Cool Jdrama set with racing bicycles

Siren 44’40”

Every time they show a scene in this apartment I love seeing the wall-mounted racing bicycles!

Makes me want to jump on my bicycle and hit the road.

I can’t even imagine how wonderful it must be to go bicycling around Tokyo.

Being on the streets where I live – in a vehicle, on a bicycle, or running – is perilous and highly unpleasant because of so many dumbfucks and aggro awipes on the roads.

Imagine Tokyo though. I think I would cry if I could bicycle there.

So I went into the beauty store today…

This was one of those unforgettable moments. I went into my favorite beauty store today initially to test out the new Bare Minerals foundation that just came out. But while I was in the store I decided to ask one of the cool ladies there (I feel like they’re my homies, they are so cool) about an idea I’ve had to color my hair with a temporary color instead of a permanent one.

Earlier in the day I actually bought a henna-based color treatment from a health food store but when I asked a couple of the ladies about it they were both immediately like “No! Don’t use henna.” so I was glad I asked. I then asked another one who has also helped me a lot in the past with guidance through the process of lightening my hair. She suggested that if I want to color my hair I can just use a touch-up spray. They didn’t have the color she was thinking of for me to try, but she suggested another possible color and brought it to me and offered to test it on me. I leaned over and she sprayed but then said “This one is kind of pink.” in a matter-of-fact, serious kind of way. Looking at the bottle it was a rose-colored spray so, yes, my hair did turn a light pink.

It was so funny I laughed so hard and said something like “That’s cool. Maybe we can add some blue to go with it also!” and everyone just kind of cracked up laughing. There were like five of us all standing in a circle just laughing for a couple minutes and I kept joking about the color.

But another one of the ladies said “It actually looks kind of cool” and it made me think: Because my hair now is so light I can actually do this: I can spray cool colors like pinks or purples or whatever and they will actually look really cool.

So I agreed with her and was like “Heck yes, let’s try it!” so she took the rose-colored spray and properly did my hair all over with the rose-pink. I love it!

Now I want to go back there and try some other colors. Rose was cool but I want to try some more intense colors!

Watching another amazing Taiga drama with relevance to the present

Started watching the current Taiga drama Onna Joushu Naotora (Naotora: The Lady Warlord). One of the themes that has come up is very interesting. The main clan the Ii have had negative interactions with a group of thieves but not all the interactions were bad. Before knowing who he was, the priestess head of the Ii clan, Naotora, encountered the man who is the head of thieves. Several things he said to her actually helped her deal with important issues she was facing.

Later on though the thieves were found to have been stealing trees from the lands of the Ii and of a neighboring warlord. The neighboring warlord demanded that the head of the theives be punished severely. Back then the punishment for that kind of theft would have been death.

But Naotora decided to not kill him, going against even her own top advisers who were angry with her because of the blowback she might receive for not killing him. But, perhaps because she is also a devout priestess who trained in a Buddhist temple, and also because in her previous interactions with the head thief, she did not have him killed.

He ends up escaping. But in a later episode she ends up being kidnapped by the thieves and meets the man again. Again they speak and in their speaking she criticizes him for being a thief, but he turns around and says to her that he and his men are only petty thieves compared with the samurai.

Naotora is taken aback by this. She has never heard someone criticize the samurai like this before. She eventually is freed and goes back to her home but cannot stop thinking about what the head thief man said. She even asks her younger sister – who as a child lived a life of a poor farmer – if she ever thought of the samurai as theives and she says that “we grow the rice but we cannot eat it”, meaning that the rice has to be given to the samurai as tax. So it seems natural in the minds of farmers that samurai are like theives.

Later on one of Naotora’s enterprising advisers wants to start lumber production. Naotora remembers how effective the thieves were at quickly chopping down the trees they stole and she decides to do something crazy: She arranges a meeting with the head thief man again at a temple and offers to hire him and his men to harvest trees for the Ii’s new lumber enterprise.

Once again, against very strong objections of her leading advisers, Naotora decides to do this. The enterprising advisor, who does not object, tells the other advisors that over time the thieves can be rehabilitated and become active members in the clan. An enticing idea but one with potential pitfalls.

The advisors who don’t want Naotora to work with the thieves protest that they will not change and will only cause problems. This is kind of the idea of throwaway people.

On the other side is Naotora, a Buddhist priestess, who clearly believes in and is willing to take a stake in something higher.

That is kind of where I’ve left off, but I think it’s really interesting how a story about a samurai clan in 16th century Japan can have relevance to the modern world.

My only take on this issue would be that yes it is possible to try to rehabilitate hardened criminals however the pitfalls are not only that the criminals may not change, those attempting the rehabilitation can fall into a kind of false compassion that on the surface may feel good but may not be healthy.

To work with difficult situations like that also requires a certain kind of strictness, something that is alarmingly lacking in the present at least where I live, where crime and drug use is running rampant. Compassion which truly helps people and can rehabilitate people and change the world does not mean being weak and soft. There is a kind of wisdom in being strong.

Perhaps that’s soemthing I’ve learned through my work which has involved dealing with a lot of different people over the years. What does it really mean to help someone? Does it help someone if you harm yourself? Is it compassionate and wise if you cave in to your healthy limits and boundaries and allow others to disrespect and inflict harm on you? Are you even wise enough to fully recognize when you’re being harmed? Or are you one of those deluded people who equates being harmed with being virtuous?

I believe there are rare, highly talented people who can do amazing things in certain situations. But for that kind of thing to occur requires extraordinary insight, knowledge, and experience which not everyone is capable of.

Clearly we as a society should be very careful about who we choose to be our “leaders”. Most are shockingly unqualified – people who could barely run a successful business on their own much less be responsible for making decisions which affect the lives of many.

But we get a lot of deluded “compassion” and end up with the train wreck society like we have at the present, while leaders with actual experience and know how such as Donald Trump get constantly attacked. In the end it turns out that the ones always grandstanding about how compassionate they are are the ones causing the greatest harm, while the ones like Donald Trump who stand for rules and healthy limits get constantly attacked. It’s almost like a patient who is so sick they reject the medicine that can actually make them better.

Back to basics with hair!

Just wanted to post an update about my hair care routine and some important developments including getting “back to basics”.

Not too long ago on Redken’s website I used their Hair Diagnostic Tool and it recommended to me several times based on the questions their All Soft conditioner. Today at Ulta there was a buy 2 get 1 free sale on the little sample sizes which I love of Redken products. They had the All Soft conditioner and tonight I used it after my usual wash with Curvaceous Lo Foam shampoo. It really seems nice.

As I’ve written before my go-to conditioner for a while has consistently been Acure’s Ultra Hydrating Conditoner which has argan oil in it. So far the Redken All Soft conditioner (the sample I got was the non-argan one) seems really great. It applied very nicely to my wet hair and is extremely moisturizing which my hair loves.

For styling I chose to forego using Curvaceous Curl Refiner and just went with a small amount of AG’s Recoil which I still really love. One thing I’ve realized over time is how powerful Recoil is. It only takes a small amount to work in the hair. Overuse will cause buildup and the hair will be tacky and stiff.

Now here’s the get back to basics thing. Last night I broke out some of my DevaCurl products and used Mist-R Right and Spray Gel. Today I didn’t use Mist-R Right, only sprayed some Spray Gel on my hair one it was clipped up and set to dry.

Before taking out the clips, when the hair was almost dry, I sprayed a little bit of DevaCurl’s Set It Free on my hair, focusing mainly on the top where I require more hold and lift.

Another thing I did – this is kind of a new innovation – after taking the clips out and my hair was finished, I usually want to kind of fluff it up a little bit. Because my hair is thinning a bit mostly on top if I don’t fluff the hair a little bit you can see my scalp. I’m not entirely sure if this is due to thinning or simply to the fact that my hair is much, much ligher in color now and hence does not mask the scalp as well.

Normally I would tend to run my fingers through my hair to try to fluff it up a little bit, to spread out the locked-in curls, in order to get a little more volume. But this process messes with the curls, usually too much. If you use gel or other styling products intended to induce and lock in curls you will know how the locked-in curls can get messed up.

So my new technique tonight was to dampen my hands first and, instead of just running my fingers through the hair and ruining the curls, I used scrunching motions to kind of work with the curl formations. This had the effect of loosening the curls a bit, but also keeping the overall curl definition locked in. It worked! I worked really well! This is a huge breakthrough for me.

In the past I ended up staying away from the use of gels mostly because of this reason. They would lock in the curl but then I always want to fluff the hair a little bit, but that would always break down the curls and then I would just have geled hair without the curls.

I learned the standard things about how you’re supposed to scrunch the hair when you first apply the gel. My new innovation is to skip that – I’ve already scrunched in Recoil creme into my hair and have it set up and clipped – so I just spray a little bit of gel while its like that. Then, when the hair is dry or mostly dry – either with the clips still in or out – wet the hands and spray in a little more spray gel into the palms and scruch away.

Now the test will be to see how this actually holds up over the next day. But so far this evening after my routine my hair is already far ahead in terms of being styled the way I want it.

So I’m getting back to basics and re-learning using some of my DevaCurl products which are powerful tools to have in my arsenal.

One of the other travel-size Redken products I got today was Frizz Dismiss spray. My hair was actually a bit frizzy earlier today when I tested it. I just sprayed a little bit and bang! The frizz completely disappeared. Great little product to keep in my purse. Thank you Redken!

The other product I got was One United spray.

Some great comments and excerpts

These are some comments from articles:

From Trump Immigration Crackdown Leads to Higher Construction Wages:

Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, etc.

Why do you hate American workers?
Greed!!!! They get more money under the table if the globalists make more profits!! It’s all about money/bribes/payoffs
It’s not under the table. It’s out in the open and it comes in the form of campaign donations and donations to friendly PACs and SuperPACs. The people who benefit from a large labor pool are the ones who buy labor – those wealthy enough to employ large numbers of people and who don’t want to pay much for that labor. Those same people make massive donations to candidates who help them maintain their businesses in a lucrative fashion, meaning politicians who help them keep labor costs down.

The vast majority of political contributions in this country come from only about 400 of the wealthiest families in the country. It is these people and their interests which are represented in Washington DC, not yours.

To MAGA, you need term limits and total transparency of the electoral process. You need a shorter electoral process (which is less costly, undermining the influence of the extremely wealthy), and you need a balanced budget amendment to cut down on the pork which enables so much of the rampant crony capitalism that benefits theses same donors.

As for the illegals, you solve this problem by siccing lawyers on the employers who hire/exploit illegals. DoJ needs to start prosecuting. We need to see white collars making perp walks far more often.
True. I own a small construction firm. We have employees and we hire subcontractors and other temporary employees. I refuse to hire people here illegally. Simply put, I will not put an employee in a working position I would not want one of my own adult or teen children in. There are a lot of contractors out there like me, and we have to bid against the racist firms who use the slave labor of illegals, while claiming to “help them.” People who want illegal workers in America do so because they do not want to pay fair wages and benefits, yet would never let their own kids work in such positions. They are Racists, pure and simple.

From California Bans ICE Agents from State Labor Offices to Protect illegal Workers:

The citizenry of California never voted for sanctuary status. The crooked mayors should be recalled. Collect signatures to forbid the state from sanctuary status and put it on the ballot. Then what will Jerry Brown say?
“Despite ICE’s denials, Carl Soto, an organizer for illegal aliens’ rights at the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, told the Independent that the rumors of ICE enforcement were discouraging workers from filing claims of abuse against employers.” (Breitbart)

I think it’s the fact that they are working illegally–and KNOW it–that is preventing these workers from filing claims against abusive employers. At the very least they would be briefly detained and probably lose their jobs, however unpleasant working conditions may be. I doubt any of them would come forward.

So, what Carl Soto, Julie Su, David Chiu and Tom Torlasko et. al are doing is cleverly blaming the fear and degradation illegal workers are experiencing on the federal government’s attempt to enforce immigration laws.

Yet it is the policies of their OWN overlords, with the blessings of the CA Chamber of Commerce, that deliberately creates this unprotected underclass of virtual slaves. Can’t blame that on the Trump Administration, but nice try, California!
State officials are publically and blatantly refusing to enforce federal immigration laws.
Why have they not been arrested, charged, fined, and jailed?
Sessions, where are you?
Are you afraid to start arresting these lawbreakers? You know their names and where they live and work.
Harboring FUGITIVES from the Law is illegal!
No one needs a warrant to enter a public building, especially a law enforcement agent. AG Sessions needs to have the ICE agents go in and arrest every company manager that has an illegal immigrant working there. Assemble a massive task force and time the arrests such that they will be caught off-guard. It is time to enforce our immigration laws and imprison those people that violate them. Julie SU should be arrested and prosecuted for conspiracy to violate federal laws.
AG: Is this not sedition? I added emphasis:

§2384. Seditious conspiracy
If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, OR BY FORCE TO PREVENT, HINDER, OR DELAY THE EXECUTION OF ANY LAW OF THE UNITED STATES, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, §1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)
Cali’s situation is unfortunate. I saw the cali votes and was staggered by the numbers, huge, really huge. I get that nearly the entire state was red, with blue population centers dominating. I saw that, too. But, what the hell is going on in that state that the whacked out liberals outnumber the conservatives by such a huge margin. Are the illegals voting illegally and being protected? Is it just liberal indoctrination? Conservatives are usually outnumbered in the cities because they are conservative, and liberals are loud and proud. I blame the numbers here on the conservatives in the state not being more vocal and for not making the alternative view more well known.

From Chamber of Commerce Official Unwittingly Tells the Truth About H-2Bs:

Speaking about summer jobs in Maine, at a time when no additional H-2B foreign workers are available, the executive director of a Maine Chamber of Commerce is quoted as saying:

The shortage is so acute … other companies have gone so far as to offer higher wages to entice locals. (Emphasis added.)

Without being aware of it, the Chamber executive was stating what to some critics is obvious: The presence of H-2B workers not only deprives U.S. workers of jobs, it drives down wages. (H-2B workers are ostensibly unskilled nonimmigrant aliens who have non-agricultural jobs.)

So inpsirational: Natural curly grey & white hair

Just found this amazing page with so many wonderful photos of women with naturally curly white and grey hair.

I really hope that more women will embrace their natural hair color and not feel any pressure to have to color treat it. Natural hair is the most beautiful. Women who embrace their natural beauty are the most beautiful.

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