World Meterological Organization: January – October 2014 warmest on record

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The global average temperature over land and ocean surfaces for January to October 2014 was the highest on record, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It said October was the hottest since records began in 1880.

source:; “News, 21 November 2014, January-October temperatures break records

My favorite bicycle headlight

Cat Eye HL-AU230 “Jido”

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This light only costs $30. I had the previous model to this light, the HL-EL220 which duly got ripped-off my bicycle a couple days ago. It was an excellent light with extremely long battery life and was very bright. This one is almost identical – the shape is slightly different but it still has the 5 led bulbs and uses 4 AA batteries. The output is the same: 250 candlepower which I have found to be a really decent amount of light without also being blinding to others on a trail at night. I really give credit to Cateye for making an affordable and very well-made light like this.

I was looking at various lights available and notice that there are now some pricey ones available which feature USB recharging. However the battery duration on these ones – even $100 ones – is really, really terrible IMHO. I want a light that is going to last because its a safety device and I may easily be in situations where I want and need light. A light with a 2 hour continuous battery life is just too short. Also, instead of USB charging capabilities, I’d rather opt for some high-current eneloop, low self-discharge (LSD) rechargeable AA batteries.

Most of the time in the city I have my light in flashing mode. But then I do sometimes end up on trails or in areas which have no lighting and need it in constant mode. With 5 LEDs these lights are more than sufficient for comfortably navigating a dirt trail at night.

I just have to remember to always detach it from the handlebars when I park anywhere in crackheadville.

All this stuff in the “news” about Iran is a big farce

Every day there is a drumbeat of articles in the “news” about Iran and the “negotiations”. It is all bullshit. It is an orchestrated farce by governments and the media they have control over to force Iran.

I’m guessing that Obama and Xi have already made their backroom deal on Iran. They’ve decided what actions will be taken, how the spoils will be divided, and who gets what for what. Everything else we see in the media is just a scam.

That is the reality of how geopolitics play out.

But the truth is that Israel is the country that should be invaded and stopped. If America were sane it would send its tanks into Jerusalem and force the Israelis to get the fuck out of Palestine, tear down the barriers, walls, and checkpoints, and make Palestine a free state. It would use its ships to prevent Israel from imposing any sort of blockage against Palestine. It would make damn sure that no Israeli ever puts a finger on a Palestinian again.

Now that Obama is at the end of his 2nd term its prime time for him to engage in a military action against Iran. Watch out what happens, and how the big farce plays out.

Burning auto parts stores

Its unfortunate. It looked like at least two auto parts stores were burning.

If people are going to burn something down, burning an auto parts store is a really, really bad idea. There are so many toxic things in an auto parts store. There are a lot of chemicals and materials which when burned are very toxic to inhale. By burning down auto parts stores people are creating environmental disasters that can make people sick and which people are going to have to clean up.

Piling a bunch of palettes in the street would be better than burning auto parts stores.

Please do not go shopping Thursday through Sunday (except maybe early Saturday)

Please do not go shopping on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, nor on Friday, Black Friday. That is the most powerful message that one can send to retailers that enough is enough. A holiday is a holiday. People who work retail are not machines. They deserve a holiday.

If you really want to be thankful, be thankful to those who work retail jobs by giving them a holiday they deserve.

I’m actually planning on trying to not shop at all from Thursday through Sunday. Maybe if stores need to be open half a day on Saturday so people could get necessities I could see that. I would rather see businesses closed for once and people just enjoying being here. Stop driving around in a frenzy and spend time outdoors on long walks. Go running. Go ride a bicycle. Visit a park, a beach, or other natural place.

Go out somewhere and sing or take and instrument (or instruments) with you and play.

The only things I might buy during this time would be some Glühwein (or chai) or perhaps some holiday ornaments or knickknacks from a street vendor.

How nice it would be to go out and enjoy a brisk evening with all the lights, or sit in some park and sip Glühwein and play music or sing.

Sanctioned murder

Killing a person on a bicycle while driving a motor vehicle is homicide. Homicide, attempted homicide, assault, and attempted assault of bicyclists in the United States of America is sanctioned by local and state governments.

The governments work for large corporations, and large corporations hate bicycles and want people to drive motor vehicles and use fossil fuels. They want bicyclists to feel intimidated.

Local governments know that bicyclists are intimidated and want them to be. When bicyclists are killed by motorists they do not investigate properly because they do not want to find fault with motorists. There is a clear agenda in the United States to vilify bicyclists and allow them to be intimidated, threatened, and abused. Assault, attempted assault, homicide, and attempted homicide are sanctioned. They are tacitly allowed to occur except in the most extremely egregious cases.

I lived and bicycled in Germany for a year. The climate is extremely different than in the US. Extremely different. Bicycling and the safety of bicyclists is a top priority. Accidents involving bicycles are taken very seriously and investigated thoroughly. Accidents do not happen nearly as much because the safety of bicyclists is so important that it is incorporated into law, into the design and engineering of road infrastructure, and engrained into the habits of motorists who must respect them.

In the US perhaps an appropriate measure bicyclists should take would be to arm themselves with firearms and shoot those who threaten their lives. It kind of makes logical sense given the state of things.

If someone threatens your life you have a right to self-defense. If bicyclists started carrying and using firearms against motorists committing crimes of assault and homicide, it might instill fear in them to make them stop. Then, in their minds, they will think something like “I better not do this asswipe, threatening maneuver with my 2 1/2 ton SUV just because a bicyclist is in front of me and annoying me, because I might get shot.”

Destroying the American Dream

It disgusts me to hear Obama, Pelosi, and the entire sick crowd of disconnected oligarchs clamor about “opportunity” while they rob opportunities from American citizens. Its guaranteed that their kids will be able to afford any schools they want to go to and that they will be able to study whatever they want.

Unlike the masses whom they fuckover massively.

Today I am working on an online application for college and am abhorred by the fact that so many majors are IMPACTED, meaning the chance of being able to actually study in any of these fields is slim. Even if I can afford to do this, the chances of being able to study what I want are low.

online college applicaiton
Screenshot (4)
Screenshot (5)
Screenshot (6)
Screenshot (7)
Screenshot (8)
Screenshot (9)
Screenshot (10)
Screenshot (11)

Its sad how disgusting, sick, and rancid America has become.

Obama wants to grant Amnesty to millions of illegals who broke this country’s laws to come here and steal opportunities from American citizens. That is an outrage.

How many of the kids who are taking away these opportunities from American citizens had parents who committed fraud? But rather than prosecute fraud such as ID fraud and various types of INS fraud, they have now given a carte blanche to those who break the law.

Meanwhile, when it comes to enforcing the laws against American citizens, holy fuck. Better not step one iota over the line or else they’ll fuck you over. Except now they can’t even keep all the criminals in jail.

Yes, Obama, during a time like this, America really needs 5 million illiterates with no high-school education coming here and committing fraud and stealing opportunities from citizens.

The only opportunities those in power care about are the opportunities for oligarchs to have their pool of cheap labor to be able to keep building more strip malls across America.

Bill Cosby and Mao

Bill Cosby and Mao were both serial rapists. Mao raped far more young women than Bill Cosby but both of their actions were heinous and sick.

I just listened to an interview of another victim of Bill Cosby speaking about how it was not just him, but all the people who supported his rape: the people who escorted her backstage, who knew what was going on, etc. Rapists like that depend upon a lot of other people for their actions.

Its sick that there has never been an accounting in China for what Mao did. Its also sickening to realize that the founder of their regime was an evil, rotten man who abused hundreds of women.

Personally I think that this Bill Cosby thing shows how rotten American culture is at its core. For years Cosby was considered the sort of family-style comedian, as opposed to many others who were openly obscene, vile, etc. Cosby was supposed to represent a sort of more-holistic-type humor. But, like so many other things with American culture, it turned out to be an enormous, abominable lie.

I think of all the other enormous, abominable lies that still are being told in America but which no one has the courage to penetrate the truth behind.

These unusual, extreme cold snaps seem like the end of the interglacial is fast upon us

It is known to climatologists that we are definitely at the time of what should be the end of the warm interglacial period that has been enjoyed by humans for the past 11,700 years. The above graph shows the very high degree of correlation of ice core records going back 400,000 years and benthic records going back nearly double that time with Milankovitch Cycles which relate to periodic variations that occur with Earth’s orbital position relative to the Sun.

Even though climatological modelling predicts that due to the significant increase in atmospheric carbon due to human activities that there may be a substantial delay of the inevitable end of our interglacial period, the models themselves can change a lot. I just read this past week now more detailed modelling of bacterial activity in soil – which accounts for 10 times more carbon in the global carbon cycle than human activities – has significantly changed the value that should be used in models.

One reads about new adjustments and tweaks to climatologic models all the time based on more and more studies about the various complex systems which account for Earth’s climate.

Regardless of what actual effect the increased atmospheric carbon is having and will continue to have, it looks a lot like the interglacial is trying to come to an end, with more and more severe winters.

People may not understand what causes glacial periods vs. warming periods. Nothing magical just happens, just that there is gradually more snow accumulation each year than how much recedes.

Of course there is actually massive ice loss occurring in at least the Arctic regions on Earth. But perhaps at the same time that is happening the climate is also trying to slip back into its now overdue, impending ice age.

Configure “focus follows mouse” behavior for Windows 8.1

Many people do not know this, but there are actually several different focus models for how windows get focused and/or raised in operating systems’ graphical window environments.

Window environments in Linux generally have these options readily configurable to the user, but unfortunately Microsoft Windows has only a limited option which can be found under Control Panel -> Ease of Access Center -> Make the mouse easier to use -> Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse option.

However when this option is enabled, windows are not only focused when the mouse hovers over them, they are also raised. There are good reasons why one would want to focus windows but not raise them. In fact it occurs in most cases that this behavior is preferred over having them automatically raised. Automatic raising of windows when they are hovered over – and hence focused with the option enabled – can be annoying. Its much better to have the option to click on a window once its focused to actually raise it to the foreground if that’s what’s really desired.

It turns out that to configure this particular behavior with Windows 8.1 is a little bit tricky. Shame on Microsoft for not making this easier. Anyhow, I found a helpful post on how to configure this in a blog post at Turn on Xmouse active window tracking (focus follows mouse pointer) feature in Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

The long and short of it is that one has to run regedit.exe and then go to HKEY Current User -> Control Panel -> Desktop -> UserPreferencesMask and then use Windows’ calculator in programmer/hex mode (choose View -> Programmer in the menu, then select Hex on the left) to subtract 40 from the value of the first byte of the string of the registry value.

focus follows mouse 1

For example the first byte of the UserPreferencesMask key on my system was D9 (ignore the first four zeros in the key edit window) and subtracting 40 from it made it 99. To actually change the value of the first byte in the key edit window you have to double click on it.

focus follows mouse 3

The post above has a good explanation of it all and you can see my screenshots here of the changed value.

focus follows mouse 2

Once that is done and the value is changed in the UserPreferencesMask registry key it may also be desirable to edit the value of the ActiveWndTrkTimeout key which is in the same Desktop registry branch as the above key and change the value to something like 100 (decimal) which will decrease the focus delay a bit.

After these changes are made it is necessary to log out and back in again for them to take effect. Once you’ve logged back in you can test the changes by opening a couple windows so that one is slightly overlapping the other and try hovering the mouse cursor over each one. You should see the focus automatically shift to whichever window is being hovered over however the lower window should not be automatically raised when it is hovered over and receives focus.

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