They Have to Go

They have to go. All. Birth hotel/DACA kids, grandkids, everyone. Out.

There’s a great sanctuary for Mexicans where they don’t have to ever worry about being deported: It’s called Mexico.

There’s a great sanctuary for Chinese, a huge place all their own: It’s called China.

I’m completely in favor of giving assistance to help them travel to these sanctuaries.

Every government and public institution which spends a penny of taxpayer money or enacts policies to “protect” foreign invaders on American soil is committing treason and worse.

This is gearing up to be a potentially heavy conflict between renegade states and the United States federal government. It may be a great opportunity to deploy the National Guard and remove public officials who are openly committing treason and restore law and order to our country.

FYI this is how China treats American residents:

It’s sickening that the oligarchy is more than happy to sell out the American people to China.

Donald Trump just said something really important

I just read a great comment by Donald Trump about companies which take jobs out of America to the effect that there are 50 states in America and surely your company can find a suitable place somewhere in our country for its business.

This is an extremely important statement. As an IT worker living in an area that has been massively flooded with both illegals and H1B workers, nothing could be more clear than the fact that many if not most American IT companies have completely betrayed the people of America.

Rather than be involved with – participants in – a project to find and to create suitable places to do business, they have taken the sleazebag route. They have backstabbed and betrayed Americans to an extreme degree.

In a metropolitan area that is suffering under the accumulated disastrous policies of libtarded politicians, where probably 40% of the population is illegal, where housing prices are preposterously unaffordable – off the scale extreme – these sick companies haven’t responded by taking the high road – to lobby for and help fix the issues – to relocate their companies if necessary – instead they have taken the low road – bring in more H1B workers.

Where higher education is lacking across the country, what steps have they taken to try to perhaps create new tech hubs in different parts of the country?

In America its companies seem to have no allegiance whatsoever to the American people – to the children of those who literally built our country and made it great. If you go to the midwest – what is derisively called the “rust belt” or “flyover country” which are very sick terms – you will see the people of America who have been so betrayed and fucked over for decades.

Thank God that Donald Trump is making a stand and standing up to the oligarchy.

I truly hope Donald Trump also understands the extent to which the people of America get routinely fucked over by companies like banks, telecoms, Internet providers, and healthcare companies and work to make sure there are strong consumer protections.

Online course facilitators

Am just thinking about this idea – there are multiple barriers for universities and for professors to making courses available online.

Universities that do provide online sections of courses set up and maintain an online education framework such as Moodle but many professors still have a hard time being able to online-ify their courses.

Wondering about what it would take to get things to the next level, in terms of better framework software and facilitation of professors and entire departments to be able to set up quality online courses.

Perhaps there can be online course facilitators who work closely with professors and take much of the burden of online-ifying courses off of them so that they can concentrate on the material, grading, etc.

Online course facilitators could be responsible not just for online-ifying courses, but auditing, maintaining, and improving online courses. It seems like a new area of prime importance for ensuring the availability and high quality of online courses.

Am also thinking of this specifically with regard to music courses. There may be music professors with very good curricula that is based on physical lecture notes and materials. Perhaps there could be online facilitators who can assist professors in digitizing the content and setting up and organizing online lectures.

Cultural parasitism and the creation of ethnic mafias

Nordic people are trusting, they’re open-minded, they respect effort and, what was going on there in my reaction, was that I was in effect being tricked into thinking that this person was exercising some kind of aesthetic discipline and was very pious in some way or another, and that to me was a sign of effort, a sign of work.

They know how to exploit that, and they do it mercilessly. They always will exploit our willingness to treat them as individuals and give them the benefit of the doubt, but they always are working to benefit their own in group. They don’t have the sense that we’re citizens of a greater humanity.

The net result of that is that whenever Nordic Europeans encounter these tribal groups is we get exploited by it and that we really can’t compete with them on fair terms…

Don’t let yourself get ripped off. Don’t sell yourself or your culture, your people, out. That’s not virtue, its ignorance.

This was the peak for human civilization on Earth Pennsylvania_Station (1910 – 1963)

A great temple built to worship a civic god who might not have a name, but who many millions knew, loved, and paid homage to. This culture based on this god engaged in great achievements and attained a great freedom unlike any other.

But then it met its demise. This great temple was destroyed.

how can something this majestic and beautiful not bring tears to your eyes?

how can something this majestic and beautiful not bring tears to your eyes?

I also watched this video today which brought tears to me eyes:

What a sad story. Genocide through replacement. But I’m encouraged that there is now a movement which will never go away, that is here to stay, of people standing up for their right to exist. All people have a right to exist in peace, and to continue to exist. All peoples have a right to their homelands.

We don’t just need to completely stop replacement, we need to drastically reverse it.

Truly at the vanguard and nothing can stop it

Always remember there’s no media outrage about… the media didn’t cover Rotherham. But they covered this. So whenever you start feeling like you’re going to counter-signal or you’re going to start lecturing somebody for being dumb in front of the media, or doing something that wasn’t like a perfectly crafted thing or whatever, just remember: These people are the enemy. I mean they’re effectively the enemy.

So if your thought was ever that they’re going to be fair or they weren’t going to put things out of context, or they weren’t going to attack us, while covering up for terrorists, child molesters, rapists, groomers, anarchists, rioters, vandals, like covering up for all of these people, while attacking a perfectly legal conference full of law-abiding people who do not advocate nor engage in any violent activity or harm towards others, its ridiculous. Just put this in perspective.

Mike Enoch (near the end of video)

Its really, really interesting how this played out. I don’t disparage Mike Cernovich for his concerns, nor people – especially those not very familiar with the AltRight or with many of the people in it – to respond to those concerns.

But what absolutely blows my mind is how quickly it is possible for brilliant minds in the AltRight to immediately set things straight again. This really is extraordinary, an extraordinary movement with very extraordinary people.

I admit I’ve been so busy with homework lately that I haven’t had time to watch and absorb all the hours of lectures which RedIce have very faithfully recorded and distributed. I saw Sam Dickson’s lecture and again was just blown away by the extraordinary caliber of thought.

What Richard Spencer says in the video below about the AltRight being the vanguard – he is so right.

I’m so glad they made this video. In my opinion it is itself revolutionary.

What reason, other than severe delusion?

If your country – your homeland – primarily consisted of one racial group, of which you were a member… Then if one day every member of the majority group in the country was asked a simple question:

Do you want your country to remain {your racial group}?

No finneggeling the answer. Straight up answer to this direct question.

For what reason, other than severe delusion, would anyone answer “no”?

Ok, cue all the blah blah blah about humanitarianism compassion blah blah blah…

It’s all pure bullshit. If you think very carefully about it you’ll realize all the blah blah blah in the end really is all bullshit.

And I guarantee you 99% of the people in all the other groups that you are not would vehemently answer “yes”.

You are your group and your group is you. If you really dislike who you are and do not want to be, you’re free to jump off the nearest bridge as an expression of your dislike. But you’re not entitled to fuck up your country, to damage your group.

You’re supposed to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself you’re fucked up. If you’re fucked up, don’t fuck up other people.

Rethinking the Roman salute

There was this uproar last week about people at the NPI conference Roman saluting. Then a huge media freakout and basically everything else about the conference – including many amazing speakers – being completely ignored.

One person claimed that it was – what did he call it? – controlled opposition or something like that. Essentially claiming that NPI was secretly run by people who were actually working for mainstream media in order to derail the movement.

I guess to people only newly exposed to the AltRight it could be confusing. If you’ve grown up in a country where shit like Cointelpro exists then you could easily suspect that there are probably layers of shit going on and tend not to trust anything.

But the thing is, and this is important, the people in the altright – people who were at the NPI conference, are fucking geniuses. After watching the video of Richard Spencer discussing what happened it blew me away – not because he had clarified exactly what had happened with the Roman salutes – but because he’s fucking brilliant and his knowledge of what’s going on and of ways to empower the altright to take on so much shit in the mainstream media is off the scale.

Right now mainstream media is in full-on shit-its-pants mode, freaking out about “fake news” and basically having an apoplectic fit. After all its contrivance, after the extensive dis- and mis-information, manipulation, lies, and distortions – it failed. Donald Trump played the mainstream media and the altright also played it. Now all the liberals are talking about censorship. So totally fucked.

When I see the picture of some of the attendees at the NPI conference – not long after they had been accosted and in some cases assaulted by these Antifa idiots screaming and calling them Nazis – smiling in front of the camera as they give Roman salutes – I love it. I think its brilliant.

Time to re-reconquer

Map of the Reconquista of the United States

Map of the Reconquista of the United States

Just like poison coming to the surface after a doctor administers medicine, the open defiance of United States immigration law by many in politics, academia, and business is a sign of how far the Reconquista has managed, how extensive the enemy invasion of the United States is.

It is now time to re-reconquer the renegade regions of the United States for the American people.

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