More criminals. More illegals. Shut up and bleed.

Basically, the title is a summation of the policies of the globalist oligarchy and the federal, state, and local government officials who serve it.

New California Prison Sentencing Rules To Cut Inmate Population By 9,500

There are already far too many criminals out wandering our communities. Every year I read about ghastly crimes in which people are severely victimized and often killed by criminals who have had multile previous convictions and who should not have even been free.

Just a couple weeks ago there was a horrendous rape of a young girl in a school restroom by two illegals who shouldn’t have even been in the country. The tepid response by public officials was an even bigger crime. The deliberate attempts to block and circumvent federal immigration law is the biggest crime. Yet so far we have not seen any arrests over these arch crimes.

There is also the myriad of lesser crimes of which people are victimized by all the time – thefts, etc. Things are so appalling right now that these crimes are not even counted – they are not considered significant enough to exist according to the authorities who have betrayed the people of America.

In the modern world run by the globalist oligarchy you’re supposed to shut up and bleed. If you are bleeding and speaking out then you’re considered a troublemaker and a bigger threat to their corrupt system than the actual criminals. That’s because the oligarchy and the officials who serve it are the criminals.

Your blood is considered an acceptable sacrifice for the sake of their profit.

Shut up and bleed so they can make money.