Major breakthrough (Stylish &

It all started with being annoyed with websites. One major annoyance was a change to the design of the BBC website. The main story column got narrower. Fonts got ridiculously bigger. There’s a certain threshold of space-wasting that goes beyond what I can stand. Recently many websites have gotten notably worse.

Then I found out about Stylish. I initially installed Stylish and then search on the associated site for any relevant styles that would work with In fact there were some styles, but nothing that was what I wanted.

So, eventually, over time, I started trying to manipulate, and then create, styles. And now it is amazing. Over the past few days I’ve basically redesigned all the main web sites that I visit. The effect is intense. It feels like I am recreating the Internet that was supposed to be, but that got ruined back around the time that AOL happened.

For any given site I want to change, I create a new style in Stylish, then on the page in question (it can be any page that is typical of that website, usually an article page since I usually open article links from RSS feeds). Then I open Inspector, which is part of the Firefox developer tools, with Shift-Ctrl-C.

At this point it almost seems like playing a video game, maybe even more fun. Pick elements on a page I don’t want and wipe them out. They are gone. It feels so gratifying.

Resizing columns is probably the trickiest thing to do as there are usually a lot of div tags containing and wrapping multiple things. When I finally got to resize it was like a major breakthrough.

Not only am I removing a vast amount of junk like all the “like” and “share” stuff, but I’m also making content panes wider, switching from ghastly, unreadable sans-serif fonts to serif, and reducing line spacing. The improvements are simply remarkable.

As I now visit all the sites that I have customized it feels like a revolution. It feels like this is the way the Internet is supposed to be. I’m also learning a bit more about CSS and how professional sites are organized.

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read an article on a site which before was cluttered with all this garbage and now basically only contains the content I want, formatted the way I want. There is something really Zen about it. Instead of visiting a page and feeling like I’m being attacked by all this privacy-invading garbage, now everything is clean, simple, and pure.

Ultimate Cygwin Setup Guide (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of the two-part Ultimate Cygwin Setup Guide.

Open File Explorer and create the directory C:\cygwin64 (or C:\cygwin if you are running 32-bit).

Visit in a web browser and select the “Install Cygwin” menu option on the upper left, then download setup-x86_64.exe (or setup.exe if you are running 32-bit) to C:\cygwin64

Navitate to C:\cygwin64 in File Explorer and run setup-x86_64.exe and install the following extra packages:

(Note: these instructions include installing the Apache web server with PHP. If you do not want to run the Apache web server and PHP then leave out the Apache packages below.)

astyle – use to cleaning/prettify C, C++, and Java source code
binutils – the main reason I install this is for the strings command
units – extremely useful command-line unit conversion program
bind-utils – provides nslookup, host, and dig commands
imagemagick – extremely powerful image manipulation/conversion app that includes the convert and mogrify commands
less – essential core command-line tool for displaying/reading text files
nc – netcat, very useful for network administration
rsync – arguably the most powerful remote file copy utility
openssh – essential core utility to enable incoming remote console sessions (sshd) and to connect to remote systems (ssh)
vim – essential core text-editor
wget – essential core command line utility for downloading files from the Internet
whois – command line tool to provide lookup of domain name registration and ownership info
screen – essential core tool which allows persistent console sessions which can be attached and detached from, also enables remote collaboration between multiple users
perl – essential core powerful scripting language, especially useful for string manipulation (matching and substitution)
python3 – essential core scripting language
ncftp – command line ftp client
ipcalc – extremely useful command line utility to provide detailed information about networks
dos2unix – essential utility to convert DOS-format files to Unix-format
chere – utility to create “Cygwin prompt here” context menu option in File Explorer
zip, unzip – essential core command line archival utilities
pwgen – extremely useful command-line password generator (try pwgen -ay -n14)
findutils – provides essential core utilities updatedb, locate, find, and xargs
inetutils – provides telnet (and also talk which was an early precursor to modern messaging apps and is still cool)
mysql-server, mysql – MySQL client and server
procps-ng – provides essential utilities ps, w, vmstat, free, and others (try ps -W)
sqlite3 – very cool, lightweight SQL database
source-highlight – very useful source code syntax highlighting that can be integrated with less
syslog-ng – provides a logging facility
httpd, httpd-mod_php7, libapr1-devel, libaprutil1-devel – OPTIONAL installing this will install Apache web server and PHP

Install Console
Visit the Console page on Sourceforge and click on the “files” tab, then “console-devel”, then “2.00” (or later version if there’s one available), then download (or later version if available) (or for 32-bit system) to your Downloads folder.

Make sure you have 7Zip installed then right-click on in File Explorer and select context menu option “Extract to Console-2.00b148-Beta_64bit”.

Navigate into Console-2.00b148-Beta_64bit and move the folder Console2 to C:\Program Files

Navigate into C:\Program Files\Console2 and right-click Console.exe and select context menu option to create shortcut on Desktop.

Open Console and go to Settings. Under “Tabs” click “Add” and for Title: enter BASH. For Shell: enter C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --login -i
For Startup dir enter C:\Users\user (whatever your user dir is).
Make sure the “Save settings to user directory” is checked, click OK and exit out of Console.

Initial Setup
Change home directory from C:\cygwin64\home\user to C:\Users\user (your actual Windows home directory which is far more logical):
edit /etc/nsswitch.conf (use either vim in a Cygwin console or use Notepad+)
add the following line at the bottom:
db_home: windows cygwin desc

Setup ssh and sshd
Open Console and run ssh-keygen -t rsa (or -t ecdsa if you want). Just hit enter at every prompt. It will ask for a password. Just leave blank and hit enter (this is not a login password so don’t worry).

Right-click on Console and select context menu item “Run as Administrator”. Type ssh-host-config and press enter. Answer the following:
Query: Should StrictModes be used? (yes/no) yes
Query: Should privilege separation be used? (yes/no) yes
Query: new local account ‘sshd’? (yes/no) yes
Query: Do you want to install sshd as a service? (yes/no) yes
Query: Enter the value of CYGWIN for the daemon: [] ntsec
Query: Do you want to use a different name? (yes/no) no
Query: Create new privileged user account ‘CIRCLE\cyg_server’ (Cygwin name: ‘cyg_server’)? (yes/no) yes password:

At this point, for the password, open another Console terminal and enter pwgen -ay -n 14 to generate some nice, complex passwords. Left click and drag the mouse cursor over one of the passwords which should highlight it, then release. This should copy it into the buffer.

Now open another Console terminal and middle-click in it. It should paste the password that was just copied into the buffer. If not, fix this copy/paste issue or just manually type in a complex password for the ssh-host-config prompt above, then press enter. That should finish the configuration of the SSH server (daemon).

Click the Windows key and type firewall and open Windows Firewall. Choose Advanced option and then for Inbound rules create new rule. Choose “Program” and browse to C:\cygwin64\sbin\sshd.exe and select it. For name of the rule use SSHD.

Now in the same Console that was used to run ssh-host-config start the SSH daemon with the command cygrunsrv.exe -S sshd. It should start without any error message.

Part 2 will be forthcoming soon! Please check back.

Please help me become President

I would like to become President of the United States. I know that I would make an excellent leader who could take America from darkness to light.

Before becoming President I am willing to serve at the local and later the state level. I would really appreciate any support, suggestions, or feedback about this.

One factor that has made me decide to do this is the fact that of all the people I have known, met, or even known about, no one really wants to be a leader. But we as a people desperately need people who are willing and capable of standing up and taking lead.

Perhaps not everyone is made to be a leader, but I feel and I know deep down within that I have the qualifications to be an extremely good leader and am capable of achieving great things. As a human being I may not have much going on in my personal life to make it worthwhile, but, as long as I am alive as a human being, I am willing to dedicate myself towards improving the world for the benefit of all. Because, what else is there to do?

When I am running for whatever offices that I decide to seek I will stand up and tell the truth. I do not have fear or hesitation. It is already clear what we need and where we need to go. And it is clear that we need the truth and people who are willing to express and explore the truth. Therefore there is no need for hesitation, fear, or anxiety. What there is a need for right now is for people to make a stand for what is right.

There are basic principles of the sanctity of all living things. There is also the need for clear thinking. Unfortunately many of the current politicians in office are not really leaders, and they significantly lack competence to deal with fundamental issues related to commerce, to logistics, to basic human welfare, and to technology in general. The lack of competence translates into serious failings that occur at multiple levels from the personal to the societal, both commercial, environmental, physiological, psychological, familial, and communal (in the sense of communities as living, organic structures).

What our governments lack across the country right now are competence and also will. Politicians play into the hands of vested interests which impose a status quo that is destructive.

The basis of everything is the sanctity of life. Not just human life, but all life. After this comes the foundation of health. Before anyone can change the world they must be healthy and whole. No undertaking of any society that lacks health can ever be successful. But health is intimately tied to the sanctity of life. They go together. When the sanctity of life is honored, then humans are happy and healthy. From this basis they can go on to achieve great things, not just empty schemes that at first may seem impressive but ultimately lead nowhere.

But we are seeing the rise of the scheming economy just as the real economy fizzles out because of lack of genuine innovation. Genuine innovation is always based on a broad-minded thinking which benefits humanity, not just scheming from a selfish perspective. This does not mean that private interests are not important, but that when a culture loses is focus on the importance of achievements for all humanity and all living things, it begins to slip into a darkness, a kind of sickness that is grounded on more and more selfishness and empty materialism.

The way a government can re-align the country is to establish clear laws and policies related to the sanctity of life. The basic, fundamental rights of people to live in homes that are safe, peaceful, wholesome environments is primal. The right of people to have access to healthy nourishment is essential. From these basic principles stem many of the things which are capable of turning society from its darkness.

Here are the best new jdramas of the season


This is only a three-episode series and is, quite frankly, one of the best dramas if not the best I have ever seen. The acting is superlative and the story is sublime. I could not help but crying during many scenes – mostly from the awe, beauty, and inspiration. In keeping with other great asian classics, there is a timeless quality about this drama.

Ishitachi no Renai Jijou

This is a drama about doctors and their affairs. Very well acted with multiple interweaving themes occurring in the plot.

Algernon ni Hanataba o

Outstandingly excellent drama about an intellectually disadvantaged young man and a team of researchers who have developed a breakthrough experimental drug that significantly increases brain function. The acting is superlative and the story explores a lot of deep themes.

I’m Home

This is an absolutely first-class drama with some of the best acting talent in Japan in a gripping story about a man who loses his memory and slowly rebuilds his life as if a stranger to everything and everyone he previously knew.

As with many other jdramas, it deals with a subject which is a real issue that affects people: Those who have experienced and are recovering from brain injury. In the context of this film, his injury provides a vehicle to explore issues of identity, loyalty, ego, achievement and success, happiness, and love.

Previous season

Ghost Writer

This gripping drama about a superstar author and her ghostwriter is a masterpiece. Explores issues related to artistic creativity and identity. Note: the subs linked to above are not timed for the 480p raws linked above. You can find the 720p raws on [Update: It appears the subs don’t sync perfectly with the 720p raws either. If you use VLC media player you can easily advance or delay the subs using the G and H keys.]

Marumaru Tsuma

Gripping drama about a famous newscaster and his wife and their highly unusual relationship.

Dear Sister

Touching and often uplifting drama about two sisters and their lives going through transformations.

Last Doctor

This is a great drama if you want something lighter yet also highly interesting to watch. It is about coroners in the city of Tokyo and their investigations going beyond normal duties.

I find that some of the subs have fonts that are too small. It is very easy to open a sub file in an editor like Notepad+ to increase the size. For example, here is a sample line from a sub file which sets the font size to 20:


To change it to something larger such as 32 just edit it as follows:


Best line from a drama ever

Ishitachi no Renai Jijou ep04

I’m not sure if we should go with hepatocholangiojejunostomy or choledochoduodenostomy.

–Dr. Morita

Ishitachi no Renai Jijou ep04 37’51”

Dr. Morita (center right) is operating on Dr. Kondo’s mother for a bile duct stricture. Dr. Kondo originally came to Koyo Medical University Hospital with the hope of being able to eventually operate on his own mother, but the staff at the hospital instituted a new rule forbidding doctors to operate on close friends or family. While Dr. Morita is operating on Dr. Kondo’s mother, Dr. Kondo is operating on Dr. Morita’s ex-fiancee from 8 years ago.

Dr. Nishi, who is assisting Dr. Morita, does not yet know that Dr. Ichikawa is pregnant with his baby, although Dr. Ichikawa decided to not tell Dr. Nishi, who she believes is happily married (although he is really not).

Dr. Takahashi, who has just recently been promoted to a senior position, is assisting Dr. Kondo. Dr. Takahashi is a womanizer. Dr. Kawai who is an anesthesiologist likes Dr. Takahashi, who once played with her young son – who she is raising on her own – in the hospital lobby. However Dr. Takahashi does not take her seriously although he occasionally makes bold passes at her.

Shipping logistics is amazing

Today I had to send a warrantied laptop in for depot repair. I called the 800 support number yesterday afternoon and before 10 a.m. this morning an empty box had arrived from Memphis, Tennessee. At 16:12 this afternoon I took it to a UPS store. An hour and a half later it left the store and at 19:22 it had left the airport. Right now as I am writing this the laptop is probably up in the air somewhere over the middle of the US. I know that by tomorrow morning it will have arrived at its destination back in Memphis.

This only happened because the laptop I had purchased via eBay happened to still have a warranty. In fact it had an on-site warranty and they were ready to send someone to my place to repair it. But that just seemed almost greedy to me to do that – its not like I can’t live without this laptop for a little while longer – so instead I opted for the depot repair option, which uses overnight shipping to transport first the empty box to the customer, then the laptop back to the repair depot.

I even feel guilty about the overnight shipping, but this is basically something I will probably never do except for an occasion like this so I’m having fun just observing this whole process happening.

Tonight I was watching a cool documentary about the logistics of shipping and its pretty amazing. This video tracks a pie bought at a local store in Virginia on its way to Hawaii during the peak Christmas season. I love documentaries about this. I bet there are a thousand things right here around me in my city which, if we were to investigate them, would be fascinating.

Update: Its now 00:36 here and I see that the laptop arrived over 2,000 miles away in Louisville, KY just over an hour ago.

Based on a rough calculation I just did the average speed of the laptop since I shipped it at 16:12 is over 300 mph. Its as if I had placed the laptop on a conveyer belt moving at 300 mph, and this conveyer belt constantly runs between I would guess almost all locations worldwide.

Here’s a documentary about the UPS “Worldport” where my laptop landed. This video is even more intriguing than the first one. One interesting thing to note about 11 minutes in is the aircraft tracking system ADSB. UPS has been using this system since at least 2008 when the documentary was made, and it makes me question why other airlines – most notably Malaysia Airlines – did not implement something like it.

…eine unglaubliche erfolgreich Operation mit unheimliche grossen moeglichkeiten fuer die Zukunft:

Partitioning with gdisk including Intel Rapid Start Technology partition

Setting up a Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1 and one of the first things I’m doing is basically reinstalling everything clean from scratch. The first thing I did was go into the Lenovo Solution Center -> Restore Media which had the option to copy the System Restore partition to a USB drive.

With that out of the way the next thing was to boot off a Knoppix USB key to the command line (enter 2 at the prompt) and then run gdisk.

In gdisk I used the almost the entire disk for the new Windows 8 partition which is set to type 0700.

However Intel Rapid Start Technology requires its own small partition which must be equal to or larger than the RAM size. Because of cylinder boundary issues you may not always be able to create an exact-size partition with gdisk. I was shooting for a 7GB partition for the this which is what it was with the factory setup, but I ended up with 6.5 GB which is totally ok.

Now the odd, tricky thing about the Rapid Start partition is that the type has to be set to:


No, you are not hallucinating. That is what you have to enter when it asks for the partition type.

Oops. Now in Windows 8 setup and it refused to install on the above-created partition, complaining that it was because it is a GPT. What? So I just deleted everything and created a new one, leaving 7 GB off the size for the Rapid Start partition. This then also created a 320MB System Reserved partition.

Its installing now so hopefully everything will be ok. I will have to boot into Knoppix again later and set the partition type again for the Rapid Start partition.

Boom cars

Boom Cars


A boom car is a vehicle equipped with an audio system that produces excessive sound pressure levels (SPL). The pounding bass noise can be heard and felt over a wide distance, rattle windows and travel through walls.

Aftermarket sound systems were originally marketed as a means to enjoy improved sound quality and convenience in a vehicle by replacing the factory stock sound system. Today, the car audio industry promotes thuggery and passive aggressive behavior in the use of their products.

The car audio industry promotes “booming” to males in their teens and twenties with some disposable income. The message is that it will attract women and improve their social standing among their peers.

Boom cars have given rise to an urban subculture. Sound pressure level (SPL) competitions (also known as dB drag racing) are held nationwide. Non-professional competitors spend thousands of the dollars on audio equipment for their vehicles. The expensive speakers frequently blow out in competition and need to be replaced. Manufacturers and installers promote the brand and their business respectively by sponsoring professional competitors.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 25 percent of vehicle accidents are caused by driver distraction. Drivers experience reduced reaction times when listening to loud music and adjusting the controls on their car stereo equipment.
MTX Audio Jackhammer Superwoofer

Advertised as the “biggest, baddest, boldest superwoofer”. It is a 369 pound speaker with a 22″ diameter and requires an extruded heatsink. The speaker can handle 12,000 watts.


The largest manufacturers of boom car equipment include Sony, Pioneer and JBL. Sony uses the brand name Xplod with the slogan “Disturb The Peace”. Pioneer Electronics slogan is “Disturb, Defy, Disrupt, Ignite”. JBL uses the slogan, “Either we love bass, or hate your neighbors.”

Car audio companies advertise through magazines, internet viral and guerilla marketing campaigns. Because their marketing often falls under the radar of mainstream culture, they have been able to avoid public scrutiny. Below are their slogans and marketing messages.

JBL: “Either we love BASS or hate your neighbors.”
JL Audio: “Be Very Afraid.”
Kicker: “You deserve a beating…Kicker’s loudest, meanest subwoofer ever!”
Concept: “When TOO loud…is just right!”
Lightning Audio: “Sonic submission.”
Boss Audio System: “Turn it down? I don’t think so.”
Cerwin-Vega Mobile Audio: “Shake the living, wake the dead.”
Crossfire: “We’re louder…Deal with it!”
Earthquake Sound: “The Meanest, Loudest, Most Powerful, Mother F— Amplifiers Money Can Buy!”
Viper Audio: “Cold Blooded. Violent Fury and Multi-Channel Mayhem.”
Orion High Performance Car Audio: “Be Loud. Be Obnoxious.”

The Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA), represents automotive aftermarket retailers. They issued a position statement warning its member companies “not to use symbols, messages or suggest behavior that would adversely affect the industry. Irresponsible promotion could negatively impact the perception of our industry by the public at large and could be used against us by activists or government to regulate our products and activities”.

The culture of booming is also promoted through cable television, notably MTV’s Pimp My Ride (Viacom). The premise of the show takes a jalopy that is customized and outfitted with high end audio equipment. A rapper hosts the show and participants end up with a car designed to blast bass noise as a primary function of the retrofit. Car audio companies and the automotive aftermarket industry showcase their products through product placement.

These companies are members of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). Along with the Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) representing dealers and installers, they have lobbied against proposed noise-pollution ordinances in communities all over America. SEMA created the ‘Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus’ enlisting members of congress to support their agenda.
Boom Car Ads

Anti-social ads that explicitly promote booming as a means to blight neighborhoods. The car audio industry uses disturbing language and sexist content to market its products.


Major cities have imposed stronger noise codes, but across the country, there is a patchwork of noise ordinances with varying levels of enforcement. In cases where communities have tried to strengthen the noise code against booming, the car audio industry have lobbied to defeat it.

Some municipalities require that a police officer measure the amount of noise with a decibel meter before issuing a summons. Officers must be trained to use the expensive equipment. Citations are often challenged in court because the meters must be certified and calibrated for its readings to be used as evidence.

A more effective enforcement measure is called ‘plainly audible standard’ that allows an officer to determine noise levels from a prescribed distance.

In Lorain, Ohio, the noise from loud car stereos was so bad that more than 2,000 city residents signed a petition demanding a new noise ordinance. The revised ordinance removed decibel requirements and prohibited noise that is plainly audible 50 feet from the source. Repeat offenders risk having their vehicle impounded and their stereo equipment destroyed.

In Gulfport, Mississippi, the police launched a public service campaign to raise awareness of the city’s noise ordinance, which sets a penalty of up to $1,000 for disturbing the peace.

In 2005, Florida enacted its state noise code that made it illegal to drive a vehicle if the sound system is plainly audible at 25 feet. In 2008, Sarasota amended its local ordinance to allow police to fine motorists and additionally, seize and impound their vehicles.

Sarasota Police Chief Peter Abbott said, “If somebody goes down the street and has this car that’s rattling the walls and waking up every child and every infant, every sick and elderly person and shift worker and drives through the neighborhood, and when they settle down they drive back an hour later, wake up the neighborhood again, that car will spend time in the impound lot.”

In 2009, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) challenged the ordinance, representing two plaintiffs who was fined for violating the noise ordinance. The ACLU claimed that the enforcement violated their First Amendment rights. A year later, the ACLU reached a $50,000 settlement after suing the city. The terms of the settlement also meant the city could no longer enforce its ordinance.

In 2012, the Florida Supreme Court invalidated the state noise code as unconstitutional on the grounds it violated free speech rights.
Pioneer “Disturb”

Pioneer Electronics thug-marketing video titled, “Disturb”. A young man talks about spending half of his inheritance money to purchase car audio equipment costing $30,000. Another brags about how his boom car sets off car alarms and once caused a little boy to cry in the middle of the street.


Debian is so cool

Just found out that the Debian have officially released the newest version of the OS, codenamed “Jessie”. As always, documentation is excellent. Am reading through the “Upgrades from Debian 7 (wheezy)” chapter now.

Debian is alive and well and I am extremely grateful to all the Developers and everyone else who participates in the project to make the best operating system in the world.

I’m really looking forward to all the new changes and improvements in “Jessie”.

The way of blood

From morning until night I am physiologically assaulted in my studio apartment. Human beings are supposed to have homes to live in, places where they can live and rest. Not places where they are continually assaulted.

America and many of its communities are on the wrong track. The physiological assault creates a class system of those with privilege who can afford the luxury of being able to sleep and to live peacefully in their homes, and those who cannot.

Auto manufacturers deliberately making their vehicles emit loud noise, despite the fact that advances in engineering have resulted in motors which are significantly quieter today than at any time in the past. This is an outrage.

In addition, new car stereo systems include special kinds of speakers which are deliberately designed to emit extremely loud, low-frequency sounds which vibrate the street. The walls and floors of my apartment literally shake from this noise around the clock.

Then there are the motorcycles which emit noise so loud that it is nothing short of a complete atrocity perpetrated against all within a wide radius around them.

Beyond all this, many people deliberately modify the exhaust systems of their vehicles to emit loud noise. This is illegal under state law at least in my state, but it doesn’t matter because the law is not enforced.

Nothing is done about it. Street noise is the top public-health problem in urban areas and it is one that could almost completely be eliminated tomorrow. The consequences to chronic exposure to loud noise are well studied and include developmental disabilities for children, and cardiovascular and other physiological effects.

I’m sure the majority of people who actually live in my neighborhood appreciate and want to live in peace. But this sick society is allowing a small minority of people to continually commit acts of physiological assault.

As I write these words my apartment is literally vibrating from the sounds of yet another vehicle. This occurs all day, every day. Because the sounds are low frequency nothing can stop them. Higher frequency sound waves travel through the air and can be blocked with earplugs, fans, and by closing windows. But the low frequency sounds are like seismic waves which transmit through the actual solid material of the street and into the structure of the building I live in. Basically they are like earthquakes.

No human being should have to experience this and it really is an indication of the extent to which America is just sickeningly off-track.

I am now looking at relocating out of my current apartment to a completely different part of the country, with the hope of eventually going to Europe which has much better protection of human rights. I have had it. I cannot exist in an environment which is causing me to be chronically ill. I am truly sickened by the human folly. We have come to this point of having all this technology. We strip such vast amounts of resources from Earth to make everything we want, and what we end up with is just so much shit and abuse. Really inexcusable.

I came to live in this city, this urban environment, because I was excited about being able to live in a more ecologically-friendly manner. To ride my bicycle every day instead of driving. To live in compact housing which is more efficient. Etc. But I feel like I’ve been ripped-off.

I accept the stupidity, carelessness, and abusive behavior of my fellow humans but now its time to move on. As my home is destroyed, as my city is destroyed, I feel America is also destroyed. If it is the destiny of America to fall because of ignorance and greed I have to accept it no matter how sad. But I also have to move on.

People who think they can “win” in this situation will surely find out one day that such victory is only failure when everything they thought they were achieving has been lost because it was built on blood. Wealth that is based on blood never lasts.

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