The atrocity of the foreign invasion of America

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One third of the population of Mexico has migrated to the United States.

Every politician or official in the United States who allowed this atrocity of foreign invasion to occur should be prosecuted for treason against the United States.

The map above is only the tip of the iceberg. There needs to be a map for Chinese illegals as well.


hispanic population

Liberalism. Its the new fascism.


I guess people have different definitions of what is scary.

Fix Stagefright Vulnerability for Samsung Note 4

I just found out today that there now exists a patch to fix the stagefright vulnerabilities for Samsung-based ROM’s for the Note 4.

If you’re not sure whether your device is vulnerable you can get the free Zimperium Detector tool at the Google store.

If you do not have a Note 4 but your device is vulnerable definitely check to see if there’s a fix for your model.

I was waiting a long time for a fix to be available for the Note 4. It looks like this was out for a while but I had not seen it until today :-/

Donald Trump standing up for Americans

The head of Facebook is a major sleazebag. Facebook is one of the sleaziest and most destructive companies that exists, on par with BP and Enron. The damage the company causes to the global information logos is extensive and a catastrophe on par with if not exceeding the Gulf Oil Spill.

The head of the company making self-righteous pronouncements about what American immigration policy should be is total BS. I’m glad the Trump campaign is standing up for American people against the oligarchic scum. Thank God for Donald Trump.

And for companies that want to hire large number of foreign workers – they should get their companies out of America. If they do not want to hire Americans then they should not operate in America. Its that simple.

I recommend that Mark Zuckerberg give up all his money, his private security, everything, and go live in a ghetto in Tijuana and see how he likes it.

Another great jdrama

I just watched the first episode yesterday of a jdrama called Shitamachi Rocket that is based on a true story about a man who was involved in rocket development for the Japanese space agency, who then later on took up the helm of the family business which is a manufacturer of ultra-high-tech components.

There are two things I love about this drama. First, it upholds the values of a strong working-class, an ethic that has been destroyed in the United States but which still exists in Japan, a country which also has a healthy Gini coefficient. If you want to see what that means, watch the drama.

Second, it is a geek drama. Its about a company that makes high-tech engine/rocket components and the ensuing legal and other issues they face competing in an established industry with some mega-giant players.

I mean, in this time when so many dramas are just banal, the topic of this drama is really cool. In the first episode (the only one I’ve seen so far) a large part of the plot revolves around patent issues related to a product the company makes.

In a way, this drama seems like a similar if not the same genre as Liquid, which was one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen.

I just want to write one final thing. When you watch this drama and see the pride that the people take in what they do and how that fits into Japanese society, this is exactly what the oligarchy has destroyed in America.

I remember years ago when Goodyear was bought out by an oligarch investment banker named Sir James Goldsmith in a hostile takeover. At that time there were a lot of hostile takeovers occurring. After Goldsmith bought Goodyear he carved it up and sold off the pieces for profit, destroying a company that had been built on the sweat and blood of many people for generations.

In America its sickening that our society has bred what I call the Enron class – entitled parasites who come out of their Ivy-league backgrounds, in their lives of privilege, who do not even have the creativity to invent nor the dedication or knowledge to create great things, but who simply connive and scam in crafty ways to rip people off.

This is exactly what the oligarchy stands for and what Hilary Clinton and the Republican party establishment represent, along with most of the Democrat party as well.

When Donald Trump says that we need to make America great again, I know that this is what he means. Hilary Clinton replied sardonically that America is already great. Its only great for the oligarchy which scams and rips off the American people. That’s nothing to be proud of. Hilary Clinton should be ashamed. She represents the worst kind of collapse of America, the consequences of which can be seen across our country.

Don’t get worked up

There was an article on the BBC news website yesterday about a woman who was posting a lot of inflammatory comments on Twitter and the reactions to her posts and also her intimidation and abuse of people who criticized her.

In the case of one poor woman who criticized her, she got harassed and eventually fired from her job.

I remember one of the crucial teachings of Buddha. Instead of trying to recount the exact sermon – which is the sermon about the dead wood if you want to find it in the Mahjima Nikaya – the basic idea is that sticks and stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt you. And, even if your bones are broken Buddha still forbids any of his followers from becoming angry. He used an even more extreme analogy – of someone sawing off your limbs. Even then, Buddha teaches, he forbids his followers from becoming angry.

How much less then when it comes to stupid words? Words are just blah. People should realize that by now. Look around and there’s just blah blah blah everywhere. So what. Some of it expressing things that we find agreeable. Some of it expresses things that we find disagreeable.

If you want to be successful as a human, I highly recommend trying to learn and put this lesson – about sticks and stones – into everyday practice. Because there is so much crap out there. With modern technology and the Internet we are only exposed to more and more. How apt is is then to just be able to block it out, to say “This, around me right here and now, is my space, and everything else is on the outside. Nothing out there is going to effect me in here. I am completely safe in here, and all the blah blah blah has no effect whatsoever on me here.”

Buddha even goes farther and discusses: When you perceive someone hurting, slighting, or affronting you, where is the actual “you” that is the supposed object of the hurt? If you really, really examine it, you will not find that you anywhere. There is only right now. What was a second ago is already passed.

Yet people harm and kill each other over things. And its sad, because all everyone has to do is remember this basic teaching, and by putting it into practice you step out of all the yuck of this back-and-forth blah-blah-blah stuff.

I know I write in my blog too about about things. I’ve always felt that it is a responsibility – a very important one – in a free society to actually use that freedom to speak out – and to be involved politically. The first part of being politically involved is just to start talking about things.

Even though on the one hand it may seem not cool to talk about political stuff, I think its the opposite. Its not cool to not be involved politically. And its cool to be involved in whatever way you can or want to. If you want to write a blog and discuss national issues, or community issues, or whatever. Its all important. Most important is that you just do it, that you do have conversations.

I remember in the past when I would have to troubleshoot some really out-there, arcane networking issues with some infrastructure I managed. There are basic concepts that guide you through troubleshooting and trying to determine the source of a problem. There is the OSI layer model and then tools that can be used to test at various levels of the model.

But sometimes there may be some really weird issue which you don’t know what is actually causing it. At least with the OSI model I was able to narrow it down to what it could not have been. And then, with what remained, all I could do was throw out speculation and test it.

That is like having political discussion. Sometimes its important just to have the process occurring. Over time it can be refined, readjusted, or even radically changed if necessary. But at least there needs to be a process occurring so that this can happen.

In the case of the issue I was troubleshooting, it turned out to be some SMTP filter on a firewall that was interjecting into the actual protocol layer. I mentioned the issue to the network admin and he immediately knew what was causing it and changed the setting on the firewall.

Getting back to the sticks and stones thing, its not just about blocking out or ignoring things, but finding a safe space for our self from which we can still even accept and appreciate others, or feel compassion for others, even if they are expressing something that we find disagreeable.

I may not agree with a lot of things I hear or watch online. But I still try to respect the people who create videos and have discussions. At least people who are having real discussions. For example the Guardian (UK) website had an article yesterday about a popular feminist who is either Australian or British who has made comments about transgender people which some people were upset about.

I am transgender and I was not upset about her comments. In fact I completely welcome that people want to have discussions about transgender issues and identity, and I do not expect that everyone will agree and have the same ideas and opinions. I do not disagree with the feminist woman at all and think that she is making valid points.

But I watched as someone in the audience seemed to be so upset about what the woman said. I really can’t understand that actually. Its just words. Its people having discussions. It would be much more troubling to me if people could not have discussions, or were afraid to express their feelings and beliefs.

No matter what, I think the feminist woman was clearly a good person. I mean, if you met here somewhere in public, or she was your boss at a job, I have no doubt that she would be a good person to relate to. She is intelligent and good-natured. So what then about any beliefs or views she has about transgenderism?

The same thing goes for a video I just saw last week from BlackPigeonSpeaks on YouTube. I love this guy. He is brilliant. His mind is like a steel trap. As soon as he launches into any topic, you can sense the intense power of his mind in motion. I love people like that. He has brilliant insight. And the video last week was one where he was criticizing transgenderism.

You know what, I don’t disagree with most if not all of what he said. I think he was discussing a lot about transgenderism as the cultural phenomenon and its societal aspects, not to me what is the personal aspect which I don’t really need to discuss with anyone. Even if what he said was offensive, it would not matter. I still love him and think he has a brilliant mind.

When I studied philosophy one of the courses I actually took (most of it was reading on my own) was studying European philosophers from Descartes through the skepticists like Hume and Berkeley. When you’re reading through Descartes – stuff that is now centuries old – it is natural to wonder why you would study this stuff.

Its useful to study this stuff because it teaches about what the thought of Descartes represents, what the ideas of these various philosophers represent, even if you don’t believe it all. Its still highly useful. They are like nodes in the progression of human thought.

I wish people in the world would learn from this more. Respect that people in the world are having discussions. Respect that they are coming from their own background and even appreciate where they are coming from as being unique and contributing to the completeness of the whole, to which we all add our own particular viewpoint.

You have to respect that most people are good people even if something they believe or express may not be the most agreeable thing. And you may find that one day those same people you thought were so alien turn out to be your closest friend. When all the people who you thought were similar to you aren’t there, it may be that person who seemed alien who is actually the one to show the greatest understanding and compassion, who is really there for you in a time of need.

And then, at that time, you may see why they believe what they believe and that it is not so alien after all.

When people get into these things over and over seeing something disagreeable as totally unacceptable and beyond redemption, in a way they are hurting their own self more than anyone else.

As much as people may disagree at my saying this – and I understand it is a complex issue and that people’s lives were lost – when I look at the videos Osama Bin Laden made (see the other videos I have linked to especially the NHK Silk Road series) I think he could have been America’s best friend, not its worst enemy.

I guess that is a whole other topic, about why it is that the people who become “leaders” in America often seem quite unfit for that role in the context of humanity, but I just wanted to mention this. As an American that’s all I have seen conveyed by Big Media was this hateful rage – which I know definitely had to do with the US commitment to Israel’s agenda at all costs.

Anyone who lived through that time will never forget the way the American media vilified the targets of its hateful rage at the command of the powerful oligarchy which has resulted in catastrophe and which Americans will pay the price for a long time.

Appreciating the sacrifices of others

My father worked in steel mills, in addition to his own business which he ran for many years. Later on he worked (again) in the automotive parts industry, making components for engines that are used in vehicles throughout the world.

I was really saddened and shocked when my mother recently told me that she had voted for Hilary Clinton. Of all the people who have methodically fucked over and decimated the working class in the United States, she is at the forefront.

But I forgive my mother for voting for her. My mother has spent her life taking care of us children and my father, as a devoted mother, housewife, and wife, the center stone of our family.

But I ask my fellow Americans to wake the fuck up. How the fuck could you possibly vote for Hilary Clinton?

Right now I live in an area where there are a lot of materially “successful” people. Multi-millionaires and I’m sure even many billionaires. Some of the money I’m sure has been earned through actual creativity and productiveness, vs. parasitism (such as cultural vampirism such as a lot of the crap one sees in movies and television made in America.

In such a culture it seems that there is an emphasis placed on a type of success which is empty: Being young, attractive, and rich.

That type of culture creates harm. There are millions of people – your brothers and sisters – who work hard in places like steel mills to make the things you use. The vehicles you drive and often take for granted. All the things around you.

Does our culture teach appreaciation of those things? What is the best way to appreciate those things? I ask this. What is it, really?

Its not just money. Its about creating a culture where there is a different kind of equality – in addition to economic equality which is important.

It is a spiritual equality. When that spiritual equality gets broken, the the soul of a culture is broken. The culture is no longer one whole. It is fragmented. Different parts damage other parts. That is the America I have seen far too much of, and exactly the kind of America that Hilary Clinton, and most of the members of the United States Congress, represent.

And the ultra-liberals in some parts of the country, instead of being better, are actually worse. In their supreme ignorance they enact policies based on misguided ideologies which make things much worse, which do not bring healing but bring suffering.

This is why I, an American, fully support Donald Trump for President in 2016. It is because I love not just America – but the actual hard-working people of my country who dedicate themselves to building the things that far too many of us take for granted.

Today there is a news article about a faux front page created by the Boston Globe in which their editors express their “concern” about Donald Trump becoming president. On their faux front page they try to depict various bad things which would hypothetically happen if Donald Trump were President.

Do you know what the perfect retort to this is? The perfect retort would be to publish a real from page consisting of real headlines about what really is happening. There is no nightmare worse than the one that already exists, which we have gotten to precisely because of people like the editors of the Boston Globe in positions of authority in America.

Great article at RCP about US government failures Thank Pampered Political Class for 2016’s Angry Electorate


There was the moment in 2008 when Congress bailed out the financial industry, followed by the moment in 2014 when it passed the cromnibus bill that allowed those same institutions to make risky bets again inside their government-insured institutions. Such a double standard is called privatizing profits and socializing losses. It conforms to no known political ideology. What it does conform to is access to campaign cash—and possibly post-congressional employment. It passed with support from both Republicans and Democrats. When the campaign coffers of the Democrats who supported the 2014 bill were examined, it turned out they received twice as much money from the financial services industry as those who voted against it.

Imagine how much America could change if Donald Trump were President and people like Greg Orman were in Congress!

Personally, I think Bernie Sanders would make a great Senator (I know he already is) to work in this context. We need people like Greg Orman, Bernie Sanders, and many others to root out the corruption and rot in American politics. (But I still feel that he is not suited for President and, if elected, he will be able to accomplish virtually nothing. That, and he supports mass amnesty to anyone who crosses the border into the US, which is odd to me because that is a Koch brothers agenda and harms American workers.)

$100 billion stolen by 17,000 corrupt Chinese (now living in your community)

Between the mid 1990’s and 2008 17,000 corrupt Chinese government officials fled the country with over $100 billion. Now living in owning your community.

Most came to the United States.

Want to know who owns the real estate in your town? Want to know why educational opportunities aren’t available for you or your kids?

Want to know how the corrupt oligarchy running the United States welcomes these people in?

Do you want to live in the same community as these people?

Is that what America stands for?

“US now in the lead as a tax cheat heaven for world’s rich and powerful”

Article in today’s South China Morning Post: Who needs Switzerland or the Panama Papers? US now in the lead as a tax cheat heaven for world’s rich and powerful

The United States is emerging as a top tax haven alongside the likes of Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and Panama, those seeking reform of the international tax system say.

And states such as Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming, in particular, are competing to provide foreigners with the secrecy they crave.

“There’s a big neon sign saying the US is open to tax cheats,” says John Christensen, executive director of the Tax Justice Network.

Christensen says Swiss banks report that “many of their tax-dodging clients are talking about moving to the US. You go to Switzerland, and that’s all they’re talking about.”

Individual states, including Nevada, Wyoming and South Dakota, are making things worse, critics say.

They compete to make it easier to set up corporations, with few questions asked about who’s behind the business. “We have states that set up corporations where there’s no information about ownership,” says Jack Blum, a Washington lawyer who specialises in financial crime.

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