Obama Signs the Disastrous Federal GMO-Labeling Bill

Obama is truly appalling. He has just spit in the faces of the millions of Americans who support organic foods and who demand the right to know what is in their food. Obama is not just an incompetent blowhard, he is a scoundrel who has betrayed Americans and the growing organic movement.

President Obama Signs the Disastrous Federal GMO-Labeling Bill, Putting the Future of Organic in Danger

On late Friday afternoon, President Obama signed the sham Stabenow-Roberts GMO-Labeling bill (S. 764) which will allow, among many other things, companies to use QR codes instead of clear GMO labels on a food product’s packaging.

This bill is so discriminatory and so poorly written that it potentially violates several amendments of the Constitution. Additionally, it puts the integrity of the organic seal in real jeopardy.

Transsexuals for Pope Francis!

Pope Francis has spoken out against the outrage and the insanity of the way a “liberal” agenda is being forced onto children in what amounts to collective abuse. I am transsexual and I completely agree with Pope Francis.

“Transgender activists” are a group of people with a specific agenda which does not match with nor agree with all transsexuals. Their goal is not about upholding rights for transsexuals but about pushing their own agendas which include forced abuse of children, indoctrination, and non-binary-ism.

I’m sick of “social justice warriors” trying to use people like me to score brownie points and engage in virtue signaling. What they do is cause damage and harm to both the people they claim to represent: Actual transsexuals and also innocent children.

I support Pope Francis and sane parents who want to protect their children from damage, abuse, and indoctrination.

Q & A
Q: Don’t the statements made by Pope Francis encourage violence or other mistreatment of transsexuals? Aren’t “transgender activists” right to criticize him for his statements?
A: Right, and the “transgender activists'” pushing of the non-binary agenda, i.e. the “right” of a disgusting creep with a beard and hairy legs to put on stockings and a dress and proclaim he is now female, and have access to women’s facilities doesn’t harm transsexuals or invoke hatred, mistreatment, or violence against them. Ok.
Q: So you see “transgender activists'” pushing of the non-binary agenda as being harmful to transsexuals?
A: First of all, the non-binary agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with transgender activism. We shouldn’t even be needing to have this conversation. And it is only the confounding – deliberate – of non-binaryism with transgenderism which “transgender activists” are deliberately exploiting to further their agenda.
Q: So you think it is a separate thin…
A: …its a totally separate thing. What would benefit transsexuals the most – and I’ve been advocating this for a long time – is the establishment of clear medical and legal principles based on defining what constitutes transsexualism. It is by strengthening the medical and legal concept of transsexualism that transsexuals are actually helped, not by weakening it. But the SJW “transgender activits” want to weaken it. In their rabid campaign they don’t care about transsexuals actually being harmed because they are more concerned with scoring points.
Q: So as a transsexual you feel that the “transgender movement”…
A: …the “transgender movement” is bullshit
Q: …and you feel that people within the movement actually harm…
A: …people within the “movement” are some of the lowest, most disgusting, hypocritical scum on the planet. I’m truly glad that Pope Francis has made a stand against them. I fully support him.
Q: So what’s the most important thing that people can do who want to support transgender people?
A: The most important thing people can do is mind their fucking business. I don’t need or want special treatment, attention, or to be singled-out in any way. I want to live my life in peace and be respected and treated equally like any person. If you want to help actual transsexuals, then don’t support the transgender movement and the scum running it and pushing their bullshit, non-binary agenda. Stand up and speak out. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the bullshit, and to protect your liberty and your children from indoctrination abuse. You don’t have to like me. I don’t expect, and certainly do not demand, that you like nor even accept me. Just let me live my life in peace, as you live yours.
Q: What about the bathroom momvement?
A: The bathroom movement is bullshit. It is not a problem to any transsexual who has actually adhered fully to medical and legal guidelines. Its just another opportunity SJW’s are using to stick their spikes into yet another area and gain attention for themselves. And frankly I find it sick that so many formerly female-only restrooms are now unisex and hence are disgusting with piss all over the floor and toilets.

Obama’s sick agenda

Naming a US Navy ship after Harvey Milk is an outrage. Not because Milk was gay, but because there was nothing particularly noteworthy and certainly not virtuous about him. While his murder was unfortunate, that does not make him virtuous. Nor does being gay make him automatically virtuous. Nor does having been a Supervisor in San Francisco. Making him into a hero because of being gay is ridiculous. There are serious questions about his conduct and ethics that more than call into question his integrity.

It would have been much more appropriate to name a ship after any of the many fallen law enforcement officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Or perhaps it should have been named after Kate Steinle.

Its appalling how out of touch with reality Obama is. The Democrat oligarchy shills do not even care about whether pushing their agenda adheres to reality. They only care about pushing their agendas to manipulate the masses. Any way they can score cheap points is valid. Put a lobbyist for Saudi Arabia on stage at the DNC who blame’s Trump for his son’s death while it was their candidate who voted for the Iraq invasion which has been a catastrophe.

Idiotic tripe going through the rounds in the propaganda machine

Going through the rounds in the propaganda machine Big Media is “news” about some Muslim guy who basically got on stage at the DNC and blamed Donald Trump for his son’s dying in Iraq. WTF? Seriously? I mean, this is just ridiculous.

First of all, if anyone is to blame for his son’s death, it is Clinton:

Second, Donald Trump has been the only Republican candidate who has repeatedly, openly, and vehemently spoke against the Iraq war and the general fucked oligarchic mindset which led to the war, the wasting of trillions of dollars, and the rotting of our infrastructure at home. So, like, WTF? Seriously?

To anyone who gives a shit, that is a huge thing. For anyone from the Republican party to come out strongly against the Iraq debacle is a major, major positive development. But of course that is not being celebrated because the oligarchy has an ax to grind and shit to sling.

I mean, this shit is totally non-sequitur-disconnect from anything to do with reality.

Then, because – yes, Donald Trump was attacked – he makes a comment in passing asking in an offhand kind of way if the woman was even allowed to speak – everyone shits their pants. Because, yeah, a religion which supports the mutilation of women’s genitals, the keeping of women as sex slaves, and whose founding “prophet” was into child sex, is not an issue at all. Women who are forbidden to show their faces in public and get beaten for it is not a problem.


Oh, and by the way it has subsequently been revealed that the guy saying this shit actually worked as a lobbyist for the government of Saudi Arabia, which donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

So, yeah, if he bitches that he would not have been allowed into our country if Donald Trump were President, all I can say is: Great!

If Donald Trump were President we would not have had an Iraq war, and this idiot lobbyist for Saudi Arabia would not be in America. Excellent!

Oh yeah, and while the lying snake Clinton is trying to seem so inclusive in this campaign, people forget that one of the major reasons she lost to Obama in the ’08 primary was a gaffe in which she basically said to a USA Today reporter that she should be the nominee because she’s white:

“cynical” “vulgar” “crude”

yes. very.

What immigration should mean

It should not mean this. Predominantly white countries should be allowed to stay that way. If that means having quotas, bans, controls, etc. then so be it.

Documentary about Sweden

This makes me want to cry.



The Internet is 10,000 days old tomorrow!


I know everyone’s probably sick of the election and wishes it was over…

…but I want to say that I am disgusted with myself for ever having supported Bernie Sanders.

People. Open your eyes. Look sharply at what is happening right now!

Things are being revealed. Things are becoming clear.

Remember everything you see happening right now.

Don’t forget anything you witness happening – the widespread lies, deceptions, insanity.

Look at the machinations of a powerful oligarchy in action! See how it controls your country. See how it has created the ultimate false reality of deception around you.

This is why we have so much conflict and bloodshed in the world.

These fuckers have been doing this shit for way too long. They claim to be promoters of freedom around the world at the same time they massively fuckover the peoples of the world.

I don’t care what people say about Donald Trump. I know he is fundamentally an honest person. I know he would never pull shit like the Clintons have.

What the Clintons – and the oligarchy they are a part of – do is not what America stands for as a country. It is not what we ever believe is the right way for responsible elected leaders to conduct themselves. Using power and status to cash in and cut deals is the opposite of the kind of integrity that everyone in the world should not only expect, they should demand from their leaders.

The Clintons – along with a lot of other people – should be in jail.

Angebliche schwere sicherheitslücke mit Lastpass gefunden

Es gibt ein Artikel bei heise.de diese Morgen über angebliciche schwere sicherheitslücke, die in Lastpass gefunden haben.

Die tatsächliche lücke sind nicht mitgeteilt.

Heise.de is reporting that apparently serious security vulnerabilities have been discovered with the Lastpass password manager.

Es gibt weitere Informationen heute über den Sache Lastpass sicherheit. Lastpass haben in Ihrem blog mitgeteilt, dass nur wann man ein Phishing link zu einer bösartige Website folgt kann er angegriffen werden.

Nach angaben des Lastpass, nur ist die Firefox browser plugin von dieser Lücke betroffen.

Shock at the realization of how extensive the lie is

You have been methodically lied to in a way that you almost certainly cannot completely comprehend. An entire wall of fake reality has been built around you and, while you are no doubt aware of parts of it, you are not aware of how comprehensive, how vast, and how very intentional it is.

The wall of fake reality that surrounds you and your brothers and sisters is worth trillions of dollars and an enormous amount of resources are invested in building and maintaining it.

Its time to start waking up to the illusion that surrounds you, the illusion about the kind of world you live in, the illusion about what your society is, what your country is, and what your government is.

Its all lies.

And its all about geopolitical control of resources and mass enslavement of populations for the sake of labor to fuel “the economy”, to enrich the oligarchy.

I do not blame anyone or fault anyone for having been sucked into the lie. After all, it was methodically designed to suck us all in.

But I deeply hope that my fellow brothers and sisters of this world will now awaken and shake off this disease which is destroying our cultures, our societies, our countries, our ecosystems, and our entire planet.

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