End/Beginning Year Reflections

As an end/beginning-of-year reflection I would like this give deepest appreciation first to all the non-human living beings which occupy the Earth with us. It’s devastating and sickening how most humans take life for granted, but I do not ever want to. Every organism that is part of this world is unique and special in it’s own way. Little creatures like insects and even worms deserve to be able to live lives in their little niches without the impact of human devastation upon their environments. What is being done now to Earth on a global scale is a vast atrocity against life itself. The jew-controlled, anti-White, ecologically-rapacious terrorist regime despite its vast lies and swindling is leading to a Great Catastrophe on Planet Earth, a catastrophe that’s happening right now.

No other event in our time should concern us more than this great catastrophe, and from a vantage in the future humans today who are preoccupied with so much other BS will seem like great fools, thinking they were involved in "important" things while our precious Earth was being utterly devastated.

That said, I would like to offer appreciation to the many great people who truly make a difference in the world: The people committed to the concept of Open Source, which is not just about freedom in the sense of money, but about actual human freedom. People like Linus Torvalds dedicate their lives towards not just making great technology, but to a greater idea about freedom and a greater vision of the world and of how it could and should be.

It’s easy, immersed in the technology, to forget about that greater vision. But every person who’s involved with spreading and sharing Open Source is part of that vision. And even though we are in a dark time right now with multiple threats from the globalist system of enslavement, what we do is important for the world.

I would also like to offer deep thanks to all people who work to keep our society running. It’s so easy to take for granted things when we have so much convenience. But every grain of rice that we eat, every leaf of kale or piece of broccoli had to come from somewhere. People planted and harvested our food, transported it, and maintained stores for us to buy it. Even when we compost our food, people have to collect the compost and process it.

In a time like this where in certain failing societies like parts of the United States there’s an extremely vast disparity between incomes and social and living status, it’s not easy to just be a worker and have a good life. Nonetheless, millions of people still manage to work what are considered low-end jobs with little reward.

At the end of the year I’d also like to highlight the extreme evil that confronts our societies. Probably the most evil of all is the ADL, which openly advocates for Jewish supremacy and devotes itself to attacking Whites who want to protect and preserve our families, our communities, our societies, and our homelands.

Dr. Andrew Joyce on the ADL

Will Westcott on the ADL YouTube purge. Before Will himself was purged.
Will Westcott on the ADL purge of YouTube, before Will himself was purged.

The United States is a country run by an entitled class of war-mongering, catastrophically deranged, evil plutocrats and swindlers:

National Justice Party’s Joseph Jordan posting as “Striker” on Telegram.
“White Papers” posting on Telegram. Always install the Telegram app directly from telegram.org in order to bypass Google and Apple (aka “regime”) censorship.

Of course there’s yet more funding by US taxpayers of Holocult indoctrination along with all the other enormous giveaways to Jews. The Holocult is an essential component of Jewish control.


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