatically gets rechecked. It’s as if they’re trying to force-feed the time change down my throat whether I like it or not a lá Weinstein.

But the fact that I have not had to mess with any of my other less-sophisticated clocks and watches is great. It is extremely convenient.

Since I live in the Pacific time zone I have now set my devices to use Arizona/Phoenix (MST) time which never changes, ever. That means I can just keep all my devices permanently set to Phoenix time all year round. Kudos to the State of Arizona for being more intelligent than the rest of the country!

Phoenix time. Love it!