I feel sad for everyone who let their time be stolen

It has now been four days since the enforced time disruption/theft which I and the people of the State of Arizona do not accept. And it has been a really wonderful, magical time.

All my clocks remained the same. I cannot tell you what a feeling of security, relief, and well-being it brings to not have disruption of your time forced upon you. It feels great.

It’s also so convenient. I did not have to worry about changing any watches, clocks, timers, etc. I only had to change the time zone on my mobile devices and my computers.

At first it seemed like it might be an issue having to readjust the times that others use to my time, but it’s turning out to be a very minor thing. Someone sets an appointment for 2 p.m. on their time, I know it’s for 3 p.m. on my time. It’s almost become innate now for me to do the translations.

There’s a spiritual side to this too. This time of year when the light changes and the seasons change is a magical, special time. The forced time disruption destroys this magic, but I have kept it. I feel like I’m in a special time realm and I feel sad for everyone who accepted the disruption. I have no question from the deepest level of my intuition that my time is the right time for Earth, for being a human under the sky.

So I have a message to you: If you made the terrible error to allow the disruption of your time to be forced upon you, you have already lost something magical and beautiful. But it’s not too late to repent, to ask forgiveness from the Mother Earth, Father sky, and the magical energy of the Cosmos and to take your time back.

Go to a sacred spot – create a sacred space somewhere outdoors and close to nature – and ask for forgiveness and tell Earth and Sky that you love them and that you will honor true time, which is your time, and that you will never let anyone take it from you.