Human Sacrifice

An asylum seeker accused of raping and murdering a student in Germany has told a court he posed as a minor to improve his immigration chances in 2015.

Maria L was 19 when she was raped and murdered last October in Freiburg, south-west Germany. Her body was found in a river; she had been strangled.

There was particular anger that he had been jailed for attempted murder in Greece before making his way to Germany.

He had been let free after little more than a year in a Greek jail, under an amnesty.


Imagine putting all the women murdered, raped, and abused together in one place. How many are there? Thousands. Imagine you are standing somewhere, watching all these women. And then in a sick, barbaric act all these women, these precious lives, are sacrificed.

They are sacrificed by some the most despicable, sick, tyrants in the history of humankind. People like Angela Merkel.

They are demonic mass murderers. They may as well be satanic because there is no difference.

The mass invastion of Europe is an heinous, reprehensible, appalling sacrifice of human life.

IQ isn’t everything

I just want to mention that IQ isn’t everything. Some people have lower IQs. Some have higher. It turns out that having an IQ over a certain level – I can’t remember the exact number now but I think it’s around 130 – people with IQs over 130 actually do less well. I actually am one of those people. Having too high an IQ is an impairment because our society is definitely fucked up.

I just want to write this because if you happen to have a low IQ don’t feel bad. There are people (like me) on your side.

A good painter is skilled at using many brushes. If you took some brushes away from him he would miss them and not be able to paint as well.

A good craftsman is skilled at using many tools. If you took some tools away he would miss them and it would be difficult for him to create all the things he wants to.

People with IQs in the range that make them “successful” are typically selfish asswipes who are not really that smart, just smart enough to make money and be “successful” in a rigged system that actually penalizes people who are more intelligent than they are.

Lubuntu 17.10 “Artful” is amazing

I just downloaded a beta version of soon-to-be released Lubuntu 17.10 “Artful” and ran it from a USB key and have to say it’s really amazing.

If you want to install a very capable yet lightweight and straightforward system Lubuntu 17.10 is an excellent choice. It has a really good file manager. Networking is easy to set up. And it comes with many useful programs like Firefox out of the box.

To download it follow this link and look for the Lubuntu Desktop amd64 link.

For information on how to make an Lubuntu bootable USB key see here.

Damage from UniteTheRight

I read the Wikipedia page of one of the prominent people who was at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally (David Duke), and then saw video of another person who was there (Cantwell). Both of these people are never people I would want to follow nor who I would ever consider to be leaders of any kind.

That said, there are brilliant people out there who should be heard. Jared Taylor is a brilliant person and gives extremely compelling evidence that there are serious problems in America with respect to diversity policies and thinking about race.

There appears to be persuasive genetic and other evidence that some races simply do not score as highly in terms of IQ as others, and therefore policies based on the presumption that any differences between races must be the result of discrimination or oppression are wrong. Jared points out in one of his videos how this sort of misguided policy breeds entire generations of people who then believe they are repressed. These policies are just as ugly as the neo-Nazi stuff. Because they are so institutionalized makes them scary.


Even though I’m not blind this would be cool to learn

Mouth clicks used in human echolocation captured in unprecedented detail
Findings could aid efforts to use synthetic mouth clicks to better understand human echolocation


Democrats are now blaming Donald Trump for the blowback from years of their own failure to deal with the massive illegal immigration problem in America. They had ample time to stand up for American workers – especially those on the margins of society who are disproportionately displaced by the jobs and other opportunities (think housing, etc.) stolen by illegals. They didn’t do shit.

America needs to stand up. It needs to tell people in the firmest possible way that you will not be rewarded for scamming our country. Anything less than that is not acceptable.

If you want someone to blame for the mess blame the Democrats and others who sat back while America was invaded by 1/3 of the population of Mexico, and enormouns numbers from Asia and other places. They claim to be humanitarian but thought nothing of the massive displacement of American citizens from employment, housing, educational, and other opportunities by the invasion.

Fuck them. Fuck that. End DACA immediately.

From now on if you want to come to America you apply. If you want a job you go through an application process by which an employer must show that that position cannot be filled by a US citizen. DACA people are welcome to re-apply for entry under that system, but first they must go. Blame the Democrats (and many Republicans too) if that is heartless.

Standing up for Americans is not only heartful, it is the responsibility of every public official in America. All we have now are a bunch of grubby traitors doing the bidding of chambers of commerce, real estate interests, and others (Sinaloa?) for whom mass illegal immigration is a major hit of crack.

Fuck Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and everyone else clamoring for amnesty. No more crack pipe for America. End the DACA now.

Companies Who Bailed on Trump Councils Have History of Offshoring Jobs

Companies Who Bailed on Trump Councils Have History of Offshoring Jobs

The CEOs who fled President Donald Trump following his response to violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, last week have a history of importing foreign labor.

Imagine being that excited to see a living deity

Think of how exciting it is to see the eclipse. It is exciting. To any human it is naturally exciting. It’s ok to be excited about it.

Before the event there is discussion about it. People travel to far away places. People get special viewing devices. News reports talk about it. NASA has a whole thing dedicated to it.

Now imagine that same level of excitement, only higher, to experience the presence of a living deity.

What is that? Do you understand what that means? Do you know what I’m saying?

Sadly, I know it may be possible you don’t. You may never have found a way in your life, never have had an opportunity to grasp what this means – what it means to experience the presence of a living deity.

Or maybe you have. If you have, that is great for you. For people who are open to it, it is a great thing to be tuned into amazing levels of divine energy around them.

A deity is a great fountain of love, emanating intense healing energy that goes off the scale of what we normally perceive. It takes a certain kind of preparation in one’s heart to be able to experience the presence of a living deity. If you do experience it, you will never forget it. That one moment will change your life forever.

Maybe it has happened and you were aware of it. Then you have been greatly blessed. Maybe it happened and you were not fully aware of it. You are still learning to recognize it, to see. And maybe it hasn’t happened yet but will one day in your future. You can prepare now for such blessing by creating a place in your heart.

So while you may or may not have seen the eclipse earlier today, I hope you will not forget that there’s something even more great than that and that you will set yourself on a path to experiencing it.


That felt good! 🙂

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