A while back I was reading about keyboard spacing. This was because I had been watching a video online of someone demonstrating how to play bass lines on a synthesizer. Instead of a normal-size keyboard, they were playing on a reduced-size synthesizer and I thought it was cool.

I then got kind of interested in smaller-spaced keyboards and did a lot of reading. I have a bunch of links that I saved and wanted to post but will have to later.

Anyhow, out of that episode of research and reading I came across an article on the “Wolf interval“. In that article there is a section which mentions an “isomorphic” keyboard.

Very curious about this I immediately searched for videos on isomorphic keyboard and found some trippy stuff:

Someone playing Beethoven on this trippy keyboard:

I then found a video of this brilliant guy who created a Janko keyboard for his piano (check out the Bach piece at 7’30”):

All the above was sort of like a prelude, for the ultimate mind-blowing video below of the Terpstra keyboard and the science behind keyboards (it also mentions the Janko keyboard above and its place in the science of the keyboard):

And finally, putting all this into gear, here is a guy actually playing amazing music with a Terpstra keyboard (music starts at 3’40”):

I don’t even have words to describe this video below (starting at 2’00”):

Lunar Eclipse 2015.09.27

2015.09.27 lunar eclipse

2015.09.27 lunar eclipse

Hope everyone got to see it! Rather cold and windy as heck on the roof of my building but well worth the wait once it came up from behind the fog.

The lens used for this was not the best for taking this type of photo, but hey it turned out. Camera is a Nikon D90. One day I’ll be rich and move up to a full-frame FX-format camera and some great lenses.

New mobile phones are amazing

I tend to be about three years behind things when it comes to technology. If you are willing to wait three years, the amount of money needed to acquire technology devices like mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc. is vastly less. (Actually for cameras I usually end up waiting even longer since they are so expensive.)

Another aspect of this three-year thing that I’m on is that I find out about amazing, revolutionary things far after most other people have. I am writing because I have just recently found out about how amazing new mobile phones are, compared with older ones.

A few weeks ago I had my older LG L9 phone stolen and, needing a replacement, I was able to get a very good deal on a used Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. The difference between the two phones is amazing.

Something significant has happened in this jump. The phone has suddenly become a really usable device. Lag times are significantly less. Things run better. Things run faster. More things run. It really is amazing.

I can see now how there is so much enthusiasm over the “mobile space” or whatever it is called. Having a device this potentially useful changes a lot of things.

Not long ago I also had a brief opportunity to hold someone’s new iPhone 6s Plus. Wow. That form factor is, at least as far as I’m concerned, truly the future! Typing input on it was vastly better than any other mobile device I’ve ever experienced before. The size of the display seems to be at this sweet spot where you can carry it around but its not too small either.

I just thought I would write this because, for me, this big revolution in the mobile space just happened a couple weeks ago and I’m still blown away.

One sad thing I will note: Because I rooted (really easy instructions) the phone and put a custom recovery (very easy) on it it will no longer allow system updates. Apparently the carrier (MetroPCS which I’ve used for years and only costs $41 per month for unlimited voice and 2GB of data) somehow blocks it when the phone is rooted or has a custom recovery installed. I’m going to wipe the factory install and put Cyanogenmod on it very soon.

I was able to get a Samsung EVO SDHC Class 10 64GB microSD card for well under $30. This card was rated as performing very well with this model phone. 64GB of storage! Wow!

I got another great deal for a 4850 mAh extended slim NFC battery which is almost double the power of the factory battery.

One thing I recommend: Whenever you get a new phone, go online right away and look for an extended battery. You can usually almost double the available power to your phone for under $20.

Find out how many milliamp-hours (mAh) the factory battery is (from one of those cool sites like or, and then look for extended batteries on your favorite online shopping site(s) (here’s an example search). Remember that if you have an NFC-enabled phone that you may need a battery which is specifically designated as having NFC support.

For the S4, you can actually find some with ridiculously high mAh level batteries – well above 7000 mAh – however these also require a back cover that protrudes out further than the factory one in order to accommodate the fatter battery. If you really want to have long battery life then this is a good idea. The 4850 mAh one I got is the same size as the factory battery but still significantly increases the available power to the phone.

Charter of Fundamental Rights

Here are some excerpts from the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. I’m picking the ones that are the most critical and most frequently violated (in the United States):

Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice.

The principle of rule of law is routinely violated in the United States and selective enforcement is common.


Article 3
Right to the integrity of the person

1. Everyone has the right to respect for his or her physical and mental integrity.

MASSIVELY VIOLATED – violation of physical and mental integrity is rampant and routine in the United States.  As one example, the human mind is deemed a valid target of manipulation for the sake of profit.  Just comporting oneself outdoors exposes one to this type of violation.  Physical integrity is also massively and routinely violated.  For example, the recent increase in “boom cars” and the prevalence of deafeningly-loud motorcycles which can often be heard over one kilometer away is an outrage.  Then there is violation which occurs through the addition of chemicals to drinking water, and the the products which are sold as “food”  that contain harmful ingredients.

2. In the fields of medicine and biology, the following must be respected in particular:

(c) the prohibition on making the human body and its parts as such a source of financial gain;

This is a serious problem in the United States where Big Medicine is running amok, and there are increasing attempts to profit off the human body and knowledge of it.  Biomedical research is routinely conducted first and foremost for the sake of generating profit, not for the benefit of humanity.


Article 6
Right to liberty and security

Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person.

See my comments under TITLE I: DIGNITY above.

Article 7
Respect for private and family life

Everyone has the right to respect for his or her private and family life, home and communications.

It took the heroic actions of whistleblower Edward Snowden to reveal the massive, routine violation of aspects of TITLE II: FREEDOMS.  Mr. Snowden is still being treated as a criminal by the government which violated basic human rights.

Article 8
Protection of personal data

1. Everyone has the right to the protection of personal data concerning him or her.

Similar to above, but this extends to business as well.  That is, any business which collects or handles personal data has a fundamental responsibility to protect that data.  This was severely violated by the federal government against millions of its own employees recently.

Article 11
Freedom of expression and information

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.

People who criticize the government or who express views that are considered politically challenging are routinely subject to surveillance or may have their travel restricted.  People who report news about issues which are politically challenging are often subject to surveillance, travel restrictions, or other abuses.

Article 12
Freedom of assembly and of association

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association at all levels, in particular in political, trade union and civic matters, which implies the right of everyone to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his or her interests.

American citizens are routinely subject to arrest and detention for congregating.  This has happened to many people protesting wars.  Groups which meet for a wide variety of purposes, including religious or special-interest groups, are subject to surveillance.

Article 13
Freedom of the arts and sciences

The arts and scientific research shall be free of constraint. Academic freedom shall be respected.

PBS is one example of the way in which the federal government can exercise extreme leverage over media.  Academic research is often highly subject to politicization.  Universities will kill research projects and even fire faculty who engage in some types of research which are deemed politically or commercially unacceptable (for example research into widespread GM contamination or health issues).

Article 14
Right to education

1. Everyone has the right to education and to have access to vocational and continuing training.

2. This right includes the possibility to receive free compulsory education.

All that can be said is that the status of education in the United States is abysmal except of course for the entitled classes.

Article 15
Freedom to choose an occupation and right to engage in work

1. Everyone has the right to engage in work and to pursue a freely chosen or accepted occupation.

2. Every citizen of the Union has the freedom to seek employment, to work, to exercise the right of establishment and to provide services in any Member State.


Article 31
Fair and just working conditions

1. Every worker has the right to working conditions which respect his or her health, safety and dignity.

If you are poisoned or made sick in your workplace you are immediately regarded as a criminal suspect in the United States and subject to an adversarial prosecutorial process.  Instead of focusing on caring for a sick individual and investigating any problems, victims are subject to a degrading process that attempts to minimize the liability of the employer.

Article 35
Health care

Everyone has the right of access to preventive health care and the right to benefit from medical treatment under the conditions established by national laws and practices. A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all the Union’s policies and activities.

Healthcare is appalling in the United States.  Obamacare was a massive giveaway to the middlemen who make enormous profit.  None of the fundamental issues pointed out in Michael Moore’s film Sicko have been fixed and in fact have become much worse.

Article 37
Environmental protection

A high level of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality of the environment must be integrated into the policies of the Union and ensured in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.

Noise issues were mentioned above and I will mention them again here because they are a severe, deliberate, and rampant source of human rights violation within the United States.

Article 38
Consumer protection

Union policies shall ensure a high level of consumer protection.

Lack of consumer protection in the United States is appalling.  Mobile phone carriers’ massive lobbying and bribery of the government is one example.  Banks and food producers are other industries where there are severe consumer rights violations.

Regulatory agencies in the United States do not exist to protect the public, but to indemnify companies which prey upon and abuse citizens and the environment for the sake of profit.


Article 41
Right to good administration

1. Every person has the right to have his or her affairs handled impartially, fairly and within a reasonable time by the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union.

Elected officials at the local level routinely ignore communication from citizens.  More often than not they see their jobs as selling out their constituents to their customers – businesses – similar to what companies like Facebook do to their “users” who are really their product.

The court system in the United States has serious problems.  The idea that there are basic principles guaranteed by law which, if violated, one can take recourse to in courts of law is simply not the case for the vast majority of Americans.  The idea of getting a fair trail, or being able to even have a trial, simply does not exist for a majority of people.

The out of control oligarchy which controls the “news”

I wrote a little while ago about how the oligarchy operates. The oligarchy controls Big Media in the United States. All of the major networks and their hundreds of affiliate stations are run by them. Almost all major news publications are run by them. They strictly control the “stories” that are in the news, and there’s no better place to witness this control than at the news aggregation site

The link I have provided above is a result of the search for “trump poll” and the second-set of hits under which there is an “explore in depth” link which links to over 800 further articles.

So what is the theme this week, to take out Donal Trump, who they don’t want? It is that Trump has “lost ground”, that he is “falling”, and simultaneously that Fiorna is “rising”, and is in “second place”. Except its pure bullshit. The most significant poll that has been done after the last debate was one by Zogby which has shown that Trump’s lead increased. It showed only a marginal increase for Fiorna, at the expense of Ben Carson, who only a couple weeks ago they were pushing headlines about him as being in a “tie” and being “equal” with Trump, which was also absolute bullshit.

Every opportunity the oligarchy has to slam Trump they take, to the extent of basically inventing shit or spinning shit to the point that it contradicts its original meaning. The oligarchy really want to take Trump out. He is the only candidate in the race for president who is not their shill, someone they can easily control and manipulate.

Yet he keeps gaining. His poll numbers keep increasing. The American people are waking up to the BS. All establishment candidates are falling flat on their faces, and the more Big Media plays dirty tricks and tries to slam Trump, the more they are exposed for what they are, the more Americans see how rotten Big Media has become, and the extent to which elections in America are manufactured bullshit.

And here is Donald Trump gloriously smashing it all to pieces because he is smart, articulate, and confronting the oligarchy head on. There is a hard-core quality about Mr. Trump which, the more I understand the magnitude of what he is doing, the more I appreciate. Americans are so used to shills echoing what they are told to say, proffering one load of crap after another of what they think people want to hear, that they are slow to wake to the phenomenon of Donald Trump and how truly revolutionary he is.

Donald Trump has the potential to be the greatest leader of the United States in at least a century.

Americans need to wake up and realize that for decades Big Media has been manipulating them intensely. Big Media has deliberately created wedge issues to split the population. Then politicians who are controlled by the oligarchy utilize those wedges in their campaigns.

Its time to stand up and think new. The oligarchy wants people to hang on to the wedge issues and the divisions. Whether “left” or “right”, “liberal” or “conservative”, or whatever other terms one uses or thinks, they are all BS. We are one nation and one people. We all want to be healthy, happy, and strong. We all want our country to be clean, safe, and filled with life.

All people, even the best of friends, will have things they don’t agree upon. But Big Media has conditioned Americans to exacerbate differences and conditioned them to accept hatred and malevolence against those who think differently as being acceptable. But hatred and malevolence are not the American way and they are not any way for human beings anywhere.

Its time that America turns a new leaf and gets back to its roots and finds its strength again. Donald Trump is the only honest, caring person running for president and he is an extraordinary exception to what is a highly broken, sick, corrupt, and dysfunctional political system. He deserves a chance to lead America. America is sick and it needs a major change to get back on its feet.

And one more thing ring ring ring

In this age of all these things which purport to be one thing yet in actuality are something quite different, in which things which are claimed to advance one thing or another accomplish rather the detraction of such things, there is one more thing that can be added to the list:

The non-provacative provocation.

Today, yet again, I missed an important call. I have no less than 4 telephones in my apartment which are supposed to ring when I get a call, and I did not hear any of them. On my mobile phone which is set to also ring, I did not hear it. Nor did I hear the message notification.

I went into the settings and was going through all the ringtones and notification sounds and I realized something. Something is screwed.

What, reader, is a ringtone? What is a notification? At their essence they are supposed to provoke. If they do not provoke then they do not serve their function. The entire point of being notified is that it provokes you.

Is provocation pleasant? Is it something you want to make you feel all dingly inside? Or is it something you want to actually alert you, because that is important?

But the people who sit in their cubicles and create these inane ringtones and notifications, are exceeding to create the ultimate non-provacative provocations. Wtf? Seriously.

Actually, ok I guess I can understand that there may be circumstances in which one wants a nice-dingly-feeling type notification. There are times when yes one wants the notification to be less provocative. Like if you actually are sitting in a cubicle all day.

But not everyone does. And there is no way that 98% of the ringtones are suitable for the many conditions that people are in when they need to know, without fail, when there is an incoming call or message.

“… to protect … the people … and their peaceful way of life …” Japan to allow military role overseas in historic move

The legislation is needed to protect the people of Japan and their peaceful way of life, and to prevent a war.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Would the USA oligarchy actually protect Japan in dire time of need? I think that the leaders of Japan realize not.

Japan is one of the leading free nations of the world. Its political system is one of the most advanced and excels by far that of the United States. It is definitely something worth protecting and it sickens me to see so much appeasement and ass-kissing of totalitarian China all the time by the USA oligarchy.

It is immoral to fail a responsibility to protect that which is good. In this time of “sanctuaries” which kill and “dreams” which steal and deprive, one cannot be too aware of this.

Congratulations to Prime Minister Abe and everyone else for this accomplishment.

Update to main page!

I haven’t updated the main landing page of in a very long time. It uses the WordPress plugin Network Latest Posts to show posts from both and

I wrote about this a while back, but the main idea is to keep things more related to technical stuff on (being based on the Greek techne), and things more related to health, the body, the environment, etc. to be on (being based on the Greek soma, body).

If you go to, the main page, you will see posts from both sub-blogs. If I were to ever add another blog, I could include it as well.

This is actually not the most aesthetically rich design. It would be cool to have something that looked more like a newspaper or magazine-type format with blocks of texts. I’m sure its possible to do but I’m lazy. Anyhow, I kind of like the basic, austere way is. Its all about pure text.

Replace Wiki markup with HTML5 and replace Wikipedia

Get rid of Wiki markup. Replace it with HTML. HTML has evolved a lot and HTML5 is quite amazing. If HTML5 cannot yet replace all the features of Wiki markup, then it should be extended. But Wiki markup is a bad idea and should be discarded.

References: wiki2html; Parses wiki markup and generates HTML5

As for replacing Wikipedia, there is a serious problem with Wikipedia which has become more and more apparent to me over time reading articles about plants and particularly herbs. Humans have used herbs for thousands of years and while scientific information about them is useful, it is not the only valid way in which humans understand and use them.

Wikipedia allows derogatory attacks against all other forms of understanding and relating to herbs which is not scientific. It is biased and limited because of this and has not endeavored to address the issue. By address the issue I mean that it is not acceptable for derogatory statements to be made about the understanding of plants which are not strictly scientific.

I have just been reading Heidegger’s excellent essay “Building Dwelling Thinking” which touches in a major way upon this. Yet his philosophy is not easily understood by many. In “Building Dwelling Thinking” he describes modes of human thought an understanding which surpass scientific reckoning and shows that they are not just more valid, but that they are essential.

This is quite esoteric philosophy that is difficult for many to understand. For example, in one example also taken from Heidegger (I can’t remember which essay it was offhand), if you are in a room and there is a door across from you in the room, the distance between you and the door is not merely some number that is mapped out in Cartesian space.

Until you fully think this through and comprehend Heidegger’s ontology, it doesn’t make sense. But Heidegger shows that the distance that the human experiences – whether they are for example going out the door to some festive occasion such as a wedding, or whether they are going out for some somber occasion, perhaps after news that someone very dear to them has passed away – that that distance is in fact actual distance.

We cannot understand anything without understanding Being and how Being both presents itself to us humans and also withdraws away at times. What we do, by failing to think, is create horrible disasters and catastrophes over and over again. As our scientific reckoning advances and becomes almost complete in terms of its depiction of everything, we witness at the same time massive failure. We see humanity receeding backwards in significant, essential ways instead of advancing. This is not an accident. It is because, as Heidegger wrote:

The essence of enframing is that setting upon, gathered into itself, which entraps the truth of its own coming-to-presence with oblivion.

Wikipedia attempts to not just provide information about things. In terms of many of its articles, it is attempting to be a scientific proof of things, which is quite another project. It is possible to make statements about thing A. This is the thing. These are characteristics about it. These are ways people use it.

Then, regarding for exampling therapeutic or health benefits about say a particular herb, it can be possible to say that This herb is used for A. It is also valid to say that There has been some research into A which has not established any definitive biochemical link to B. However it is another thing when authors of Wikipedia basically bash any and all claims which are not based on published scientific literature, with the full backing and support of the Wikipedia foundation behind it.

For example, there was a prominent article at a while back which took aim at the concept of cleansing. There are a lot of herbal, nutritional, and other things which are intended to help cleanse the body. The article blasted these things and claimed that they are basically all completely false.

But it is the most basic thing to anyone who knows about food and the uses of plants that cleansing is absolutely valid. For example, if you go out one night and drink a lot, smoke a lot, ingest a lot of whatever stuff, there are absolutely, beyond question many things that you can do to help your body deal with the stress you have placed on it. These things will help your body feel better, help it recover from the stresses being placed on it, and definitely help it flush out toxins more quickly. To claim otherwise is completely ignorant. Yet that is what the Guardian article did.

I find it odd also that a lot of this bunk is originating from the UK, which is also the seat of a type of “analytic” “philosophy” which mostly has nothing to do with actual philosophy and philosophical thinking.

Without it having to be “proved”, when a wise human being interacts with a plant, there is a lot that happens. That relation and that wisdom is something very valid and important. The human body is capable of a high degree of analysis of its environment in ways that often far exceed what science is capable of. The human body will tell when something is harmful or out of balance. It knows far better than what any doctor can say what is right for it.

Yes there is a place for scientific knowledge and research, but that knowledge is only one way of looking at reality, and in fact not the most essential.

I know that most people are simply not capable of understanding Heidegger’s thinking. They will fail for precisely the reasons Heidegger explains in depth in his writings. People are so mired in their inherited concepts of what they think truth means, that they become incapable of truly thinking and can only reckon. But reckoning does not replace thinking, which is something essentially human.

Wikipedia as basically degenerated into a free-for-all of authors running amok bashing information in articles which is not “backed up” by scientific literature.

For example, there is a very old herbal formula in Chinese Traditional Medicine called Yin Chiao which helps with colds. There are other, similar herbal formulas which have been used for centuries. In Wikipedia, it is acceptable to completely bash statements about herbs that are not “scientifically” proven. Thus, an author could edit a Wikipedia entry about a Chinese herb formula and basically say that its completely bullshit.

If anyone else tries to edit it and say “Hey, wait a minute!” they will only get attacked and out-edited. They get bashed down. The fact that this occurs on Wikipedia is not just some minor policy issue. It is a huge issue and represents a major failure, a major breakdown of the project and what its objectives are.

If you are feeling run down and I take an organic lemon and squeeze its juice into a glass and add some honey to it, and you drink it and are like “Wow! I feel so much better”, but then some Wikipedia editor comes along and says “There’s no scientific evidence whatsoever that a dilute solution of citric acid with glucose in H2O has any beneficial effect whatsoever on human immunomodulatory function” you and I would both be like “What the fuck!?”.

One area where there is an issue with regard to claims for the sake of marketing purposes is the cosmetics and skincare industry. To anyone who uses skincare products they will know full well the extent to which claims are made about products. When you enter a beauty store, you will encounter sales people who will not hesitate to tell you that product A does X Y and Z.

Of course their statement is based only on what the manufacturer claims, and the claims of the manufacturer usually don’t hold up under scrutiny. For example it may be claimed that some product “eliminates wrinkles” when in actuality, even if you just rubbed anything on your skin every day for a week, like say water or vegetable oil, it is likely to also have some effect eliminating wrinkles. In other words, it takes almost nothing to make a claim that something eliminates wrinkles.

But to people who are aware, if you really use products and experiment, you may eventually discover that things like natural, plant-based skincare treatments often work much better in the long-term than highly-synthetic ones from beauty stores with all their claims.

Those natural formulas haven’t been subject to rigorous scientific testing but then, people who use for example rosehip, argan, or other oils on their skin will immediately and without question know that they are very beneficial for skin.

Now imagine that some Wikipedian comes in and starts basically saying that everything they know is bullshit. Do they have a right to, just because someone hasn’t subjected an oil or herb to a mass spectrometric analysis, to start bashing every statement you make?

You have all this knowledge about things which is very useful and very much a part of you and your life, and they, like some gross troll, are standing there constantly invalidating everything, pooing in their pants every time you make a statement about how helpful or beneficial something is. After a while you start to realize that the Wikipedian has a strange type of disease and you feel sad for them because they live in a very closed world.

If this is true for things like oils or herbs, how much more true is it for major things like the Large Hadron Collider? I guess I can understand that people want to know, but is it really essential to build such monstrosities? What is gained from it?

Let’s say that it eventually leads to some understanding that will help tap a new source of energy that can be used by humans. Is it really the case that we need to do that?

Human beings are already failing to heed nature screaming at them from massive abuses because of human greediness. Because of the violent and violating demand for ever more “power”, humans create horrific catastrophes which includes vast ecological destruction and the changing of Earth’s environment. So what then of all this “energy”? Is not the danger that people are not aware of their present condition and continue to seek still more forms of “power” and “energy”, at the expense of everything in our world?

A new governance system for Earth

I was just reading about great Eurasian Steppe and something made me feel sad. Because, not that long ago in the history of humankind, it would have been possible for any human to just go where they wanted, to roam the vast steppe stretching for thousands of miles from Asia to Europe, without worrying about borders, about governments, about any kind garbage.

One major collapse of – basically us – yes, that’s correct: A collapse of us, of you and me – is that we’ve lost sight of the fact that we are humans and that we are creatures who live on a planet which we should be free to explore and wander across. And by free, I mean not just in terms of political/governmental garbage, but I mean real freedom, freedom of the soul, the spirit, freedom like a bird has.

Who benefits from the absence of that freedom? Almost exclusively people that are not the ones helping Earth or helping you or me. They are people helping themselves, mostly at our expense. We should wake up and realize this and get in touch with our primal sovereignty as creatures of Earth.

Based on this, I envision an entirely new system of governance for Earth which completely does away with all current governments and replaces them with more local governments. And this new system would deliberately divide up areas into smaller regions without regard for things like culture or language, but merely mapped out according to more-or-less a coordinate grid.

At first this may seem wrong. It may seem that, indeed, it would be better to create regions that are based on geological, ecological, and cultural regions. But the whole point of this would be that what is more important is that everyone, everywhere on Earth is expected to live together and coexist equally and amicably, therefore the regions are just created according to coordinates on the grid.

This also deliberately creates regions which are mixes of different types of environments, geography, ecology, and culture. The fact that it is not based on geography, ecology, or culture keeps people aware that it is a synthetic division merely to enable local-level, regional governance from an administrative standpoint.

People might object that each particular ecological, geographical, or cultural region will have its own interests which are best protected, defended, or advanced by having their own regions, but again, the entire point of this new system is to completely transcend that.

The other main point of this system is to completely remove and replace the present systems of government everywhere on Earth.

Now this does not necessarily mean that any existing governmental or political organizations cannot have a use. In fact I would use the best of the existing governmental and political organizations on Earth as models to create the new system, as templates.

Basically this new governmental system for Earth would be based on a template that is applied equally everywhere on Earth. Imagine telling every human being on planet Earth: “We are now living as a world of one, unified people. In order to establish a new system we will create a new template for government for Earth which will be based on regional governments which will all be equal. All people on Earth will now be equal and will share similar governments, each in their own region. As a human being you are free to go wherever you want on Earth. There will be no more borders. We are also ending all conflicts.”

Basically, under the new system, forming any government will be illegal. All humans will have to accept equality with each other.

Imagine a world governmental system which required every region to be democratic (cf. vote-weight disparity constitutional law in Japan) and to have fair, open elections; which outlaws all money in politics; and which guarantees that all humans have the right and the means to vote. In short, an Earth-wide democracy that is a true democracy and which even enforces democracy when necessary, in the event that any particular region violates the global law and the fundamental principles of democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Humans will no longer be conditioned to think like spectators at sports games, “I’m on side A!”, “I’m on side B!”. All that will end. In place will be one world, one world of human beings equal and free, as it should be and as it must be.

To save Earth we must also save ourselves. Without saving ourselves we cannot save Earth.

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