Its been nine months

Its been nine months since the death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, and since one man running for the office of President of the United States had the guts to stand up and speak out about an issue that was deliberately avoided by politicians and the oligarchy-controlled Big Media.

This was a groundbreaking moment in American history. It is nine months later and Donald Trump has not just won big in all five northeastern primary states which voted today, he has won in a massive landslide (yet again).

And we see how the Republican “establishment”, along with Big Media, has done everything in its power to derail his campaign, to attack him, and even attack those who support him. Obviously the Republican “establishment” has nothing to do with the overwhelming majority of Americans who voted for Donald.

Now there will be a contest against one of the most despicable, corrupt oligarchs in American politics: “crooked Hilary” who indeed is profoundly crooked. There is so much to expose about her corruption, about her ties to investment banking firms like Goldman Sachs, to weapons contractors, to Walmart, to Big Media, to corporations which are bleeding America dry, and even to foreign governments like Saudi Arabia. Its going to be easy for Donald to pick her off.

This now truly is a race against the American oligarchy. Watch carefully now.


By the way, I went for a walk the other evening, later than usual. I needed to clear my mind. The area I live in is by no means considered a bad area. In fact apartments/condos down the street from me were actually being listed by Sotheby’s. And as I walked around the church, I noticed the usual homeless people in various places.

When I see them I just walk by and leave them alone. But one guy – a Mexican immigrant – stalked me. At one point he was walking in the opposite direction as me. As I passed him he ogled me intensely and muttered something in Spanish. I ignored him and kept walking. But then I noticed that he turned around and was following me.

Also only minutes before then as I was walking, another car saw me walking and stopped and honked their horn at me.

The Mexicans are disgusting, abusive, creeps. This has happened to me so many times I can’t count. These disgusting creeps are not the same. They do not belong in America. And it absolutely appalls me that people in my government have the audacity to claim that they are “helping” people by allowing these sleazebags in here. They are never the ones to suffer the continual harassment, to be the victims of their “humane” policies.

I was almost one of the statistics of people killed by illegals many years ago when, one evening, I was driving my packed hatchback car along I-5 in a move to San Diego, when a car filled with stinking drunk illegals careened into my car, sending it into a 180-degree spin. I luckily escaped death. The CHP who responded did nothing. They claimed the driver abandoned the car and ran through the field. No attempt was made to apprehend the person who almost just killed me.

The other two occupants of the car were so stinkingly drunk I could smell the whiskey on their breath from several feet away. That is justice, California-style.

I can also tell you stories about the bands of perverted illegals who used to sit on the ledges and stare at us as we played on nude beaches in Santa Cruz, years ago when I lived there. Or the ones who broke into my car and tried to steal my violin.

I got home right after the stalking and called the police to report the incident. I thought, if I do not report it this creep is likely to stalk other women. I called but not until 4 hours later – 4 hours – did they respond.

Over the years I’ve distinctly noticed the behavior of the illegals get worse as the are increasingly emboldened, knowing that they will not be deported in this hell hole of a “sanctuary” city.

That is the reality of the new world – the “humane” one that the politicians and the oligarchy have brought us. Wake up to the lies. Its time to turn America around from this appalling course that is destroying it.

How to cure acne

There was an article at today about acne. Acne is easy to cure. Here is how:

1. No sugar. No sugar of any kind. That means as any component of anything that is ingested. It includes rice syrup, malt syrup, glucose, sucrose, raw sugar, cane sugar, etc, etc. It means you have to read all labels of all the things you ingest.

All forms of added sugar to all things consumed must be completely stopped. For sweetener I recommend for example raisins with cereal, or stevia powder or drops for beverages. I do not recommend any of the other alcohol sugars like xylitol, sorbitol, etc. And definitely do not use aspartame.

Eating fresh fruit is healthy and good for the body. Eat as much as you want.

2. No caffeine. That means no coffee, no teas made from parts of the Camelia sinensis plant, no yerba mate, no chocolate.

It takes about three weeks for it to completely clear.

After it has cleared up and your body normalizes, you may find that you are able to have some caffeine, but I recommend only moderate amounts. If you really like chocolate there is always unsweetened cocoa powder to make hot chocolate from and there are a couple companies which make 100% chocolate bars.

Transsexuals for North Carolina

I am transsexual and I support North Carolina. I’m also sick of all the indignation, hysteria, and BS. None of those people or groups represents me and I don’t need their help. I have never had a problem, anywhere, in any city, using a facility. Not just a restroom, but also locker rooms or any other facility.

Then again, I went through a full process of transitioning from male to female which included medical treatment and legally changing my gender (and no I did not have even one surgery – I am not “privileged” if that can be considered a privilege).

If you sampled my blood it would be identical to the blood of a genetic female. I did not wake up one day and decide I was a female and that was that. I did not go out in public with a hairy beard and legs wearing a dress and somehow think that that was normal. Anyone who supports the “rights” of people like that is frankly sick. If you don’t think there are actually people like that – I have news for you: There are actually quite a lot.

If people want to do that shit – and frankly I find it disgusting and sickening – it is within their purview but then don’t conflate the needs or rights of actual transsexual people like me with creeps like that. What the fuck.

I remember I was actually a bit hesitant at first to use a female restroom after my transition started and I remember going into a male restroom and guys saying “You belong in the women’s restroom”.

Do you know where the most horrific act of discrimination and abuse I ever experienced – by far – as a transssexual was? It was by employees of San Francisco. That abuse was so severe it left a permanent scar on my psyche. The government of San Francisco is appalling, hypocritical and disgusting.

There is a huge mountain of things that people should be worrying about. Neighborhoods are crumbling. The health of people and the integrity of the human body is coming under constant assault.

Leave North Carolina alone. I support them. I respect their laws and their right to make laws for their state. I respect people’s right to have religious beliefs and operate their businesses as they want.

If I ever had an issue with anyone, that would be between me and whoever it was. It is no one else’s business. No one is my ambassador or my representative. Go fix your broken, sick communities for a start.

San Francisco and other supposedly liberal governments act like such seemingly concerned nanny states but then our neighborhoods are fucked, our streets are appalling, horrific places of abuse and assault. The roads are crumbling. They can’t even deal with the most basic fundamentals of maintaining infrastructure, but they always want to try to score their egotistic, self-righteous, exhibitionist points, even while people in their communities suffer and bleed daily as things crumble.

Re: Off the Grid

Just read Steven Fry’s essay Off the Grid ( Just a few thoughts:

I’ve been thinking lately about making a video discussing how unique it is that my life will be one of the few that has straddled the time between people having mobile devices and the use of the Internet being commonplace, to there not being mobile devices or an Internet.

And then also there was that really cool, interesting time when the Internet was young, and when there were no mobile devices but early computers. There is a lot to write about that time.

I will just say this: Compared to before, things suck now. Connections were better. Events were better. There were more things to do. The types of people you would meet were more interesting. And you would meet people more often. The connections were better – oh, I already said that. Ambiance everywhere was way better.

There was a mysterious side to things which humans need. You would see a flyer for some event and it was like this mysterious unknown, a journey into some other realm which might turn out to be a mystical, magical place. You never knew.

On the other side, there are things that are better now. Potentially. Only potentially. I would say very few are actually for-certain better. For example, the potential exists for the transmission of knowledge – for education – to be better.

One of my big things now is free, online, high-quality education at community colleges. I’m starting to think that basically everyone on Earth should be taking free online college courses throughout their entire lifetimes. I think that this is what education should become – no more privileged enclaves for the entitleds BS.

Right now I’m taking two online computer science courses. I’m lucky that these types of free, online classes are even available to me. In most places they are not. People do not understand fully what these courses represent.

Back to the comparison: Commerce is better now. There’s no question. Global communication and awareness – I could say its almost certainly better but then it depends upon what people are attuned to and what they are not attuned to. Some important things to be attuned to do not require technology.

That last point is true though about many things when it comes to technology and scientific understanding. For example, if you are wise and tuned-in – and society tends to condition people to be tuned-out unfortunately – but if you are tuned in you can know a lot about yourself and the world around you without that knowledge being mediated by scientific understanding.

Because I’m an American and I’ve always kind of liked the business, geeky side to American culture – we had companies like IBM for example, really cool railroads, department stores, inventory systems, amazing companies in New York, built rockets, etc. – I do sort of like technology in general. There’s no question.

Personally I think its useful to have a communication device that you can carry around, which you can also use for other things like reference lookups, guitar tuner, camera, video recorder, etc. Its all really cool.

But then I also recognize that “social networking” in its current form is garbage. Potentially it could be good – if it were not under the domain of grubby, conniving, for-profit companies and all that shit. If there were for example some kind of social networking RFC-defined open protocols which could be openly used by any type of application, not-for-profit, then it could be cool.

I see our culture as having a serious sickness which is more of a concern than technology. Look at the shit on tv. Look and the stupid music videos and movies. There’s so much crap and people are becoming more disgusting and gross.

Humans need spirituality, and generally that connection occurs outside of technology. Technology can perhaps facilitate it in minor ways, but cannot play a significant role.

But – it can play a role in helping to create the groundwork for people to re-connect with spirituality. It can be used to help people create better, more sustainable habitats. So it does have a function.

There will always be a role for technology in the lives of humans, just as there has been for millenia. Its up to us to figure out how we want to utilize it.

Social networking – companies like Facebook – are like the Gulf Oil Spill of the global information logos. A lot of what is being done is really sick. The way the people behind it “think” (connive or scam are more appropriate terms) is sick. Yes, its important to take a somewhat radical stance because of all this sick shit.

But technology – it is useful and important for people to use wisely.

Hell yes! Syntax highlighting in less!

This is just awesome!

Install the source-highlight package (should be available for most distros including Cygwin)

If you have lesspipe installed, make sure you do not have a line like this in your .bashrc, .bash_profile, or .profile:

[ -x /usr/bin/lesspipe ] && eval "$(SHELL=/bin/sh lesspipe)"

Be aware that by disabling the lesspipe line above you can no longer read gzipped text files (such as are often found in /usr/share/doc) with less but… you can still easily read them with zless.

Then add these lines (preferably to ~/.bashrc) (this is for Debian):

export LESSOPEN="| /usr/share/source-highlight/ %s"
export LESS=' -R '

Note the path to will be different on different systems. Under Cygwin you would use:

export LESSOPEN="| /usr/bin/ %s"
export LESS=' -R '

This is such a major thing for me, as I often am working on code in a console and referring to other bits of code in other console windows which I have open with less. But it has always been highly annoying when the code in less does not have syntax highlighting.

Reference/credit: How to enable Syntax highlighting in less

I should be President


I should be President of the United States. I am the best person to lead the United States. I will have the best relations with all the peoples of the world and put all my energy into healing this world.

I understand people better than anyone and have the ability to promote constructive cooperation and collaboration among disparate groups.

If I were President I would promote peace in the world.

In healing the world, I would start with the individual, where presently people are sickened by unhealthy foods and subject to physiological, psychological, and environmental stresses that need to be taken very seriously. I would see my job as Healer in Chief and consider the health and well-being of every citizen of the United States – and the entire world for that matter – as my responsibility.

I would also change the direction of the world from its present out-of-control, highly unsustainable course that is causing massive devastation to our planet and its precious life and environmental systems. The goal of America would not be “the economy” and unending, unsustainable growth, but rather sustainable existence on a planet with finite resources.

We humans have to make wise choices and take responsibility for the stewardship of life on our precious planet. There will have to be difficult decisions made which will start to significantly limit the impact humans are having on the environment and fundamentally changing the way people think and behave.

But I also believe that this transition should not be seen as a sacrifice, as a giving up and a loss, but rather as a most joyous occasion as the way our communities and our culture organizes on fundamental levels aligns itself sustainably with our bodies and our environment.

Under my guidance, I will lead America to see that its real wealth is what is shared by the whole community and what enhances the quality of life not just for us humans, but for all life forms.

Even though I am not on the ballot for the 2016 Presidential election, and I have not set up a campaign, I am declaring that I would like to be President of the United States. I am open to accepting help and guidance in achieving this goal for the benefit of the United States and all humanity.

I just finished setting up my federal E-Verify account

I just finished setting up my federal E-Verify account. Because I believe – because I know – that strong identity is vital to participation in government and society.

E-Verify Overview

E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from your Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Social Security Administration (SSA), and Department of State (DOS) records to confirm that you are authorized to work in the United States. Though participation in E-Verify is required of some employers, most employers participate voluntarily.

Benefits of myE-VerifyExpand

Every tool and service in myE-Verify is absolutely free. myE-Verify lets you confirm that your records for employment eligibility are correct, giving you confidence for the job search. It also helps you protects your identity and informs you about your E-Verify employer’s responsibilities and your rights in the E-Verify employment eligibility verification process.

I am also against the requirement that employers must post a notification to potential employees that they use E-Verify.

Everyone who works in the United States should be required to pass E-Verify and every employer with no exception should be required to use it for all employees, contractors, sub-contractors, or any other form of labor.

I love the technology behind this interactive graphic

Check out the interactive graphic on this page: How the Rest of theDelegate Race Could Unfold

The technology that powers it is a JavaScript library called jStat.

Update Thinkpad UltraNav driver to the most recent version

Here is a quick tip if you want to update your Thinkpad to a more recent UltraNav driver. I can confirm this works with a Thinkpad Carbon X1 1st generation model. The official UltraNav driver from Lenovo for this machine is version

However, after searching, I was able to find the more recent version driver at Softpedia. Thank you Softpedia for hosting this driver.

If you want to restore the missing middle-click functionality, for example to use middle-click panning feature with the Grab and Drag Firefox addon, see this post.

voice recognition test

Testing voice recognition to see if it makes errors or how many errors it makes so far it appears tonight have made any errors books it’s just made one I did not say tonight 2 not no not the number 2 as in the actual numeric digit 2 butt the word 2 now I’m laughing because it’s getting event funny as I go along there are even more errors I wonder how many more interpretations technology it will take places to actually no it to rescind petition forget it

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