Time to signal allegiance to our leader

Now is the time for top leaders in the nation to step up and show their allegiance, to commit to serve our new leader.

This is a time like no other. An opportunity like no other.

Top leaders from across our nation should be preparing present themselves before our new leader and to offer allegiance to him. Top commanders from the military and law enforcement. Leaders from business and academia. Leaders from government.

This is an important mission, not just to save America, but the entire world.

Here is what I recommend: Announce yourself to him humbly. Tell him who you are. Tell him what your area of expertise is. And then explain in what way(s) you could potentially help.

I believe that right now Donald Trump is searching for not only talented and bright people, but also responsible and broad-minded people.

This is the beginning of something great.

Time to identify and flush out disease

There’s a concept in medicine of temporarily intensifying something in order to remedy it. In this process, in order to flush out some toxic or destructive thing that has become embedded into a body, first it must be momentarily intensified so that it can be identified prior to being purged.

Right now in this post-election time we are seeing how deep the sickness is. It is very clear. All these elected officials who are openly stating they intend to defy federal law. And so many other areas as well including education where institutions are openly engaging in propaganda.

Team members and community



Donald Trump went out of his way to make statements supporting the LGBT community at the Republican convention – which was a MAJOR sign of radical change in that party – and it was ignored. Then later on people deliberately spewed lies about him being anti-LGBT.

As far as I’m concerned those people have completely lost all credibility. They did nothing to help things in America.

Racist bastards! LOL


This just makes me want to cry

As a student of the Java programming language I have come to develop a deep level of appreciation and admiration for the geniuses who developed the fundamental concepts underlying object-oriented programming.

The two most important people in this regard are the creators of the first object-oriented computer programming language called Simula: Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard.

Ole-Johan Dahl one of the fathers of object-oriented programming

Ole-Johan Dahl one of the fathers of object-oriented programming

Kristen Nygaard, one of the founders of object-oriented programming

Kristen Nygaard, one of the founders of object-oriented programming

Given the monumental achievements of these two men, one would think there would be many documentaries about them.

There are none.

I’ve been scouring the web and, quite sadly – quite heartbreakingly – there is very little information, massively in disproportion to their monumental achievements and contributions to the field of computer science.

Someone with money should fly to Norway and dig around and make a documentary about these two amazing men.

A huge landslide

Just looking at this interactive map at cbsnews.com and its clear that Donald Trump didn’t just win, he won huge in many counties in California. I’m looking at the county-by-county results and the margins are in the range of 65+% percent for Trump and 30-% for Clinton. That is a landslide.

It’s clear that the Democrat strategy to push the illegal vote as hard as possible had serious repercussions among people in a state that has been literally flooded with huge swarms of illegals and which really intensified to an insane level over the past decade.

This is a very clear sign that US citizens – especially in places that are highly affected by illegal immigration – have had enough.

The Democrat party appears to have committed treason against the United States and it would not be an overreaction for Donald Trump on his first day in office to arrest those politicians who betrayed America.

If the state or any jurisdictions within it refuse to comply with federal law then I fully support sending in the National Guard to restore order.

When I look at this, when you consider the magnitude of the problem, you have to wonder: Is it possible that the establishment didn’t know? They didn’t know about the magnitude of the problem?

Or they did know. I just wonder if it had to all be this way: Maybe it simply was such an enormous problem that the entire way this has unfolded, with Donald Trump becoming president, is the only way to be able to deal with such an out-of-hand problem?

Was this election real? Given the extent to which the oligarchy can to a very high degree manipulate mainstream media, I would not put orchestrating something as massive as the federal election for president as being beyond them.

And if that is the case – I am not upset. I give them credit actually. If this is the way it had to be accomplished, I give them credit for getting the job done.

While this may seem out there, I think there is ample precedent for this type of thing in history. There are cases where a warrior who served a lord faithfully undertook some extremely difficult, unpopular task for which he might incur a lot of resentment or hatred, but which he did out of a sense of duty towards his lord.

There is one episode in the taiga jdrama series Yoshitsune where a son of the ruler Kiyomori is laying on his death bed and his father Kiyomori is there with him, comforting him. Previously his son had assumed a role as a harsh enforcer which incurred a lot of hatred. But as he lay there about to die, he tells Kiyomori that one day after he had seen his father become really upset because he had been betrayed due to being too lenient and compassionate as ruler, that he the son decided to become a demon for the sake of his father.

He decided to take on the hard role of being a strong enforcer in order to help his father and to protect his father. As he tells this to Kiyomori while he is gravely ill and about to die, Kiyomori apologizes to him for putting this heavy burden upon him. But the son, ever dutiful and loving towards his father, tells him “Its quite alright”.

In the Japanese feudal culture, no honor could be greater than to faithfully serve one’s parents or one’s lord, even if it meant death.

We are in a time when many people are afraid – often for very good reasons – to freely speak. This, to me, is about as un-American as it can get. Nothing can be more hypocritical than people claiming they are for “equality”, “rights”, or any other thing who then proceed to harass, mock, intimidate, or in any other way abuse people who express a viewpoint that they do not agree with.

In this climate, there are some people willing to be “demons” and speak things which may be unpopular. Its important that there are always such people, and that society be willing to tolerate discourse.

“Not my president” ?

So someone *is* your president if they are a globalist who drops bombs and kills hundreds of thousands of innocent people, maims and injures countless more, creates widows and orphans – as long as they let transvestites use bathrooms? As long as they allow 30 million illegals to flood into the country draining precious community educational, housing, and other resources, and stealing jobs and opportunities from US citizens?
As long as they repeatedly lie and manipulate about what they are doing?

We just fucking defeated globalism – and you’re in the streets crying about… what?

I’m crying about you because what the fuck are you doing? We just defeated globalism.
We just made a major step to being able to restructure the government of the United States – which is now an oligarchy – back into an actual democracy.

For the first time in – how long?? – we have a president who is not beholden to special interests, is not bought out, not beholden to the oligarchy, who doesn’t need nor want their money, and who can and will act independently.

You are standing in the street freaking out and it makes me sad because you are deluded and lost – you completely exemplify why the United States is so fucked up politically and in many, many other ways.

Hillary Clinton would have been your next Big Hit of Crack and we just said – America as a country has said – No more hits of crack.

They had their chance

They had their chance.
They had more than their chance.
They had an inch and took a hundred miles.
They lied.
They engaged in extensive, deliberate manipulation.
And all we got was a lawless, fecesville savagescape.
All we got was more and more deprivation of that which was claimed to have been provided: Dreams, hope, safety, etc.

No more.

Some post-election videos and notes

One thing that has become clear is the problem of the increasing dominance of “identity politics” (as long as it is not white identity) over agendas which many commentators are rightly raising deep concerns over.

We are a much greater country than that, and the way that the public was so deeply played and manipulated by the oligarchy over this I think crossed the line into criminality.

I would really like to thank CBS for their free online election night coverage. In general I tend to really like CBS for their local and national news reporting. They generally maintain high standards and tend to be much more objective and neutral than many other “news” sources. CBS are really cool, truly a great asset to America.

Look for Cinnamon 3.2 to be coming

Cinnamon 3.2 looks to be coming down the pike soon. Hopefully there will be an Ubuntu PPA to provide it. Really looking forward to vertical panels!

A lot of people felt kind of deserted when Gnome took its turn along its present path. Cinnamon is where most people seem to think – myself included – Gnome should have gone. Its great to see the project going well.

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