My prayers go with the people of Tainan

I just heard the news about the earthquake which struck in Tainan. I feel a special affinity for Taiwan, which is very closely connected with Silicon Valley. Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines – and Hong Kong also – all have a special affinity with California and its people and I think we should stick closely together and support a free world.

Whenever China tries to convince people that draconian authoritarianism and lack of basic human rights is somehow necessary, I always think of the healthy, thriving democracies in Japan and especially Taiwan as examples of how dead wrong China is.

The #1 Thing to Save Yahoo

Change the name. I don’t know if this is something that has been seriously taken into consideration, whether there have been high-level meetings about this, strategic planning and projections.

But, the name has to be changed. It has to be something that is more business-like. Something that is non-agitating. Like the word blue. Or the word sky. Something like that. Something that people can easily remember and that will be easy to brand around – for example if it were “blue” then obviously there could be all this blue-themed stuff. If it were sky, then sky-themed stuff. I’m not saying use either of these, but something like these. These are the types of names that are popular for companies like Yahoo. But Yahoo is not a good name. Sorry.

Here are a few suggestions:


Obviously many of these are being used, but probably not by any big companies and could probably be acquired for a reasonable sum.

Another idea would be to get inspiration from feng shui. I have heard that feng shui-related changes to things, such as a name, can have dramatic results. Think big. Think of the entire world. Then think of something appropriate that resonates. That is how I would pick a name.

One final idea would be a rearrangement of the word yahoo into something better: perhaps something like hayaho or even more simply: yah or ayah or ayaho. Personally I really like yah and think it would be a really cool and very popular rebranding.

I can already visualize the promotional video and graphic images announcing the rebranding: “Yahoo is now Yah” featuring some Rasta guy saying “Yah man!”.

Low Power FM

So it started some weeks ago. After getting the new (used) car, was driving around and wanting to listen to something. Since my other stereo which has a USB connection is not in it, radio was the only choice.

Scanning the spectrum I came across a channel playing Chinese music. It is a genre of music I happen to really like: People singing songs. The songs are always expressive, creative, and lyrical. They actually span a kind of wider range of genres within music. Some are more modern sounding. Some are more traditional.

Many of the songs are really beautiful. I heard one yesterday that was so inspiring I started recording it with my mobile phone. Unfortunately there’s no way to find out what these songs are, who they are sung by. Everything is in Chinese. But that’s ok. I accept that as part of the totality of the experience.

So yesterday I finally decided to try and figure out exactly what this station is. It turns out that it is a low=power FM station. I didn’t really know about this. There are a number of such stations around the country. In this day of Internet broadcasting this is not something you think of.

Anyhow I just feel really lucky that I happen to live in a place where this station exists. It is an extremely rare opportunity. Any time I’m driving around I can listen to this amazing music which I never would be able to hear otherwise. I’m actually thinking of sending the station a donation just to thank them and to let them know that there are people who really enjoy their station.

In investigating the station further I found out that a lot of small Internet streaming stations are actually in huge trouble. Their royalty fees have increased something like tenfold at the start of this year. They are basically being run into the ground with the exorbitant fees which is a travesty. It just seems like such a basic thing to be able to broadcast freely whatever you want on the air. I could see paying some small fee perhaps to broadcast some music, but not being extorted and put out of business. That doesn’t seem right at all.

The oligarchy is doing a good job of killing off everything but large, commercial broadcasting.

Another dead human in the city

Another dead human in the city, killed by a machine.

Then, naturally people question and wonder why the operator of the machine is not punished. The reason the operator is not punished is this:

Enshrined in law is the principle that the military-industrial complex is sovereign above everything. Cities are – primarily, first and foremost – for machines and their operators, not for human beings. The entire infrastructure of cities is based around machines, particularly motor vehicles. Human beings come second.

That enshrinement is sacrosanct and not to be challenged.

If you think that cities are primarily for people, you would be wrong. Cities are for the implements and instruments of the oligarchy to make its profit.

Illegals depriving US citizens of educational opportunities

Three of the online computer science courses I wanted to take this semester I cannot get into because they are full. There are so many illegals flooding into this area and they are also now allowed to pay the lower in-state-tuition rates. There is a huge rush of them at community colleges especially for computer science courses.

I am outraged that public taxpayer money which goes to fund public higher education in my state and city is being used to deprive US citizens of opportunities for the sake of illegals. State legislators who enacted these policies should be prosecuted for treason.

What a fuckover of Americans.

I was also thinking today about this: There is a dire housing crisis in my metropolitan area. The cost of housing is outrageously expensive. Of the approximately 6 million people in this area, my guess is that approximately 2 million are illegals. Think of the enormous impact that is having on housing. It is an outrage.

All illegals should be immediately deported. Thank God Donald Trump is standing up to the oligarchy and its massive lies and betrayal of America.

Donald Trump 2016


The death of Earth overrides everything else. I was just thinking about this reality today.

I am a person who like many people has enjoyed photography. I like aesthetically stimulating scenes of different kinds and photographing them.

Some of the things that are often appealing or stimulating are human made. For example today I saw what might otherwise be seen as just a nondescript bridge crossing over a roadway and there was something about it, and the plants and other things framing it, which I found very appealing.

But then I realized that humans are killing Earth. There might not be flowers within a few generations. The oceans may be dead. I’m sure there will still be trees and other plants, but basically the ecosystems will be wiped out and destroyed.

Ecosystems which took tens and hundreds of millions of years to evolve. They will be destroyed and will not be coming back. Vast amounts of species gone. And of course the atmosphere will also be having major problems. The ice caps will be gone. Glaciers will be gone. Its kind of sad to think that there will be no snow on Kilamanjaro – a mountain near the equator of Earth – anymore. And of course pretty much everywhere else as well including Antarctica and the Arctic.

So, given this backdrop, I just found it kind of hard to really get excited about looking at a bridge and feeling any kind of glee, happiness, or perhaps pride in human accomplishment when looking at it.

Instead I just felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. The kind of feeling I’m having all the time now.

Every day I check in with myself along the lines of: So, this is what its like to exist on a dying world. This is what its like to incarnate into a species that is killing the planet it inhabits.

And I wonder. I wonder about possibly different lifetimes and about different planets, even different universes. I wonder about it all. What was the point of all of this? So this is what it all came to?

For better or worse, no matter how much I may regret it, I’m here now. Not sure what the point is: Wow. I get to watch a planet die. I get to watch an ignorant species, which I am a member of, kill its host ecosystem on a vast scale, as it population burgeons completely out of control and it seems like the most ignorant people are the ones reproducing at the highest rates.

And the point was?

The Escalator to Hell

I am trying to learn to play keyboard. I took a class a while back and since then have been practicing and learning on my own.

But I am very pissed off. This is classical music. It was written 300 years ago. It is a contribution to the human legacy. This music is one of humankind’s greatest achievements.

But does it count for shit in the world?

Think of all this shit that humans expend often unimaginably vast amounts of resources on. Then think of all the stupid things that humans also expend vast amounts of time on. There is all this shit. Mountains of it. People are surrounded by it. Touch it. Taste it. Breathe it. Hear it. It cannot be escaped because its ubiquitous.

And out of all of it, how much has been expended to enable people to play and learn this music? Almost nothing. It sickens me.

Its not just a matter of being able to download some version of a piece. That is not how you learn an instrument. You need to study fingerings in order to learn. And not just fingerings, but other aspects of the pieces as well such as ornaments. That means being exposed to different editions.

You would think that, given the devotion of vast resources to so much other shit, that at least some resources would be devoted to this. You would think that if any human being, in the year 2016, wants to learn how to play keyboard, to study some of the greatest achievements humans have ever accomplished, that it would possible. That the materials would be available and easily accessible.

But they are not. Hell fucking no. You can barely even find sheet music stores anymore. And the ones you find may have no selection at all. Certainly you won’t be able to go in and be able to look at 5 different editions of some Bach invention in order to see what fingerings you like. Hell no.

I just ask the question: What the fuck are humans doing, what the fuck have they accomplished, in the year 2016 if they can’t even acknowledge the greatest achievements of the species and make it so that any human being who wants to learn and study it can do so?

Another thing that completely sickens me is that, at least among some cultures, there is this kind of value placed on learning classical instruments. Especially piano and violin. Kids are prompted to play them beginning at a young age. It is part of the “path” bullshit, or perhaps it is called the escalator, that parents start prepping their kids to be on starting at a young age.

So ostensibly there are all these people in the world who have been trained in classical music. Based on the amount of training, the emphasis placed on the escalator bullshit, and all this supposed talent, one would think that we would be living in a society saturated by artistic energy. But are we?

Hell fucking no. We are not at all. We are not even close to it. We are moving away from it at high velocity.

Do any of these zillions of people ever play classical music anywhere? Or any kind of music for that matter? You would think that if you walk down a street, past cafes, restaurants, and other places, that – given all this supposed talent and training which has occurred – that it would be everywhere, that you could not avoid it.

But in fact the opposite is the case: Its nowhere. You don’t hear shit or experience shit anywhere and no one is playing, spreading artistic energy into the world. And that’s the point: The whole escalator thing is not about actual love of arts. Its not about spreading the glory of amazing human creations into the world and raising the energy levels of the world. Its about greedy, disgusting, self-serving bullshit that has to do with “success” and “achievement” which ultimately deprives the world of art and inspiration, not provides it.

It just goes to show how much bullshit there is and what an immense farce so much of society is. In the end people are just stupid dumbfucks who mostly follow orders and are complicit while the Earth is killed. The escalator is turning out to be an escalator to hell.

So much for the love of the arts and the inspiration of the great masters.

How sick!

The city I live in has become such a grubby, disgusting place. How did a place that was supposed to be beautiful transform into such a rotten pit?

And as this place is destroyed, I fear that the entire country is being destroyed.

It has to have taken a long time for it to get like this. It is the result of processes occurring over a long time.

And I wonder why they let it happen.

There is a lot of delusion. It is always shocking the extent to which people are deluded.

All of this wealth. The expenditure of resources on unimaginably vast scales – amounting to – what? This is all there is to show for it? This is all that has been accomplished? How utterly sick!

Earth is being killed. It is agonizing. And the people responsible for it are right here. Totally sick.

It is not by accident that those who have taken this place down the path towards hell were talking about “rights” and “humanistic” values along the way, as the deluded masses were happy to be distracted and hypnotized. We will see how much rights matter in a poisoned, sick, dying world. We will see what their master achievement will be.

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