Globalization is Destroying Earth

People are waking up to the fact that globalization is destroying Earth. In fact, it may have already destroyed it. It may already be too late. Whether humans can awaken in sufficient numbers and stop the out-of-control insanity of globalization, which is driven by the global oligarchy, remains to be seen.

Without globalization humans would have been on paths which are vastly more sustainable and peaceful. Populations would stabilize and even decrease. Standards of living for those smaller populations would increase. Education levels would increase. Crime and other problems would decrease. The environment would be better. People would be happier.

But in came the globalists – starting with Bill Clinton – in what amounts to absolute insanity, policies which are creating destruction on vast scales. Populations are burgeoning out of control. Quality of life is sinking horribly. More resources are being stripped from poor Earth and for what? We are not happier nor better off.

Globalization is a catastrophe. If the human species manages to survive this coming time, in the future when they teach about this era there will be no doubt that globalization will be seen as the horrendous, destructive disease that it is.

If we want to save Planet Earth we must not only put an immediate stop to globalization, we must take the power away from the globalists. And we must reverse the damage.

These are not simple tasks. I believe they can be accomplished still. But it requires concentration, dedication, and perseverance.

A lot of damage has been done – vast amounts of damage have been done. And I’m sure many people are bummed out and depressed. Its easy to give in to feelings of hopelessness and despair. But I would like to encourage everyone to hold and and stick it out. We can change the world.

We can take this great crisis affecting our planet and use it as a lesson. Things which can pose great harm to a body can also be things which enable that same body to acquire very strong immunity to such sickness in the future. If we take what is happening now – the ways our world is being destroyed, our communities being destroyed, our governments run by sick, disgusting, filthy idiots – we can learn deep lessons from all this and use it to become stronger. We can create a great future if we choose to stand up and act.

We see how the oligarchy is literally writhing from things like the Brexit and from Donald Trump’s highly successful campaign for President. These are excellent signs. It means things are changing.

Let’s keep up the work and stand up for what you know is right.

I also encourage people to remember their fundamental humanistic values. I support and agree with a lot of what the alt right is saying, however from time to time I’m concerned. Its important to believe in your own greatness and to want to preserve your own culture. But it still is important to respect and understand other cultures. And one thing that makes your culture great is its freedom. Freedom requires a certain magnanimity to be willing to tolerate things which you don’t always agree with or accept. If you cherish freedom then you have to cherish the fact that people are free to say and do things which you may not find agreeable.

I guess what I’m saying is that I think the alt right should remain political and not try to be cultural. Culture is mostly the purview of personal discernment. Politics is the purview of collective discernment.

Noise Sign

unnecessary noise prohibited


Firefox seems to be better

Firefox was running really really horribly on my system for a long time and I could not figure out why. It reached the point that I mostly switched to Chrome last week.

But then I went in and was disabling some extensions which I suspected might be causing the problem. It seems to be running better now. The one extension I disabled which I think might have been causing an issue – unfortunately an extension I love – is called Hide Caption Titlebar Plus.

The other one I suspected was Classic Theme Restorer. I can live without Hide Caption Titlebar Plus, but doing without Classic Theme Restorer is suffering for me. Two features which are essential to me from the latter are having the old-style squared tabs, and having the tab bar below the bookmark and location bars.

I have since thus reenabled Classic Theme Restorer and FF seems to be still doing well. Very relieved about this as I really do prefer Firefox and there’s no comparison with any other browsers in terms of the rich variety of extensions available.

This disgusts me: Obamas pushing for education in Africa Michelle Obama, daughters in Africa to push girls’ education

Its so glamorous to be in Africa as some crusader for women’s education, while millions of women in the United States are fucked over because the vast floods of illegal immigrants – mainly asians – pushes them out of educational opportunities in the United States.

I’m sure the Obama kids will never know what its like to not be able to get into a class they need at a community college because there are so many illegals.

Leave it to the Obamas to be disgusting, hypocritical fucks. How glamorous – what great virtue signalling – to be in Africa campaigning for women’s education while fucking over millions of their own people.

The oligarchy writhing

The past few days the oligarchy has been shitting its pants and writhing. Over the Brexit, and also over Donald Trump. And I love it. Keep writhing fuckers. Writhe all the way to oblivion. And fuck “the economy”. It is overabundantly clear what “the economy” means and has meant for a long time: Fuckover of people.

Fuck the economy, fuck the oligarchy. Fuck their media apparatus. Fuck their minions in government. Fuck the bribery. Fuck the betrayal of people. Fuck the betrayal of entire countries. Fuck their lies.

Let them writhe. I love to watch it.

George Will announced that he’s no longer a Republican but is switching to Democrat. Former Treasury Secretary under Bush Paulson comes out with full-page ad denouncing Trump. AYFKM? That’s excellent news. Please, keep it coming!

The more these sick fucks are upset the better it is, the more appealing Donald Trump is, the more clear it is that he is exactly the person America has needed as our leader for a long time.

Add and Wikipedia search to Chrome

Chrome: Settings -> Manage Search Engines

For, which features multiple dictionaries and an excellent thesaurus, use the following URL:*&Database=*

For Wikipedia use:

References: A remarkably efficient and powerful reference tool

The European Union is no longer fit to be the collective political body of Europe

What the vote in the the UK means is that Angela Merkel and her cohorts’ disastrous policies have wrecked the European Union. Angela Merkel’s infamous legacy will be the wrecking of the institution of the European Union which took many decades to build. Her appallingly outrageous policies of betrayal of the people of Europe made the European Union an organization unfit to be the collective political body of Europe.

As a political leader, Angela Merkel is deluded and her policies are catastrophic. It is taking Germany way to long to kick her and her cohorts out of power.

Until there is a fundamental re-awakening in Europe the project of uniting Europe into one union has and will be a failure because it is wrong. It went from a dream to a nightmare. The fact that it occurred so quickly and so undemocratically is shocking and a lesson to all.

Its unfortunate because the European Union was perhaps the most progressive political organization in history in terms of protecting human and other rights.

But the mass betrayal of the peoples of Europe condemned it to catastrophic failure. There will be more to happen politically across Europe before many of the deluded politicians learn their lessons and are permanently thrown out of power.

Its too soon to talk about something new in the future to replace what the EU was supposed to be. Right now it has to be completely torn apart.

Peoples of Europe: Get to work!

The best speed dial extension for Chrome!

I just discovered the best speed dial extension for Chrome. Up till now I wasn’t entirely happy with any of the speed dial apps I’ve seen. Many of them are what amount to extension spam – a variation of app spam in the Google Play store, plugin spam in WordPress, or search engine spam in Google – the bane of the modern world. (Thanks Google for unleashing all this sleazebag shit upon the world. I don’t think this grubby shit is what was meant by “bazaar” in the concept of the cathedral vs the bazaar.)

To find this extension I went searching on Github which is a repository for Open Source projects. The fact that a program, app, plugin, or extension is even on Github is already a good sign that its clean and designed by well-intentioned people.

This amazing extension, called Simple Speed Dial can be installed in the following way:

First go to the Simple Speed Dial Github project page linked above and click on the green button Clone or download. Choose the Download ZIP option. Once its downloaded to your system, extract the zip file using 7-zip or any other unzip utility.

Now in Chrome select the menu -> Settings -> Extensions. At the the top check the box to enable Developer mode. That will show a couple buttons at the top of the page. Select the button Load unpacked extension… and navigate to the directory of the extracted zip archive that was created above and press OK.

VR Update 3 and Overheating Solution

There’s too much going on with my new VR to write about it all. Today I’m downloading a bunch of free games and apps including VR museums and many other things that seem interesting. I also tested Samsung Milk VR and saw the beginning of an amazing VR documentary about people in Nepal. Its like you’re standing right there in these villages in Nepal. Amazing.

I also found a *really* fun game: VRAsteroids! Basically its like taking traditional Asteroids to a totally new level where the asteroids are coming at you from 3 dimensions. The graphics are good and its fun. Also no motion sickness whatsoever.

Another thing I loved was this short VR experience-type adventure called Colosse. Its basically a short-story in a VR world. Its the kind of thing I imagined would be a cool use of VR and it is. I can see people getting into designing a lot more really cool VR spaces/adventures like this.

Another one I tried today was VR Orchestra – again a somewhat brief but cool experience where you are actually present in VR with an orchestra.

Had another overheating issue again today with the Note 4. Did some more researching and it looks like the way to solve it is to order a 3D print of a custom cover which can be fitted with a cooling fan to provide active cooling. Here is an example.

At this point I can say that getting a Gear VR is definitely worth it and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to try new experiences.

VR Update

This is an update on my VR experience. The last time I wrote I was feeling somewhat nauseous but a lot of that had to do with my trying to experiment with things like trying to use Google Cardboard apps with the Gear VR. I also wrote that Land’s End gave me motion sickness.

After taking a break for a few days, I used the Gear VR again and the experience was mostly good. I did try Land’s End again and yes, I am unfortunately prone to get motion sick from it, but I noticed that mostly the sickness occurs right at the end of movements. In the game you change position in successive movements, where its like you are automatically moved from one point to another.

I noticed today that throughout much of the movement I do not feel motion sick, but for some reason right near the end of each movement is when I tend to feel sick. I think it has to do with the fact that the rate of movement seems constant for the duration of the move. It would be better if it slowed down – decelerated – near the end. I don’t know why but this is what seems to be the case.

If I just close my eyes for the few seconds near the end of each move sequence it tends to help a lot.

I’m still waiting for support on whether it will be possible to get Darknet to work. I also noticed another app is crashing today.

Although the focus is not perfect, it seems like I can live with it. I keep the lenses as clean as possible and keep the headset adjusted properly. I notice that my point where the headset is correctly focused is right near the end of how far the dial turns, which concerns me.

All in all I am happy to have the Gear VR and know it is something I will continue to use and enjoy in the future.

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