The presidential election campaign is a media farce

The 2012 United States presidential election campaign was an orchestrated media farce. Even more, mainstream media in the United States is basically rigged to an extent that most cannot imagine. So much of what constituted the 2012 presidential election campaign was just an orchestrated farce.

Mainstream media definitely has an agenda and the level to which it is orchestrated is shocking and alarming. At high levels, certain things are marked for being highly covered, whereas other things are deliberately ignored.

People should also be concerned when we now see content being provided via the content distribution companies like Xfinity and Time Warner for RT or Russia Today, which is a Russian channel. It is a channel from an autocratic, highly repressive regime which kills journalists and others. It has no place in American media whatsoever.

Also, the large content providers are actively blocking some content such as from asian countries not only for comptetitive/profit reasons but for more sinister reasons relating to population control.

An amazing new type of fabric

UPDATE: see the new post Possible solution to high-tech fitness apparrel laundry problem


Today I went running and wore not some of the other recent apparrel acquisitions that I have but this one black top which is comfortable and looks good. After I finished running and sweating extensively in it I got home, took it off, and noticed something quite extraordinary about it: it didn’t stink like all the other “high-tech” fabrics.

“Could an ‘elixir of life’ really increase your lifespan? “

Could an ‘elixir of life’ really increase your lifespan?
16:44 7 October 2010

Jessica Hamzelou, reporter

A chemical elixir can add 10 years to your life! According to the media, anyway. How much of the claim that an amino acid cocktail can boost longevity should be taken with a pinch of salt?

For starters, the study was carried out in mice. Giuseppe D’Antona at Pavia University in Italy and his colleagues added a cocktail of three branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) – isoleucine, leucine and valine – to the feed of young nine-month-old mice.

Compared with mice that were fed regular, unsupplemented chow, which survived an average 774 days, the BCAA-fed mice on average lived to the ripe old age of 869 days. As D’Antona’s team point out, the BCAA-fed mice lived 12 per cent longer.


HRT reduces risk of death and does not increase cancer (according to new study)

Fig 5 Primary endpoint and mortality for hormone replacement therapy in total population and in four specified subsets of participants, 16 years data including 11 years of randomised treatment. Women in the treated group who had undergone hysterectomy received oestrogen only, whereas women with an intact uterus received combination therapy

If I read this correctly, hazard ratios of 1 would mean that mortality and myocardial infarction rates between the HRT treated (numerator) and control (denominator) groups are equal. Hazard ratios of less than 1 indicate that mortality is lower for the HRT treated groups, which is what the study concludes. Note that the 95% confidence intervals for some groups actually do extend in the range above 1, but the averages for the intervals are still below 1.

Our findings suggest that initiation of hormone replacement therapy in women early after menopause significantly reduces the risk of the combined endpoint of mortality, myocardial infarction, or heart failure. Importantly, early initiation and prolonged hormone replacement therapy did not result in an increased risk of breast cancer or stroke.

Its a win-win-win thing – according to this study at least: Take hormones, live longer, have less (of at least some) illness.

The purpose of the study was “To investigate the long term effect of hormone replacement therapy on cardiovascular outcomes in recently postmenopausal women.” It involved 1006 Danish women who were pre- or post-menopausal, half of whom received hormone treatment and half who received none.

Effect of hormone replacement therapy on cardiovascular events in recently postmenopausal women: randomised trial
BMJ 2012; 345 doi: (Published 9 October 2012)
BMJ 2012;345:e6409

Classic Shell mentioned in the press re: Windows 8

Just read an article at which mentions the Classic Start Menu feature of Classic Shell, which has been discussed here before, as a way to add a start menu to Windows 8.

From the project homepage:

Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but were later removed. It has a customizable Start menu and Start button for Windows 7 and Windows 8, it adds a toolbar for Windows Explorer and supports a variety of smaller features. Look here for the full list.

EU Law: If you sell it, take it back!

EU electronic waste legislation becomes compulsory
Retailers will be required to take back old electronic equipment

By Jennifer Baker | IDG News Service | Published 08:33, 14 August 12

A European Union law that will require all large electronic retailers to take back old equipment came into force yesterday.

The new rules are part of a shake-up of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and will gradually be implemented across the E.U. over the next seven years.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment, or WEEE, is one the fastest growing waste streams in the EU, but currently only one-third of electrical and electronic waste is separately collected and appropriately treated. Systematic collection and proper treatment is essential for recycling materials like gold, silver, copper and rare metals in used TVs, laptops and mobile phones.

The revised directive will increase the collection target from its current 4 kilograms per capita to around 20 kg per capita by 2020. By 2020, it is estimated that the volume of WEEE will increase to 12 million tons and the E.U. authorities want to see at least 85 percent of that collected and treated. From 2018, the directive will be extended from its current restricted scope to all categories of electronic waste.

Meanwhile the retailer take-back plan means that by February 2014 at the latest, larger electrical goods stores, with a shop space of 400 square meters or larger, will have to accept small WEEE items, such as mobile phones, free of charge, without consumers having to purchase a new product.

The revised directive also includes a clampdown on illegal exports of waste electronic equipment. Equipment that is no longer under warranty can only be exported to non-OECD countries if it has been certified to be fully functional and sent properly.


Obviously the same thing should be true not just for electronic items, but for all other types of items such as furniture, vehicle parts, clothing and linens, etc.

This is one more thing about the USA which is sickening. If a vendor sells a product, that vendor should be required to also accept the used/expired product back in order to safely and properly dispose of or otherwise process it. This makes sense because if a company is already involved with the distribution and sale of an item, it can already tap into that distribution/supply system to simply return the used items. The manufacturers of the items can also deal with the responsible disposal of items that they produce. Think of things like furniture where the materials cannot be recycled by the consumer and would contribute massively to landfill waste. There is no excuse for this. Such a law will also encourage manufacturers to think about how they manufacture items in order that they can eventually be disposed of in a responsible manner.

Every store in Germany which sells beverages in bottles must also accept the bottles back and pay the redemption value to the customer. In California where I live the whole redemption thing is a sad joke. Stores which sell dozens if not hundreds of beverages in redeemable containers each day do not even bother to offer the redemption back.

I’m willing to bet she rode her bicycle with the bottles to return to the supermarket.
I miss being in Europe!

Check out “SideCar Ride”

“the next great frontier in observational cosmology”

21-cm cosmology

Using radio telescopes to detect hydrogen emissions during a very early stage of the Cosmos before galaxies formed. Because the emissions were so old, the waves have stretched and are now 21 cm long.

The line is of great interest in big bang cosmology because it is the only known way to probe the “dark ages” from recombination to reionization. Including the redshift, this line will be observed at frequencies from 200 MHz to about 9 MHz on Earth. It potentially has two applications. First, by mapping redshifted 21 centimeter radiation it can, in principle, provide a very precise picture of the matter power spectrum in the period after recombination. Second, it can provide a picture of how the universe was reionized, as neutral hydrogen which has been ionized by radiation from stars or quasars will appear as holes in the 21 centimeter background.

However, 21 centimeter experiments are very difficult. Ground based experiments to observe the faint signal are plagued by interference from television transmitters and the ionosphere, so they must be very secluded and careful about eliminating interference if they are to succeed. Space based experiments, even on the far side of the moon (which should not receive interference from terrestrial radio signals), have been proposed to compensate for this. Little is known about other effects, such as synchrotron emission and free-free emission on the galaxy. Despite these problems, 21 centimeter observations, along with space-based gravity wave observations, are generally viewed as the next great frontier in observational cosmology, after the cosmic microwave background polarization.


More: “21-Centimeter Cosmology” –Birth of the Universe Found in an Atom of Hydrogen

Purslane-Kale Salad

There has been purslane at the farmers market recently. Purslane is in the same family as Miner’s lettuce – the Portulacaceae family which is also called the purslane family.

There is purslane that grows wild all over San Francisco in the cracks of the streets. If you are bicycling along and look down at a crack in the ground you’re likely to see purslane. Whether this is the same as the kind that is at the farmers market I am not sure.

According to the Wikipedia article:

Purslane contains more omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid in particular[4]) than any other leafy vegetable plant. Research published by Artemis P. Simopoulos states that Purslane has 0.01 mg/g of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). This is an extraordinary amount of EPA for a land-based vegetable source. EPA is an Omega-3 fatty acid found mostly in fish, some algae, and flax seeds.[5] It also contains vitamins (mainly vitamin A, vitamin C, and some vitamin B and carotenoids), as well as dietary minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron. Also present are two types of betalain alkaloid pigments, the reddish betacyanins (visible in the coloration of the stems) and the yellow betaxanthins (noticeable in the flowers and in the slight yellowish cast of the leaves). Both of these pigment types are potent antioxidants and have been found to have antimutagenic properties in laboratory studies.[6]

Yes, this plant which grows in the cracks of the streets in San Francisco happens to be this ultra-extraordinary food source which is highly valuable. It can be considered among the best vegetables.

Recently I’ve been making kale-purslane salads and loving them. I use flax oil with it plus other things. The sharpness of kale seems to complement the mellow flavor of purslane perfectly.

Its so sad to me to see the wonderful abundance of Earth and all the things there are for us to enjoy and love, yet how this world is so badly mistreated and abused.

At least I can love and appreciate the beautiful things of this world even though I know that I will have to pass away from it, even though it is so sick and dying.

This weekend there are all kinds of “celebrations” occurring. The contrast between these “celebrations” and the catastrophes unfolding in our midst is just sickening.

If people could only do a little bit – people who always drive – 130 pound females in 1,500 pound vehicles – could make the effort to use a bicycle. If people could just stay near their homes and not go out and drive and pollute in these frenzies for their “celebrations” and instead tend to their neighborhoods, then perhaps there would actually be reasons to celebrate every now and then.

But, given the excess, the carelessness, and all the waste, to see such “celebrating” going on is just sickening.

Maybe one day it will actually be possible to let the purslane in all the cracks grow. After the vehicles have stopped and humans have burned up everything there is to burn, after the rains wash the toxins away, maybe then the purslane will be pure and nourishing and flourish.

No filetype association for Photoshop in Windows 7

After uninstalling earlier versions and installing the latest version of Photoshop on Windows 7 there is no longer a filetype association for Photoshop. For example, if one wants to open a .jpg file with Photoshop normally Photoshop would be listed in the “Open with…” menu.

Photoshop does not appear in the “Open with…” list of associated apps. If one tries to manually select Photoshop even the photoshop.exe is selected it still will not appear in the list of associated files.

I found the solution in a thread at

10. Curt Y,
Jun 5, 2012 8:08 PM in reply to Curt Y

Here is a registy fix for Win7 machines to the file association problem.

This from TinusHDCA user:

I installed Photoshop CS6, then found CS5 was still there. I thought, hey, I don’t need CS5 anymore, so I uninstalled CS5. then I found out that Photoshop was no longer available in ‘Open with’ when right-clicking an image…

So I went into the Registry, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTApplicationsPhotoshop.exeshellopencommand and changed the (Default) from “C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)Photoshop.exe” “%1” to “C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)Photoshop.exe” “%1” (so changed CS5 to CS6) – and now I see ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6’ in my ‘Open with’ list when right-clicking an image…

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