Imagine Being a Murderous Pig

Imagine being a murderous pig, working for the regime. Getting paid by the regime. Giving the fruit of your labor and energy to the murderous, tyrannical, terrorist regime and thinking that you have any shred of moral superiority, that you are anything but the most inexcusably appalling manifestation of derangement and evil on Earth.

The USA is a pig nation and they’re about to build their brand-new, multi-billion-dollar pig complex near Washington D.C. as the regime’s military is on full-deployment halfway around the world to support master Israel while the US southern border is being flooded.

The days of this evil regime are numbered, as are those of the master state Israel. Evil will fall. It is the will of Heaven.

The People of Earth see the evil jew-run Tel Aviv/Washington regime. We see the atrocities. We see the slaughter of life. We see the incessant lies. We see the pig states they have created to terrorize and enslave their domestic and foreign populations.

The White race is stronger than this evil. We will survive this evil. No matter how much the regime will attempt to slaughter us, to abuse us, to insult, oppose, and injure us in multifarious ways, we are stronger and we will prevail in the end.

The jew-run regime will die and the noble White races, who have built civilizations before, will rebuild a new civilization again.

And we will also not forget the other races who were more than happy to take advantage of us in this hour of weakness and vulnerability. The same races who complained about being enslaved and exploited, only to rush our border in mass droves in order to become slaves again and undercut our civilization. You have taught us a lesson that no generosity and openness goes unpunished. We will remember the lesson long and hard.