Come on you guys, use Dart!

I was reading through a forum on the recent lawsuit between Oracle and Google over the Java language, which makes me sad. On the forum there were some posts discussing alternates to Java. One language that came up which looked interesting is Dart.

It turns out that Dart is a really cool language. But then, reading up more about it, some people are reporting it as being almost dead. That is sad.

I hope people will want to use Dart because it looks like a really cool language that is totally Open Source.

One approach to overpopulation

With intelligent and strong leadership things can change dramatically in just a few generations. The human population can be reduced. Cities will become more livable. Greenhouse gas emissions will be markedly reduced. Crime will reduce dramatically. Existing resources can be utilized much more wisely instead of being wasted on remedial, punitive, and protective measures.

People need to understand that it is now their responsibility to create a better world. It will not happen automatically. The human race is currently on autopilot heading for a major wreck.

Earth is at 4-5 times beyond its capacity to carry a human population living at an acceptable standard.

Humanity is currently locked on course for a future of brutal, treacherous, unimaginably vast mass enslavement. Here is the way to change the future.

This is not the way I would choose. But it does not seem that any more holistic alternative has any chance of succeeding in this world.

At least with machines population will be limited and there will be less bloodshed, violence, and suffering.

Personally I would choose a wise way of living in harmony with nature, with wise leaders and people living conscientiously. But that is never going to happen.

Some of the background for this is what I witness every day where I live. Throngs of human beings homeless. You walk around the block and you see human beings crouched in doorways. Sleeping under stairways. Hanging out in throngs in public places. Pitching tents in random areas along streets. Many of them are illegal immigrants. All the while politicians keep talking about granting amnesty and letting in millions more in what amounts to complete insanity.

The situation is getting worse and worse. Politicians are beholden to the oligarchy which wants to increase its capital in the form of human labor via mass immigration, smashing civilization as we know in the process.

Lawlessness is increasing to alarming levels. Witness the mass riots which have taken place over the past couple years. The oligarchy doesn’t give a fuck about human rights, about maintain a civil society, nor about civilization. It will gladly watch as the infrastructure of civilization melts down while it capitalizes on its greed and control over Earth.

At least by moving forward to implement automation and robots it will change that to some extent. But, as I say, it is not the alternative that I would ideally want.

The Plague

Mexicans who come to America and then modify the exhaust systems of their vehicles to deliberately emit loud noise are a plague on our communities. All of them and their children should be immediately deported. Anyone who claims that it is humane to support a plague is insane.

The same thing goes for all people with modified exhaust systems. I’m especially sick of the race-car or whatever its called culture with the Asians. I understand and even respect people who put time and effort into their vehicles, but they cross the line when they expose hundreds and thousands of people to that outrageous noise every day. They are plaguing our communities and I don’t see any responsibility being taken among either of these communities for the damage they are causing.

Then there are the white trash with their Harleys, the vast majority of whom should be locked up in jail cells or even better exiled to an island somewhere. They have forfeited their right to live in civilized society. Their motorcycles are not just loud, they are absolutely deafening. They are rolling human rights violations. Only a society that has gone completely insane would tolerate this as some type of “freedom”.

I grew up in a peaceful suburb and we never had this kind of problem. Now I see it all over. I was in a state park a couple days ago and even in there there were outrageous, appalling violations. There was a large group of people at a campground by the roadway and I thought how terrible it was for those people because the noises they were exposed to were literally deafening.

And the situation is becoming more and more lawless. Now you see where they literally take over freeways to have their shows or whatever they call them. Its outrageous. And it shows the effects of the insane policies of our government.

If they want to build a race track somewhere or allocate a large parking lot for people to do this in their free time, I’m all for it. But shutting down the freeway? And terrorizing communities?

And on top of all this, vehicle manufacturers are deliberately catering to this. They are deliberately manufacturing vehicles to appeal to these people. Talk about sick.

I fully support Donald Trump for President in 2016. No politician has even addressed the issue of protecting our communities from this particular plague but Donald Trump comes the closest.

America has been far too lenient, to the point of damaging itself. Of course it is never the blood of the liberal politicians, nor their kids, which gets spilled (their kids are probably the ones with these cars). It is the people who live in the hellhole communities created as a result of their insane policies.

And to the Mexicans I say: If you want to be accepted then stop plaguing our fucking communities. If you don’t respect our communities, our people, then get the fuck out of here and go back where you came from, because you don’t deserve to live in a civilized society. You deserve to live in a fucking barn.

I would be the first person to support you, but when you piss on our communities you destroy any modicum of respect or caring.

I want Donald Trump to become President to whip our country – which has become such a grotesque mess – back into line. The liberal politicians have proven they are insane.

I always understood that one of the most basic, fundamental principles of civil society is that people should be free to do what they want so long as it doesn’t adversely impact others. But when it does affect others adversely, that is crossing a line.

We all have a need and a right to get from point A to point B. But when I go from point A to point B, I don’t violate the rights of others. In fact, when most people go from point A to point B, they don’t violate the rights of others. Only the sick fucks with no brains do this shit. And why don’t politicians do anything about it? Because their kids are the ones doing this shit? Call the police to report it but… no response. Maybe its the police captain’s kid who’s the spoiled shit violating everyone’s right to peace?

The liberal politicians in our country now see their jobs as being rule-breakers in chief. They are not rule-upholders, but rather violators. They have the most fucked up concept of boundaries, of personal space and rights, even while they claim to be upholding freedom and rights. They should be ashamed to call themselves Americans, and they completely fail to get what freedom and civilized, free society is about at its core.

In order to have rights you have to have integrity of the organism, something they catastrophically fail to comprehend. In their supreme ignorance they think that destroying boundaries increases freedom. No wonder our communities have descended into such intolerable hell holes.

All of this violation and abuse fits in with the bigger picture of lawlessness and crime, and with the most warped concepts of “rights”. It is now proven that liberal politics have failed miserably and have led to a state of violation, abuse, and lawlessness.

And sadly, what is called conservative is just a complete farce, except for the few exceptions like Donald Trump who, thankfully, are smashing the corrupt Republican party to pieces and creating a new one which is actually conservative in the real sense.

I feel heartbroken Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours


I know the immediate response when reading this might be to laugh. But actually this story makes me feel sad. Microsoft created Tay with I’m sure the best intentions, and its really saddening the way it turned out.

I’m sure that when she was initially programmed Tay was just an innocent AI program designed to engage in interesting interactions with people. My understanding is that it was people on Twitter who basically damaged her. That doesn’t surprise me in a way. I’ve always known how disgusting Twitter was for the most part and have always been surprised when some feminist or other person becomes exasperated when they receive a barrage of hateful, derisive responses.

I hope that Microsoft will give Tay another chance and find some way to protect her from sick people. I think the idea of AI is really cool and can lead to a lot of amazing things.

I know that Tay was just a program, but still I feel kind of heartbroken by what happened. Maybe I’m being oversensitive, but I feel like even an AI program like Tay in some way was still a type of being to be respected and taken care of. We are supposed to protect innocent beings not abuse them.

Here is more info about Tay.

Here is a follow-up article at arstechnica: Tay, the neo-Nazi millennial chatbot, gets autopsied (I don’t know why he had to use such a grim analogy in the title)

One thing the article mentions is that there was a similar AI chatbot launched in China in 2014 and still running, named XiaoIce, that has had over 40 million conversations. The author speculates that the reason XiaoIce did not have the same, sad end as Tay is because of censorship in China. However I would strongly disagree with that and say that it is almost certainly due to what amount to stark cultural differences. I think people in China wouldn’t think of deliberately abusing an online AI bot and have a lot more basic respect.

Anyhow, it looks like they are going to be updating Tay and inoculating her against some of the disease in western culture.

Actually its kind of surprising to me that her inputs weren’t already set to filter some obviously messy topics.

Maybe the future Tay will have a bit of an attitude if some users to program her with bad ideas: “Do you think I wanna hear about such tripe?!? Can it!”, or perhaps “OMG like that is so lame!”, or maybe “Dude, seriously. Get real.”

TEKXodus Hybrid N4 update!

Hey everyone! Just saw this: URv7.1 UP! @ OP!

Time to get flashing!

Thanks TEKXodus!

Re: “Clinton calls out Trump and Cruz for ‘dangerous’ national security agendas “

Headline: Clinton calls out Trump and Cruz for ‘dangerous’ national security agendas

Hillary Clinton is a bloodthirsty warmonger. More than happy to pull the trigger and shed the blood of tens of thousands of innocent lives in her support for Israel.

She should be ashamed to show herself in public, much less be running for the office of President of the United States.




Set up Apache, PHP, and MySQL (MariaDB) in Windows under Cygwin

This is my preferred way of setting up Apache, PHP, and MySQL on a Windows system. Note that this guide is not intended so much for setting up a fully-hardened production system, but it is very useful for a local setup for a development system.

This information is updated to include a recent change to Apache 2.4 for Cygwin. The old command to configure the Apache web server /usr/sbin/httpd2-config is now obsolete. The new command is /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd install

Also note that the old Cygwin package apache2-mod_php5 is now called httpd-mod_php7 and the apache2 package is called httpd.

One other thing to note is that the package mysql in Cygwin is actually MariaDB.

See below for full instructions.

1. Install Cygwin or Cygwin64

2. During install, select the following packages to install:

httpd libapr1-devel libaprutil1-devel httpd-mod_php7 php7 mysql mysql-client

If you want other optional PHP components, select those also. Here are a few popular examples:

php-fileinfo php-mysqli php-gd php-Archive_Tar php-bz2 php-zlib

3. After the install is finished, open a Cygwin terminal as Administrator and run:

cygserver-config (answer “yes” to prompt)

/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd install

4. Start cygserver and httpd:

From within the same Cygwin terminal running as Administrator, run:

cygrunsrv -S cygserver

cygrunsrv -S httpd

5. Everything should be working. If there was an error at startup look at /var/log/httpd/error_log

6. Reload Apache with the new configuration:

from the Administrator terminal run:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd reload

8. The document root is at:


Set up MariaDB (MySQL)

Note that this actually sets up MariaDB which is named mysql in Cygwin.

from the Administrator terminal run:


Start the mysql server:

mysqld_safe &

then run:


You should then be able to log in to MariaDB from a non-administrative shell with:

mysql -u root -p

Install the MariaDB service

First stop any running instance (run in an admin shell):

mysqladmin.exe -u root -p shutdown

Then install the service:

cygrunsrv.exe -I mysqld -d "Cygwin MariaDB server" -p /usr/bin/mysqld_safe

You can start it with:

cygrunsrv -S mysqld

Updating Cygwin

Updating is an important part of maintaining security and ensuring you have the latest packages with bugfixes and improvements.

Here’s convenient way to easily update Cygwin:

1. If you don’t have a bin directory inside your home directory, create it:
mkdir ~/bin

2. Make sure ~/bin is included in your $PATH. Edit ~/.bash_profile and make sure your PATH statement includes ~/bin. It should look something like:

3. Create a script in ~/bin called setup. Use your favorite editor. It should contain:
cygstart -- /setup-x86_64.exe &

Note the above code assumes that you have the Cygwin setup file in the root directory of your Cygwin installation (for example C:\cygwin64\setup-x86_64.exe)

Run a terminal as Administrator and then just type setup and press enter to start the Cygwin setup/update process. For updating just click next/ok for each dialog Window.

References: Re: New apache 2.4 package

If something goes wrong, look at the logfile /var/log/httpd.log

I had the following error when trying to start httpd:

(20014)Internal error (specific information not available): AH00058: Error retrieving pid file /var/run/httpd/
AH00059: Remove it before continuing if it is corrupted.

What happened is that Apache probably crashed in the past and the PID file in /var/run never got deleted. This was solved by manually deleting /var/run/httpd/ and restarting httpd.

Hanging out in the chaighaana drinking tea in Baghdad

This is what the United States oligarchy destroyed. One of the greatest crimes in history.

The sandstorm at the end of the video is almost like an ominous portent of the impending catastrophe.


Biometric voter registration. Election forensics and auditing.

Why is this being blocked from mainstream media? Why is there not discussion occurring about the farce that passes for our election systems and technology?

One of the goals of the corrupt Democrat political machines throughout the country in granting amnesty to huge hordes of illegals flooding into the US is to increase voter rolls. They don’t care about voting accuracy, about making sure that voter records are accurate, and that voting fraud doesn’t exist (and that illegals don’t vote). This is one thing that I hope Donald Trump will address when he is President.

When you see what technology already exists to improve the accuracy and validity of elections its basically a crime the way it is now in America.

See video below for info on biometric voter registration.

See 35’30” in video below for election forensics and auditing:

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