The way American citizens are being screwed over makes me livid

I am from Ohio, and one thing that makes me livid is to see how the amazing, incredibly good, hard-working, honest and intelligent people of midwestern states are being totally fucked over while states like California turn around and give free shit to illegals.

Most of what is great about America was built by people from the Midwest and their intelligence and hard-working ethic.

But then Silicon Valley sprang up on the west coast. For a while it was sane there, but then in recent years the politicians running California are basically criminals who have allowed massive amounts of illegals to swarm in and who are busy bending over backwards to give as much free shit as they can to them.

People from Ohio and other states should know that their country which was built by their ancestors is being squandered and given away by corrupt politicians. The society they built and deserve to have is being destroyed.

The fact that California has so much money is due to ignorance and betrayal. People responsible for running businesses in a state which fucks over the citizens of the host country are often too ignorant to comprehend the destruction that their actions cause. They are too narrowly focused on more minute details of their companies without comprehending the impact that their hiring practices and the choice of location for their business has on the surrounding community and the country.

To locate a company in an area the economy of which is based in part upon a large illegal population is immoral and should be criminal. It is a Ponzi scheme and the ultimate victims of such a scheme are the hard-working citizens of the country that is being betrayed, who will lose opportunities.

It’s sick how people committing arch crimes in the name of capitalism and greed have the audacity to try to make it seem like they are morally superior and humanitarian. This is happening because of severe parasitism that has taken hold in politics.

I wish I could travel across America and tell people how deeply they’ve been betrayed and that they must demand changes to how our country is run. Places like California do not deserve the wealth they have and every sanctuary city is really a city of betrayal of American values and of the American people. I would like to show videos to the people of the Midwest of the throngs of invader illegals. Show illegals working jobs that Americans should be working. Show how many there are, and how far the government of California has gone to betray Americans.

People should be very upset about this. Our America – the one we built – is literally being stolen from us. The criminals enabling this are still in power and acting with impunity. People like Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamla Harris are literally spitting in the face of every American.

If these sick people get their way our entire country will turn into a third-world savagescape with rampant crime and lawlessness. They are turning America into a failed country. This is already evident across California. The cracks in their Ponzi scheme have become gaping holes, vast caverns where you see the impoverishment, the crime, the lawlessness, the destruction of basic principles of civilization.

These arch criminals are like demons who will promise a sugar-coated world of “freedom” and “values” but who will leave society an unsustainable, burnt-out, decreptid shell of hopelessness and broken dreams.