This is what is being destroyed

This is being destroyed to feel “sympathy” and “compassion” for rancid dumbfucks who can’t use birth control and are invading Europe and its totally, completely fucked.

Its not racist to protect your heritage, your roots, and your homeland: Its your sacred duty.

If you really want to help them, build camps in neighboring countries which would be a fraction of the cost.

Profound composition

Starting to study this piece. The left hand is very challenging. The emotion this piece instills is very profound. For me it is complete and necessary.

By complete I mean that it is able to completely fulfill me. I need nothing else. By necessary I mean that I need it as part of my life, as part of the music that I listen to. (It is not exclusive because yes I can and do listen to other music.)

I realize though that music created by others who do not have this inspiration or something very similar to it leaves me feeling empty. I’ve had way too many empty musical experiences in my life unfortunately, and there’s way too much empty music in general and the trend is in the wrong direction (not surprisingly like so many other things). In a sense this world is really lost.

I was looking for a guitar version of this e-flat major praeludium and the only one I saw was terrible. But I did find this guitar version of the e major praeludium for violin solo by Bach which also exists as the sinfonia for his cantata “Wir danken dir” (which is a majestic, beautiful organ piece):

As a woman I want to write that this is one of the biggest turn on’s – not like so many pretentious “dude” idiots with tight abs who are totally full of themselves (and full of crap) – but a man like this, so immersed in the process of creation and devotion to music, where you can see the joy and ecstasy in his expression as he plays.

Prophecy about Donald Trump

You know what’s interesting? In this video notice spread out along the table the tubs of a product. If you look carefully you will see that the labels read Red Supremefood and Green Supremefood.

What’s notable about this is that my stomach was not feeling good again today. My appetite was low. I went the entire day with eating only some fruit but had no appetite for anything else. I also had food poisoning about a week ago and perhaps my system is still a bit sensitive from that.

I was feeling really, really drained much of the day. I knew that my body probably needed nourishment, but I didn’t know what to give it. Nothing appealed to me.

Then something came to me, sort of like a flash. I remembered that I had these packets of superfood powder mix that I got at the health food store a while back. They have been sitting in my kitchen for a while and even though I had gotten them I never used them. Until earlier. I was so overjoyed when I remembered them!

I had two packets: Green Superfood and Raw Reserve, made by a company named Amazing Grass. First I had the packet of Green Superfood and, feeling so good after drinking it, I immediately used the second packet of Raw Reserve. Both of them I mixed with some organic unsweetened soymilk and some Mango Cogo juice.

I was so uplifted by this I even told myself that I have to go get some more as soon as possible because its a lifesaver.

The two miracle packets that really saved me when I was feeling de-energized.

The two miracle packets that really saved me when I was feeling de-energized.

Then, just a short while ago, I came across the above video on YouTube and was curious about the tubs of product on the tables which turned out to be Red and Green Supremefood.

What Donald Trump is doing is revolutionary. I believe that there is a reason why everything has happened the way it did. I believe that Donald Trump was given so much wealth so that, one day, his heart would be so deeply moved out of concern and deep love for his country – our country – that he would make the sacrifice to run for President to fix our country and make it great again during a time when our democracy was so broken that it would not otherwise be possible for someone not beholden to the oligarchy to do so.

trump_oath 2

I recommend watching the 6/15/2016 campaign rally in Atlanta. This is about saving America and I believe it may also have a major impact on the world. America needs a strong, honest, clear-spoken leader, not another weasel who is a shill for the oligarchy.

Above: The Dwight Eisenhower speech to our troops on D-Day which is mentioned in the prophecy.

My plan to save America’s crumbling cities

Impoverishment has reached shocking levels across the United States. The city I live was ranked in the top ten worst cities in the world in terms of homelessness, although I’m not sure of the actual verifiable source for it (it was a YouTube video). Still, there’s no doubt that it is one of the worst regardless of its exact ranking.

I think there is a way to solve the problem. I don’t know of any other way to preface this so let me just try to spill it all out as best I can. Sorry if this is not the most elegant exposition. Its 04:21 in the morning.

The basic idea is to create, in the heart of cities, the best vocational/technical schools in the world. Instead of homeless people living on streets, in shelters, or in sub-standard housing, they will live in dormitory-style housing on campus. Their lives will be centered around learning.

I envision these vocational schools to be extensions of already existing community college systems. But one difference is that they will be on a greater scale.

The way I see it, we as a society spend billions of dollars on new developments all the time. when it comes to some new development project downtown, there’s no shortage of people with money wanting to invest.

But then, when it comes to community colleges, they tend to always be operating with fixed budgets and limited resources. That entire thinking needs to fundamentally change. Education needs to be seen as the most important thing in society.

People living in the dormitories will be expected to adhere to a basic, strict code of conduct. There will be little if any tolerance for failure to adhere to the code of conduct.

For people who do adhere, conditions will be good. It will be designed for people to want to take the right path. But for people who do not want to take the right path there must be no tolerance. This will have to dovetail with community policies, such as law enforcement policies, which also have no tolerance for such behaviors. It is critically important to set up a distinction between healthy conduct and unhealthy conduct.

A second, major part of this dovetails with the platform of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who intends to bring jobs back to the United States and to create many of the types of jobs which the United States used to have in abundance years ago: Manufacturing jobs.

All I can say is, if Hilary Clinton becomes President, we can expect to see more people smoking crack and doing meth and many more Jamba Juice-type jobs which might be appropriate as part-time afterschool jobs for kids, but are not real jobs that should comprise the bread-and-butter of the American economy.

We need to start making the things we use, not expecting other countries – most notably China – to make them all. The devices we rely on every day, all the technologies around us – there’s no excuse for us not to be designing and manufacturing such things here with our own hands.

I highly recommend watching Donald Trump’s June 15, 2016 campaign rally in Atlanta. This is Donald Trump at his peak. This is the fruition of his months and months of running for President, speaking as the Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States.

VR headache!

I ordered a used Gear VR model compatible with the Note 4 which arrived today. After spending an evening messing around with it:

Headache: My overall aftertaste is that I have a headache.

Blurriness: It seems like no matter how well I try to focus it, there is always at least some part of the field of vision that is blurry. And that messes with the eyes. That is probably the most abrasive part of the actual VR immersion experience that still has to be worked out.

Darknet won’t run: Darknet, which is supposed to be one of the coolest games for the Gear VR, would not run. However when you are installing it you can view something like a preview space of what the Darknet VR world looks like and it looks really cool. I contacted Oculus for support.

Land’s End: Massive motion sickness. Unfortunately the game Land’s End, which is considered one of the best Gear VR games, is not one I can take. You start out in a really cool landscape which you then “walk” through, however each time you move from one location to the next – OMG the motion sickness is so bad with me! Its too bad but I’ve always been unable to play many video games and even watch a lot of videos because of this.

Locked into the Oculus store: I thought there would be more openness. But basically when you put the phone into the headset it automatically launches the Oculus app and you are locked into it more or less. I did find one app that is supposed to let you use Google Cardboard apps with the Gear VR. It kind of works but kind of doesn’t. For one “app” I tried called Tokyo VR it did work, but the movement inside the VR Tokyo world was way too jerky and headache-inducing. I tried the Cardboard 3D video app which just takes you to YouTube videos that are supposed to be 3D but it doesn’t work right. Another app I wanted to use which lets you view the solar system and planets also did not work.

This to me is a serious sign. Already at this early state there are all these incompatibilities and splits between companies and devices. I think that’s really messed. It would be nice if there were one, decent, third-party, independent master app for the Gear VR which did a decent job of curating out the garbage stuff and including the good stuff.

Watching movies: In the Oculus theater app I watched parts of movies which I would have thought would be cool watching in a 3D environment. Basically though its just like watching them on a really big screen which, yes, is more immersive but also – at least for a person like me – also potentially motion-sickness/headache-inducing. Also, the fact that the pixels are visible definitely retracts from the enjoyment of watching movies which you are probably used to watching in high resolution on a regular display. And then there is the peripheral blurriness which is a show-stopper. Even slight blurriness in a video is unacceptable.

There are a couple other things I will be trying tomorrow. Or I might even take a break from it tomorrow because I feel like I don’t even want to put the headset on for a while. I have a feeling of nausea.

My overall impression at this point is that I think its really going to be at least a couple more years before I think it might really be something most people would want to get. Now I think people get them because its cool or whatever. People are curious like me. But I’ve already exhausted a lot of my curiosity.

Reading the story about this amazing guy

Am watching the extremely intense documentary about the Korean War called Fire & Ice. America got its ass kicked mostly through its own fault – initially rushing in without being prepared, and having sloppy strategy which often left advancing troops wide open to being picked off by enemy troops in the hills.

One problem seemed to be that people weren’t thinking outside of the box. If your only path forward to advance is along a winding, mountainous road surrounded by hills, it would seem kind of clear that you would have to have troops up on those hills, advancing alongside the equipment and troops coming up the road, to protect against ambush.

One notable commander was Major General O.P. Smith who, even though he had been ordered to advance into potentially dangerous territory as fast as he could, deliberately went slow and protected his troops. He did this apparently to the point of insubordination. But it turned out that he was right – there were 180,000 Chinese troops waiting to attack them ahead – something totally missed by CIA intel.

Fire & Ice is not easy for me to watch. Most war documentaries aren’t easy to watch. Its not so much entertainment as being informed about things in the past – many of which were extremely horrible things. But, in watching this documentary I am so extremely moved by so many of these men telling their stories, people who truly are heroes and committed to our country.

And this really makes me think about the America of right now. Because where are the men like that? Aren’t younger people now only concerned with self-gratification, with partying and making a lot of money? Do people even care about our country like that any more? Are our best and brightest the kind of people who are willing to study and dedicate themselves to military science or are they the type of people who would be ready to sell out or rip off their brothers and sisters for the sake of profit?

What kind of country is America anymore? I seriously question whether a country where its people are not motivated by love of their country and of their fellow man has any kind of future. And I can say that I’ve seen what seems like the worst of it. So many spoiled, gross, greedy brats with petty views of the world. It seems like the time of greatness has ended and we are in this sick world of perpetual conflict caused by grave folly and incessant greed.

To the Native People of the United Kingdom and Europe

Exit the EU and kick out the Muslims and other invaders. All of them. They have their country. You need yours. Save your home.

After watching the above and similar videos of horrific scenes across Europe, I will say this. Read this carefully: Europe needs a strong dictator. Europe’s democracy is hopelessly fucked.

The invaders should be leaving Europe on a one-way trip back to their countries in a boxcar with a pot to piss in. Europe has two problems: The invaders and the politicians who betrayed the people of Europe in an act that has no parallel in history.

Angela Merkel’s and the rest of her administration’s dead bodies should be hanging from ropes in downtown Berlin as the Muslims are being rounded onto boxcars and kicked the fuck out.

And for the ones who think they have a right to invade into Europe, they need bullets sprayed at them.

Enough of the shit!

Enough of the shit!

brexit breaking point


Thinking about what I would do

One time I was sitting on a commuter train and the next thing I know, as we are going along, there is this guy sitting diagonally across the aisle from me and facing me – a stupid, young, dumbass punk – loading a semi auto clip. Some of the rounds are falling on the seat and onto the floor.

In that situation there’s nothing you can do. You cannot get up and walk away because that might provoke them. You cannot look at them or say anything to them because that might provoke them. Basically, during that time, I was captive and expecting that at any moment I could be killed or seriously hurt.

It would only have been seconds if he had wanted to kill me right then and there. But then again, what point would he have had to just randomly kill me and risk his own imprisonment for murder?

Yet something very similar to that did happen once on a streetcar in my city some years ago. A crazy guy had a gun and most people on the car were tuned out and didn’t even notice. But the surveillance camera caught it. When the car reached a stop and some poor student went to get off, the guy shot him in the back. So completely crazy, irrational shit does happen. You never know.

Every time I hear about a mass shooting I think what would I do if I were there. I imagine if I were behind the shooter and had a chance to jump on them from behind. Would it work? Would I take such a chance? I have no doubt that, in such a situation, a person would have a great reserve of emergency strength available. But would it help? And would I even have the courage to make such a move in the first place?

Also what would be the best way to attack from behind? To come up and grab both the shooter’s arms from behind? To jump up on their back and grab their head and try to take them down?

Then I also think of other things. In such a situation a baseball bat would be extremely useful. One very carefully aimed, extremely powerful swing at their head to crack their skull and instantly disable them. If not a baseball bat then perhaps some other object. A chair. A fire extinguisher? But with different objects one worries about their efficacy or possible lack thereof which could be terrible. If you only get one strike on an attacker you have to be sure that that strike is going to take them out for certain.

Another thing I thought of is just spraying a fire extinguisher to stun or confuse them. But this seems like a pretty limited idea.

This all leads to one, overwhelming realization: Above everything else, the number one thing that would be useful, that would absolutely be a lifesaver in such a situation would be to have a gun. Why fuck around contemplating all these other possible ways to take out an attacker when you could easily and with the most minimal risk to yourself and others, just shoot them?

We live in a country in which the right to bear arms is part of our Constitution. And, frankly, I am totally sickened that recently the 9th District Court ruled that local jurisdictions have the right to prevent people from carrying firearms. That is a direct and totally fucked up violation of the Second Amendment. There is no other way to read it. The right to bear arms is the right to bear arms. That means to actually bear them, to carry them with you.

For me and most people that would mean carrying a firearm in a purse, backpack, or briefcase. The fact that any citizen of the United States is not allowed to keep a firearm with them is a violation of our Constitution. People should be extremely pissed about it.

If anyone – anyone – in any of these tragic mass shootings which have happened had had a firearm, these tragedies would have been much more limited. We are talking about dozens of lives saved. All it would have taken was one shot to the attacker to stop them.

I am appalled and disgusted that any elected official in the United States advocates restricting a right so fundamental to every American citizen that it is written in our country’s founding document. It is entirely appropriate that such officials be immediately impeached.

Given that we have a fundamental right to use firearms, I think it would be appropriate that people take classes in how to not only safely operate, maintain, and carry firearms, but also on the nuances with respect to when or where they would ever be used. There is no question that, in the vast, vast majority of cases, they should not be used because they are simply not the appropriate response for a given situation.

That, clearly, is a huge issue. But to me its kind of like the drug problem. Instead of teaching people how to be wise, they teach people that something is bad and leave people ignorant about it, so that when and if they do eventually use it, the result is often destructive. But imagine if, for example, kids in high school took a class in how to handle conflicts and how to use firearms, taught by professionals.

We live in a society in which conflicts are inevitable. But people do not have conflict training. I am actually very pissed because on several occasions when I attempted to ask people in the police department in my city about how to handle various threatening situations, they simply refuse to help or give answers.

That is the total fucking opposite of what, if they are truly committed to community safety, they should be doing. Especially in communities with high levels of tension and conflict, such advice is all the more essential and valuable.

But its like they don’t give a shit if you know or don’t know how to protect yourself, or how to appropriately respond in a given situation. And they always act like, if you take any response at all, you are wrong. Just by defending yourself you are basically treated as a troublemaker in this fucked up society.

All I can say is that acts of violence are not just isolated things. They are usually breakdowns of a community at various levels. We live in these tense environments where there exist all these different, often weird types of estrangements which only cause people to be even more on edge. But rather than dealing with everything, its almost like law enforcement want to just ignore it and sweep it under the rug. Then, when something bad does happen, they come in and act like heroes, which I question.

Basically I’m saying that I think the whole spectrum of our system is kind of fucked up. And I also think that calling for bans against people’s basic Constitutional right to carry a firearm with them for safety is outrageous.

There are also things like pepper spray which has been around for a long time and which, most outrageously, is banned in many states. In other states the maximum allowable size is 2 oz which is a ridiculously small amount that might actually endanger a defender more than it could actually protect them.

There will no doubt be other new technologies to disable attackers. Certainly the government has no shortage of them. Police departments are keen on acquiring all sorts of ghastly new weapons which use things like radio waves to boil people’s skin and create extreme pain. But then people aren’t allowed to protect themselves and every attempt by them to do so brands them as troublemakers. Totally fucked up.

Frankly, I would feel a lot safer anywhere in public if I knew that civilized people around me had firearms. At the very least if key people had them. For example it makes sense for shop owners to have them. It would take away a lot of the fear and anxiety. Why is the government so hellbent on preventing civilized society from being able to ensure its own safety, which is our basic Constitutional right?

Personally I don’t like guns at all. On the few occasions when I’ve even heard one going off – for example someone hunting in the distance – the sound sickens me. Its horrible. But still, if I was trained in how to handle a firearm and knew that having a small handgun in my purse could potentially save people’s lives, I would feel much safer. If I knew that conscientious, well-intentioned, and responsible people around me had them I would also feel like this society would be a hell of a lot safer and saner.

What sickens me far more than guns is being helpless for no good reason.

Maybe China is Right

Maybe China is right. Western democracies have a severe problem. After a period of prosperity and wealth of resources on a scale that would be unimaginable to ancient peoples, Western societies are not only not that much the better, they are markedly worse, near the verge of collapse, plagued with severe problems.

The value system which has been sort of the goal of Western peoples up to the present may be good for some things, but the befuddled attempt to use that system as a principle to govern society has failed miserably. The values of equality, inclusion, etc. are good for certain small matters. For example they may be good values to have for workers at a health care clinic. But to make decisions which affect society at large based on those types of feelings and values is disastrous.

And, as I mentioned in my election follow-up post, that type of thinking actually is a kind of violence. Out of delusional thinking people wanting to feel good and benefit one target group will happily sacrifice another group. If these people were asked straight up whether they ever think it would be acceptable to sacrifice the lives of some people for the sake of some other ideal, to benefit another group of people, they most certainly would profess to find such an idea repulsive. And of course there’s nothing democratic, fair, or transparent about the way the target and victim groups are chosen. They are chosen because it is part of the delusion – it is accepted by them that that’s just the way it is.

Their belief system has blinded them to the fact that they are in effect no different than, and in fact in many ways worse than, the system they think they want to change.

I say worse than because they are not even conscious of the hypocrisy, of the extent of their delusion. They go on believing that what they are doing is good and moral, even when it results in suffering, because they are so caught up in their self-righteousness. They are so used to being on the side of the oppressed that they are blind to ideas of fairness. That type of blindness is worse than someone who knowingly makes a choice which might involve the harm to others for the sake of some goal.

And I have to say there’s one thing that is absolutely appalling that is going around in the media. After Hilary Clinton won the democratic nomination, there has been a flurry of articles and comments to the effect that this is a great milestone for women. Those people making those claims are so reprehensible that I will not even address them. I will only say that for the hundreds of thousands of women in the middle east who have been slaughtered and maimed as a result of the actions of Hilary Clinton and the oligarchy which she is bought by, it most certainly is not an advance.

I was reading about the now famous “Document No. 9” and thinking about its contents. I was initially perplexed about why constitutional democracy, universal values of human rights, and civil society are considered among the “7 dangerous western values” but now I am beginning to think I understand.

While these are good concepts to have in one’s personal life – they make for a magnanimity of character that is the hallmark of many great people – when it comes to national politics they only create chaos. More often than not they end up being leveraged for the attainment of ends which are quite the opposite.

Amazing Quad Monitor Stand

Watching my first cdrama called Ode to Joy and I really love the office setup in the apartment of one of the characters named An Di who is really cool (she’s a brilliant finance wiz who worked in America, speaks fluent English, and is now CFO for a company in Shanghai).  Years ago when I had the good fortune to take a Summer philosophy course at Berkeley one of my classmates was a brilliant Asian woman who kind of reminds me of An Di.  Being in a class with someone of her caliber was really stimulating – something I really miss.  I think I remember that, after the course, she was going to work for a bank in Switzerland which is my favorite country.

Ode to Joy An Di apartment



Found the following two models online, the first of which may be identical and the second of which is similar: Loctek DF2Q Full Motion Free Standing Quad Monitor Arm Desk Mounts Fits Most 10-27 inches Lcd screens ,Heavy Duty Desktop stand DoubleSight Quad Monitor Flex Stand Fully Adjustable Height Tilt Pivot Free Standing, VESA 75mm/100mm, up to 32″ Monitors

I was actually really thinking about a multi-monitor setup this past semester because trying to work on code on small laptop screens all the time can feel cramped and limited.

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