Existing in a command-line environment

I am creating this post in a command-line environment using the amazing elinks web browser. If you use Linux it is possible to function completely from a command-line environment. The reason I’m actually doing this right now is because I’m logged into one of my Linux systems and doing a large upgrade and decided not to login to a graphical environment while the upgrade occurs.

Using a command-line environment is refreshing and reminds me of the “good ‘ol days” before graphic environments existed. In fact this is actually way better than the good ‘ol days because the capabilities and power of a modern computer blow away anything from the past.

Being in this command-line environment is refreshing and it makes me think about what really matters. What does really matter? Do you ever think about it? What do we really need?

For me, thinking about it, it’s actually kind of a plus to be able to just go back to this existence where everything’s simply a matter of text. Because ultimately so much of the important information that we need, that we use, that we access is text-based.

Here then are a few tips on how to exist in a command-line environment on a Linux system. This is just very basic but it can help you survive in this environment and you may want to try it just for the experience.

Connecting to the network via nmcli
The leading command-line utility (there are others but this seems to be the main one nowadays) for managing and initiating network connections via the command line is the Network Manager command-line utility nmcli. Briefy, here is how you could use it:
nmcli conn show – list available connections. These are networks that have already been set up in Network Manager. For more detailed info on setting up connections from the command line see the nmcli man page.
nmcli -a c up "sonic" – this will bring up a connection named sonic and the -a flag means it will prompt for the password which is a necessary option if there’s a password for the connection.

Using lastpass from the command line
Yes you can actually use Lastpass from the command line to access your passwords. This is really amazing! The lastpass command-line client is lpass. lpass -l will list all your passwords. You can pipe the output to grep to find a specific site: lpass -l |grep "cool site" for example.
lpass show "my cool site" will show the login information for “my cool site”.

gpm is a utility which gives mouse support in a terminal session. You can highlight text with the mouse and it will automatically be copied to a clipboard. Middle-click will paste whatever is in the clipboard. This is extremely useful when using lpass (above) and elinks (below).

elinks is a command-line web browser which has the amazing ability to handle modern web sites really well. Press Esc to bring up its menu and press g to go to a URL.

Wow Firefox’s New “Focus” Mobile Browser is Amazing

I just read about Firefox’s new Focus browser – a mobile browser that is designed to be straightforward and focused on privacy. It is really amazing!

Amazing soul killed by Somali retard “refugee”

An amazing soul, a yoga instructor and inspiring person was killed for no reason by a Somali “refugee” who was allowed to become a police officer in Minneapolis. The average IQ of people from Somalia is between 67 and 74.

This piece of shit who should never have been let into the United States was given a firearm and a job which he did not have the capacity to maintain responsibility for.

The fact that this is a black-on-white shooting has been completely covered up in mainstream media. Just think what would be going on in the MSM now if the races were reversed.

To the sick fuckers in Minneapolis who allowed their community to be invaded through their deluded virtue-signaling: You have blood on your hands.

Here’s some more info.

Justine was remembered for her beautiful spirit and profound awareness of healing, which she focused her life around after losing family members to cancer, according to her website. Friends called her a beautiful person and “evolved soul”

Rule #1 of the new time: You always stay true to your people. Virtue-signaling is disease.

The best thing that can be done is to use this tragic death as a profound lesson and get rid of invader trash.

Will you choose life & enlightenment or cowardice?

Color of the month

♦ Color of the month #f31f1f
♦ Color of the month
♦ Color of the month


or #ff2b2b
♦ Color of the month
♦ Color of the month
♦ Color of the month


I just discovered HP ZBooks

By chance I came across an auction listing for an HP ZBook (because it mentioned a Thinkpad model I was searching for in its description). HP ZBooks have a PointStick (similar to TrackPoint). Unfortunately looking at the hp.com website it’s not possible to tell if all models feature pointing sticks or only certain models.

If you had any doubt that California is a criminal conspiracy

Trump commission on voting fraud asks states for voter data

Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press Updated 6:11 pm, Friday, June 30, 2017

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s commission investigating alleged voter fraud in the 2016 elections has asked states for a list of the names, party affiliations, addresses and voting histories of all voters, if state law allows it to be public.

A Wednesday letter from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity gives secretaries of state about two weeks to provide about a dozen points of voter data. That also would include dates of birth, the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers and any information about felony convictions and military status.

Some Democratic officials refused to comply, saying the request invades privacy and is based on false claims of fraud.

Any investigation into the integrity of an election is a plus in a democracy. Claiming that providing public records to a body that is investigating election integrity is an invasion of privacy is absolutely ludicrous. An investigation is just that: An investigation is not a claim. To obstruct an investigation and attempt to obfuscate it by making a non-sequitor argument about claims of fraud is even more ludicrous.

In this age of electronic voting, providing the requested information is literally a matter of a few mouse clicks and providing a copy of a data file. To claim that it would be some type of burden or waste of resources is absolutely ludicrious.

In addition to the voter information, the letter asks state officials for suggestions on improving election integrity and to share any evidence of fraud and election-related crimes in their states. The data will help the commission “fully analyze vulnerabilities and issues related to voter registration and voting,” vice chairman and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach wrote.

Improving the integrity of elections is exactly what the government should do.

On Thursday, Virginia’s governor and the secretaries of state in California and Kentucky, all Democrats, responded that they will not share the information.

California is a criminal conspiracy. It is as simple as that.

The Democratic party is the party of voter fraud. Literally.

It’s time to start arresting these criminals.

Amazon Foods

Not much to say about it. On the face of it I don’t think it is necessarily bad. Whole Foods’ actual committment to oragnics is pretty weak already. Their committment to truly healthy foods over and above selling stuff intended to make profit is rather low IMHO. Look at how much space they waste for example on the baked goods, pretty much all of which is sugar-infested toxic shit, vs. what would be truly healthy alternatives with no sugar.

Aisle space says a lot about committment or lack thereof.

So what will acquisition by Amazon mean? It could me more efficiency as Amazon is known for its hard-core logistics. Isn’t that already where Whole Foods has been headed?

Then again, the selling of Whole Foods seems like the abandonment of yet another business by it’s creator, as happens over and over, as once homey brands get acquired by big conglomerates. It seems like a disease to me. It’s the wrong direction. We should have more smaller, family-owned brands that make their producsts with care, than large conglomerates swallowing up everything.

What’s happening seems to fit in with the overall pattern of increasing globalization at the expense of localization, which is unhealthy.

But we can try to remain open-minded and optimistic and see at least what happens.

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