Panels flying off the Microsoft airliner

Microsoft really seems to be going downhill, like the notorious Boeing aircraft with panels flying off mid-flight. Is this the inevitable future from the flooding of the USA with non-Whites, literally giving away entire industries and sectors (Information Technology, engineering, medicine) to foreigners? It certainly seems like it.

Now Microsoft seems to be increasingly affected. Windows File Explorer has had atrociously bad issues, often freezing for long periods of time. This freezing also happens when you’re saving files and the app you’re saving with essentially freezes until Windows unfucks.

An egregious, longstanding bug in File Explorer where a folder cannot be selected and opened in list view when clicked on and has existed in previous versions has never been fixed.

An egregious bug exists with the inability to customize the view type of all subfolders of a folder. This used to work but no longer does. For example if you have a photos folder and want to customize so that that folder and all subfolders display as the “Pictures” customization type (i.e. items displayed as large icons) you can no longer do it. Each subfolder must manually be changed to the desired view type, which is a disaster. Bugs like this reveal a disturbingly deep level of incompetence.

Try browsing to C:\Windows\Fonts and witness fuckage beyond comprehension, no doubt intended to be a nice feature, one that is so deranged it prevents you from actually being able to view files in that folder. I can literally imagine some imported H1B pajeets creating this deranged shit, sitting in meetings spouting on about their great enhancement, and upper-level managers shaking their heads in agreement.

An excellent solution for buggy Windows File Explorer is to install the excellent Explorer++ app. If you go to the Github page for Explorer++ and install the latest version from there (which is the development version) there is a dark mode available. Explorer++ kicks ass compared with Windows File Explorer. As of this writing the dark mode interface is almost complete except for the tab bar.

Microsoft Word is really shitty. The interface is outrageously large and blocky, and there’s no option to set the interface scale factor to fix it. Nor are compatibility settings available for the WINWORD.EXE executable which at least with other programs can help address scaling issues.

The accepted way to “fix” the scaling issue is through Windows Settings > System > Display > Scale > Text size but then if you change this option for Word it fucks up every other application including File Explorer, the fonts of which are already too small and of course being a shitty Microsoft app has no option to select the display font size.

My solution for Word has been to install LibreOffice. Immediately, out of the box on a fresh install, the LibreOffice Writer interface is vastly better than Microsoft Word.

Then there are the Microsoft ‘support’ pages which have been bad for decades, obviously staffed by barely-competent third-world pajeets and notorious for being next to useless. If you really want answers to issues when using a search engine you actually have to tag “” on to the search string in order to not see the plethora of useless garbage the search engine will hit on. What clearer example to the world of the disaster of farming out tech to pajeets than Microsoft’s support pages.

I would not be using Windows at all were it not for multiple graphics programs and a few other miscellaneous programs that are not available for Linux. Microsoft does nothing to make you want to stick with it. Just watching panels blowing off the Microsoft airliner every day.

As pajeets flood technology, science, medicine, engineering, and manufacturing, as they pour in in the millions and displace native White Americans, expect things to start becoming shitty and failing.

Microsoft and Boeing are just the beginning. This disaster of panels flying off aircraft and shitty software products is the inevitable result of a greedy, jew-controlled regime that ultimately puts profit above life.