Wireless network interface configuration under Debian

I don’t know why, but it seems needlessly difficult to configure Debian to use a wireless network interface. Here’s what I had to do:

1. Find the name of the wireless interface. This may not be easy. Hopefully this command will show it, but if the module is not loaded then you may be SOL:

sudo iwconfig

In my case it showed the interface wlp3s0. Knowing that is a major help.

2. Create a stanza in /etc/network/interfaces for the interface:

sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces

auto wlp3s0
iface wlp3s0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid "my network"
wpa-psk f6c01d763869f5663436e131362200f2973e341c70352867096214032a5453c0

To generate the wpa-psk value use the wpa_passphrase command which is included in the wpasupplicant package

I *love* Melania!

Wow! America will have the most amazing first-lady when Donald Trump takes office!

Interesting note: Cleveland has a large Slovenian community and I *love* Slovenian music! :o)

They are right

I was just visiting YouTube and watched what was listed as a suggested video:

A lot of these professors are scum. I had a professor once for a “literature” class – I put it in quotes because it was more like pure bullshit – at a “liberal” college that was atrocious. I see the video that the professor puts on the screen – something that was deliberately left out of other videos I’ve seen of this supposedly terrible occurrence – and I actually think the Muslims in the audience who are pissed off are the sane ones. I especially admire the first man who got up and tried to stop the video.

For me at least it has nothing to do with tolerating others’ personal choices, it has to do with the absolute bullshit of the professor putting that shit on the screen and forcing his class to watch it.

I still feel upset to this day about what we were forced to read in that “literature” class and I feel a little bit guilty for not having stood up against it. To be clear: What the professor in the video above did, and what the professor in my lit class did years ago, was mass sexual abuse. In the instance of the video above, at least members of the class had the integrity and sense to stand up against it. In my class, all of us were too young and naive to really understand how we were being abused and to stand up against it.

The bottom line is some people in academia are total pieces of shit and should not be teaching. And, even more important, educational institutions need to do oversight to prevent this kind of mass abuse. If a student enrolls for a literature class they expect to study literature, not to be the victim of abusive shit spewed at them by warped professors with agendas.

This to me is very similar to the stupidity of the “Je Suis Charlie” thing, which was also utter bullshit. Losers who sit around with nothing better to do than to deliberately provoke people so that they can claim to be at the vanguard of promoting human rights – while they offend people – is just sick.

Honestly, I think I would feel much better today if people like those in this classroom had been in my classroom years ago and had protested against the piece of shit professor. There are things – like pornography – that have no place in academia except in very specific contexts where perhaps pornography is an actual subject of academic research.

But we know what the context was in this class – it was bullshit related to a professor trying to be “progressive” or “liberal” or whatever. Total bullshit and an act of mass abuse against all the unfortunate students who had to be exposed to it!

The people in that classroom – I will not even differentiate them as Muslim or non-Muslim – who stood up and protested that act of abuse were totally right.

Back from the Orion nebula

Wow. I just got back from the Orion nebula. It was an amazing trip which I took with Samsung VR (used to be called Samsung Milk) which is an app available with the Gear VR. Inside Samsung VR are a bunch of cool 3D video worlds which you have the option to either download or to stream. This is turning out to be one of my favorite VR apps!

I wrote a while back about another VR tour inside Samsung VR where you are in a village in Nepal which is really cool.

The Orion one of course is a synthetic world and I think I really like the idea of being able to create purely synthetic worlds, or hybrid synthetic-real ones, in VR.

Check out this site for more info.

If you’re interested in checking out other people’s VR videos or sharing your own, checkout:

Samsung VR

Upgraded to Android Marshmallow – custom ROM – Android Pay working!

Android v.6 a.k.a. “Marshmallow” was just released within the past few weeks for my T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note 4 phone which I love.

In addition to the official T-Mobile update there is now one popular custom ROM that people are using called Maximum OvrDriVE 6.0.1 MM. Up till now I have been really happy with Jellybean-based TEKXodus HYBRID N4 custom ROM which has a huge following.

Both developers – of Maxiumim OvrDriVE and TEKXodus – are amazing people who contribute immensely to the community and both of these ROMs have good followings and a lot of knowledgeable users willing to help others in the forums.

But I have been eager to switch to Marshmallow and decided to try out OvrDriVE and with the most recent release as of this writing – v.7 – its working great.

Amazingly, Android Pay seems to be working. I was at least able to set cards up on it which previously was not possible with a custom rooted ROM. Someone explained in a forum that OvrDriVE is using what is called “systemless root” which apparently does not trigger apps like Android Pay’s security check.

Crossing my fingers and hoping that Android Pay will work. Today I already put one debit, one credit, and a whole slough of loyalty cards and even my library card into it.

UPDATE: Android Pay is working!  Today I conducted my third transaction using it at a local health food store. 

In all three instances I temporarily disabled SuperSU prior to using Android Pay.  SuperSU is disabled in its settings.  One caveat is that when you open SuperSU again to re-enable it, it will claim that the SU binary needs to be updated and ask for user confirmation.  Its important to CANCEL the update.  Then go back into SuperSU settings and just re-check the enable SuperSU option.

(Note: I’m not even sure that its necessary to disable SuperSU but have been doing it proactively. Will test to see if Android Pay works with it enabled.)

So two major things have happened in the past month or so: Virtual reality via the Samsung/Oculus Gear VR, and now Android Pay.  Both of these are amazing achievements and both are going to be even more major in the future.

Its so convenient to be able to ditch your wallet and just use your phone not only to pay, but also to store all your loyalty cards and, as I mentioned before, even my library card was accepted by it.  Say goodbye to plastic.  Well, almost.  Actually a lot of places have yet to accept mobile payments.  But the time is coming.  The goal is definitely in sight now!

One thing I would like to see happen – I think it really needs to happen – is to be able to have one mobile data plan but be able to switch it between say an ultra-portable device like an armband or watch, and a large, less portable one like a phablet.  It seems ridiculous that you pay for a mobile plan – a hefty price – yet if you want to go running with say your smartwatch, you would either need a separate mobile plan for it or else have to do without.

Net neutrality needs to extend to devices.  Carriers shouldn’t care from what device your traffic emanates.

Compound of the month: Polydimethylsiloxane (dimethicone)

The featured chemical compound for this month is one that is used extensively in cosmetic, personal care, and other products. Polydimethylsiloxane is a silicon-based compound that has excellent rheological (flow) properties (1).

In haircare products silicon-based compounds initially got a bad rap as being non-water-soluble and hence accumulating in hair, but in fact depending upon how they are formulated, many silicone-based products are in fact water soluble.

PDMS compounds such as amodimethicone, are effective conditioners when formulated to consist of small particles and be soluble in water or alcohol/act as surfactants (especially for damaged hair), and are even more conditioning to the hair than common Dimethicone and/or Dimethicone copolyols.

source: Wikipedia.org: Polydimethylsiloxane#Hair

Here is more info about the history of research into silicone build-up in hair: naturallycurly.com: Silicone Hair Products: Not so bad after all

It turns out that some silicon-based products may actually be good for hair and are also water soluble, hence not leading to the “build-up” problems mentioned in some places.

Personally I’ve started using some products which contain silicone-based compounds and have found that I still don’t need to use shampoo, in fact I usually just prefer to soak my head under water to cleanse it naturally. There is no buildup or negative side and in fact the conditioning side is probably benefiting my hair a lot.

1. Wikipedia.org: Polydimethylsiloxane

Globalization has destroyed the world

Watching this excellent Silk Road II episode called The King’s Road which covers the same areas of northern Pakistan that have been methodically bombed by US drones and are now the site of unending tragedy and violence.

It starts at the Khyber pass, a place where there have been many drone strikes and deaths. It covers the Pashtun tribes and even sits in on a jurga which is a community-based tribal court that decides legal matters. There’s an excellent documentary on YouTube about a jurga that was “mistakenly” bombed by drones, about which the US military later lied methodically.

All of this alone is more than justification for the actions of Chelsea Manning to have released the “secret” military videos showing atrocities and war crimes committed by US armed forces, and documents showing they engaged in deliberate deception about what was occurring.

And yes, I believe in supporting your country, but if writing the truth as I am here is going to put me on some government shit-list for speaking the truth, then put me on the shit-list. At least I’m standing up for the victims of heinous crimes and atrocities.

What you see from this video is honest, simple people living their lives like all other human beings in the world, in their own region, with their own systems of stability.

All globalization has done is fuck up the world. Whether it be the invasions and attacks for geopolitical control of resources and raw materials, or the huge mass migrations which are destroying cultures, the destruction of the great middle class of western societies, or the descent of democracies into oligarchies, globalization is a huge catastrophe.

It is for the benefit not just of all the people of the world, but all creatures of Planet Earth to put a stop to globalization.

Especially see 37’50” in the video

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