The feds want to charge $1500 for taking a photo on ‘public’ lands

In what amounts to total BS the Forest Service is planning on forcing people to pay $1500 to take photos or video on “public” lands.

This really is appalling. It shows how sick and out-of-touch government has become.

Facing heavy criticism, Forest Service revises plan to charge for media access

The disgusting, sleazy grime of American state and local politics

Most people probably know already that there is a major thing going on right now in America. That thing is inadvertently exposing a lot of the disgusting grime in the United States.

The entity which is invoking this revelation is the vehicle manufacturer Tesla which makes famous, high-performance electric cars. Tesla decided to sell its vehicles not through the standard dealership-franchise model, but directly to customers via showrooms.

Vehicle dealerships are about as disgusting and sleazy as it gets. Also, the dealership-franchise model is not as efficient since vehicles must be made and then end up sitting on dealer’s lots, hoping to be sold. With the showroom model the manufacturer only makes a vehicle once a customer orders it. There is no need to have a lot with all these vehicles sitting on it.

There are probably a lot of other reasons why the franchise model is bad, not the least of which is it is just a rip-off and basically amounts to something like a monopoly.

But what the issue with Tesla is revealing is how much deeper the grime goes. Its not just about dealerships, its also about their enormous sway over state governments and, as this highly informative comment I just read on indicates, extends into local television stations as well, which are part of that sleazebag, corrupt power structure:

slashdot dealer comment

Its sad to me, because over the years I’ve tried my best to get involved with various types of political organizations only to end up being disappointed by their lack of understanding and interest in what is really happening in the United States. When you read the comment above, think about the major impact that has on politics. Its not only about tv stations, dealerships, and governments working together regarding the totalitarian, monopolistic franchise laws. Think about the way the powerful auto industry and no doubt dealerships have totally destroyed American cities and have successfully destroyed public transit and alternate means of transportation as viable alternatives, turning our cities, our living environments, into intolerable hells that are built more for machines than for living, breathing organisms.

There is a dark side of this story which runs much, much deeper that the surface which is presenting itself now on the occasion of Tesla attempting to bypass the monopoly and the corrupt political machines which keep them empowered.

Its so convenient for political organizations which claim to be concerned about our environment, our government, or well-being, etc. to myopically concentrate on things which, in the overall scheme, seem almost trivial. Its not that they aren’t directly taking on this particular issue, its that they’re not even concerned with becoming aware of it and promoting awareness of the sick and corrupt undercurrents which shackle American society in chains.

If these people were generals in some battle they would be the type to only focus on the immediate threat presented to them only to get their asses royally kicked because they weren’t even thinking that the enemy might be outflanking them. They weren’t thinking about it nor in fact were they able to even conceive that it might be occurring.

It really makes you wonder then, who really are the people who are responsible for running many of these seemingly good-intentioned political organizations because more often than not they cause as much or more damage than if they had been black operations run by the corrupt entities themselves.

We are living in a time when there is so much corruption that its like society has just become exhausted and has collapsed, choosing to forget about the atrocities, the treachery, the sickness, the monumental scale of corruption and lies.

The future of the US?

Torture is still rife in Mexico and is routinely used to extract confessions, according to a new report by human rights organisation Amnesty International.

Here was another shocking story in the news recently:

In his trip to California last week, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto praised the state’s policies that welcome illegal aliens from Mexico. Speaking before a group of Mexican nationals in Los Angeles, Nieto vowed to work for Mexican nationals wherever they live and declared, “This is the other Mexico.”

This really is it

People think that even though they are severely fucking the Earth up, that it will be resilient and things will one day, even if in a very long time, be healthy again.

But that is not really true. The window in Earth’s lifespan in which complex life such as humans can be supported will not last very long.

Anyone who is familiar with geological and biological time scales will know that a couple hundred million years isn’t very long. Well, multiplying those couple hundred million by several one comes up with the time span left for life on Earth. It is not very long actually:

In about 600 million years, the level of CO2 will fall below the level needed to sustain C3 carbon fixation photosynthesis used by trees. Some plants use the C4 carbon fixation method, allowing them to persist at CO2 concentrations as low as 10 parts per million. However, the long-term trend is for plant life to die off altogether. The extinction of plants will be the demise of almost all animal life, since plants are the base of the food chain on Earth.

In about 1.1 billion years, the solar luminosity will be 10% higher than at present. This will cause the atmosphere to become a “moist greenhouse”, resulting in a runaway evaporation of the oceans.




also see “Date set for desert Earth

I side with Facebook

There has been in issue in the news over the past couple days about a drag “artist” who is complaining that Facebook is requiring them to use their real name for their account, not a pseudonym.

If that person were one of those black impersonators from the 1930’s who put tar all over their face and acted “black” in a “performance” I don’t think they would be receiving the same kind of support.

But because its a person emulating/mocking a transgender – and also mocking religion – not only does it get tolerated it gets support.

I think it shows how sick and hypocritical many are.

I have to say, I side with Facebook on this issue because their policy of requiring real names inadvertently prevents such sickness.

So here’s what I think: Facebook should make and agreement with the guy: if he agrees to cut his balls off and get a legal name and gender change, he should be allowed to keep his account.

And the same for Supervisor Campos – if he cuts his balls off, he is allowed to speak up on behalf of the “victim” impersonator, otherwise he should STFU.

I cannot believe this story!

At the very end of the 19th century a guy from St. Louis named Thurman invented a primitive, gasoline-powered device intended for cleaning which blew air into a receptacle.

After apparently seeing a demonstration of Thurman’s device given my Thurman himself in London another guy, Hubert Cecil Booth, came up with the concept of a vacuum cleaner.

As Booth recalled decades later, that year he attended “a demonstration of an American machine by its inventor” at the Empire Music Hall in London. The inventor is not named, but Booth’s description of the machine conforms fairly closely to Thurman’s design, as modified in later patents. Booth watched a demonstration of the device, which blew dust off the chairs, and thought that “…if the system could be reversed, and a filter inserted between the suction apparatus and the outside air, whereby the dust would be retained in a receptacle, the real solution of the hygienic removal of dust would be obtained.”

And how did he actually test the idea, prior to inventing the first vacuum?

He tested the idea by laying a handkerchief on the seat of a restaurant chair, putting his mouth to the handkerchief, and then trying to suck up as much dust as he could onto the handkerchief. Upon seeing the dust and dirt collected on the underside of the handkerchief, he realized the idea could work.

So everyone is going to burn the world up?

Is that the way it is?

I know I hold no position of power. I’m not particularly integrated into the makeup of society. My participation is only minimal at best. I have no influence. I’m essentially a worthless piece of shit in society.

I do not contest that. So be it. But still I’m a living, conscious being. And it is despicable what is occurring. Let’s just look at a few bleeding examples:

Susan Rice launches staunch defence of Israel despite ‘alarming’ Gaza death toll

This is absolutely sickening. The United States is supporting atrocities. It is lying about what it is doing. It is deliberately distorting the truth.

If anyone in the mideast should be considered our true friends, I would much rather consider the peoples of Iraq and Iran as our true friends. The Iranian language in particular is a member of the Indo-European family. They are our cousins. America should not support any fascist Semite racists and I think the world has had enough of all Semitic religions for a while including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

US unlocks military aid to Egypt, backing President Sisi

This is just fucking appalling. It is a complete fuckover of democracy. Sisi is a fucking facist dictator who overthrew the democratically-elected government of Egypt. The US government’s providing $575m in military “aid” to the regime is like a war crime.


Iraq war logs: secret files show how US ignored torture

Just one item out of this article states:

More than 15,000 civilians died in previously unknown incidents. US and UK officials have insisted that no official record of civilian casualties exists but the logs record 66,081 non-combatant deaths out of a total of 109,000 fatalities.

The numerous reports of detainee abuse, often supported by medical evidence, describe prisoners shackled, blindfolded and hung by wrists or ankles, and subjected to whipping, punching, kicking or electric shocks. Six reports end with a detainee’s apparent death.

This is just sickening. The United States committed ongoing atrocities in Iraq and knew about many of them being committed and lied about them.

Biologist warn of early stages of Earth’s sixth mass extinction event

This is a further atrocity. It is a crime that is being allowed to happen. Was not the Gulf Oil Spill enough? Have not all other ecological disasters been enough?

The dysfunction of human society – particularly American society which is by far the most gluttonous and wasteful – is sick and appalling. The fact that it is continuing along its destructive path is criminal.

With all the above as a backdrop, President Obama visits a Walmart store and praises it as being a model. A model of what? A strip-mall future?

The people in power clearly have chosen a strip-model for the future: strip-malls, strip-agriculture, strip-labor, strip-wars, strip-education, strip-healthcare.

Instead of having healthy communities surrounded by organic farms, we will have unhealthy, sick communities surrounded by strip malls. Healthcare is a farce. Education is a farce. The fundamental infrastructures of living have all become washed-out farces while those at the top profit.

And who better to provide labor for the new strip-model than 50 million, uneducated, illiterate, illegal immigrants who are eager to obey and work for dirt-wages?

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