No Welfare No Amnesty No Work for Illegals

No welfare, social services, benefits, nor tax credits for illegals.

No amnesty for illegals whatsoever.

No work for illegals – start holding all employers responsible for who they hire.

If necessary provide temporary work permits.

The offspring of illegals are not US citizens.

The idea that uneducated, low-IQ migrants can just take the low-skilled jobs in society is a delusion. It doesn’t work that way. Their culture will clash with the native, educated, high-IQ culture.

Eventually the low-IQ culture will come to dominate. In summary: If you import the third-world you become the third-world.

We are supposed to evolve, not devolve. Evolution is the spiritual and ecological thing that we can do. The open-borders insanity is a crime against life itself and is causing catastrophic damage.

An unhealthy society: #BoycottSanFrancicso

A healthy society cherishes, protects, and nurtures its most beautiful people. It does not allow them to be killed – to be sacrificed in the most appalling, demonic way – by lowlife savage invaders.

That is a major theme behind so much of the mass pathology affecting large parts of the “liberal” world: A resentment of the beautiful.

I know Donald Trump and many others innately understand this. In a spiritual sense, Donald Trump is light years beyond the murderous, cancerous scabs running San Francisco.

What happened in San Francisco is so atrociously sick, so demonic and appalling, that maybe it will serve as a shock and a wakeup call. If you truly want to honor the precious life lost then you will let this call wake you up and you will act.

Time check: Phoenix time

It has been nearly a month since the horrible abuse of the population by forcing the changing of clocks upon them and as I reported then I refused to submit to the abuse and follow along with the mass stupidity. The result was amazing, better than I could have imagined. I now would like to write a one-month follow-up to report on how it’s been.

In short, it’s been amazing. I cannot tell you how much better it is that I did not accept the forced time change. I have been able to keep my same, daily, healthy schedule on sync as always. I go for my evening walks at the same time, etc.

Another excellent benefit is that I have actually gained an hour each day. My days are basically an hour longer than everyone else’s and I really love it. What do I mean by this? Well, if an average person wakes up at 08:00 in the morning, that for me is already 09:00. Therefore if I wake up at 08:00 my time that gives me a whole extra hour per day. Basically my days are longer than everyone else’s and also a bit more relaxed. If I have to be at an appointment at 14:00 everyone else’s time, that’s 15:00 my time. That’s a whole extra hour to get ready and prepare. I can now take my time before appointments and don’t have to rush as much, and am therefore much more relaxed.

It is abundantly clear to me now that what the time change represents is the theft of time from the population. Be good, productive worker ants!

The computation between everyone else’s time and my time is now innate for me and I really don’t even think of it much. I have not missed any appointments nor found it an inconvenience – except that one of my brain-dead calendar applications automatically shifted all my times by an hour. Ok so the calendar application picked-up on the system time zone change by one hour, but when I went and and manually configured the time zone of the calendar application to match the system time zone, it should have changed everything back. It did not.

Another annoyance has been my mobile phone running Android which refuses to honor my manually setting my time zone to Phoenix (MST). After a phone restart the option to automatically set the time zone – which I uncheck every time – automatically gets rechecked. It’s as if they’re trying to force-feed the time change down my throat whether I like it or not a lá Weinstein.

But the fact that I have not had to mess with any of my other less-sophisticated clocks and watches is great. It is extremely convenient.

Since I live in the Pacific time zone I have now set my devices to use Arizona/Phoenix (MST) time which never changes, ever. That means I can just keep all my devices permanently set to Phoenix time all year round. Kudos to the State of Arizona for being more intelligent than the rest of the country!

Phoenix time. Love it!

No wall. Very few deportations. What is wrong?

There are way too many illegals in the United States and the country has let it way too many immigrants.  Now all you see are foreign-born people everywhere.  Huge numbers of Mexicans, Chinese, and now middle-easterners as well.

Donald Trump was elected to deport all illegals from the United States, to hold all employers who hire illegals responsible, to build the wall, and to stop (and hopefully reverse) immigration.

What is wrong?  Why isn’t this happening yet?  Every day that illegals are able to stay in the United States means more and more of them.  The situation needs to change drastically and quickly.

Stanford descending into full-blown delusional brain-deadedness

Stanford now questions grad student applicants with this:

The only thing more demented than the people who create and openly solicit/require questions like this to be answered by applicants are people who actually want to answer them.

A person’s race, gender, etc. is nobody’s fucking business.  Race, gender, etc. do not exist to benefit some pie-in-the-sky diversity bullshit in order to make demented morons feel better about themselves (or for possibly perverted purposes as one can strongly suspect of such liberals).

A university has absolutely no business asking a student applicant questions about their race or gender.  Such a policy will will make certain that only the most warped people will respond to these questions thereby providing reinforcement for this whole BS.

Who you are does not make you virtuous.  If you are a male who likes to suck dick, and you let that define you to the point that you think you are entitled to special treatment in society, you are extremely fucked up. If any institution in society teaches you or others that your sexual preference somehow automatically imparts some kind of virtue or value upon you, that is fucked up.

How you are is what determines your character, and that has nothing to do with whether you like pussy or dick, the color of your skin, etc.

It’s not entirely surprising that this is happening at the same institution which trained the Enron con artist thieves. The idea that just because you are something, instead of being a certain way, makes you better/virtuous is akin to a scam.

We see all around us the scam mentality of libtards in action as our society melts down and our once great cultural centers degenerate into 3rd world savagescape cesspools of crime and sickness.

This is so cute!

I almost feel like crying also when I watch her reaction. Kids are so amazing!

I think a lot of people feel this way about our amazing President!

114 hours 🎶 ♪

I have a music playlist that is 1030 hours’ worth of music. If it takes me 20 seconds to review a 3 minute track, that means I could review all the tracks in only 114 hours.

Of course 20 seconds for 3 minutes is just an estimate. I actually can cut the time down considerably. Sometimes I just give songs a minimal “pass” rating if they’re not really bad and then at some later time I could review them again and give them a higher rating.

To do that I could have certain times when I reevaluate all the low-rated tracks.

Also some tracks are really long and the percentage of time necessary to rate them is less than for a 3 minute track.

I’m noticing some other issues too:
1) I am thinking now about different types of playlists. 1030 hours’ worth of music includes a pretty wide spread of sub-genres. Instead of just giving a star rating to each track it would be nice to somehow flag them as possible or strong candidates for certain sub-genre playlists. Right now I’m just taking notes in a text file.
2) There are some tracks when I scan continuous mixes which I like even though I don’t like other songs in the mix. Again, how to I flag this? Right now can only do it in a text file and am also trying to use certain star rating levels (for example 2.5 stars) to indicate that some tracks are good.

My goal next is to learn how to actually start mixing tracks. A huge part of this is collating and reviewing everything. Another part will be figuring out how to mix and edit it.

A third thing is that I also am teaching myself how to play some things. Even though my focus is on early classical music I’m really drawn to funk bass and finding it a fun challenge to play funk bass riffs on my synthesizer. I realize that almost every really outstanding track that makes you really feel exhilirated has intense stuff going on in the bass. I would like to teach myself to become a bass track expert, to be able to design and create amazing bass tracks.

So I decided that I’m amending my Music Path to include early classical music and funk bass. I’ve already found that they are complementary. For example a couple days ago I was learning this amazing bass riff and then afterwards started practicing a Telemann harpsichord piece. They actually fit very well. Good classical music is also really big on intense bass lines 🙂

Years ago I was on the dance floor at this music event. I think it was early morning at an after-party after having been up all night. Listening to the music I suddenly imagined this piece by Bach in rhythm with the music being played. The piece is very airy and ethereal. I realize that it is the bass of pieces like this which to a large extent creates that energy. It sets the ground energy off which everything else is based. Maybe that’s why it’s called “bass” 🙂

Firefox 57

Firefox 57 has been officially released. If you followed the instructions in my previous post about getting ready for Firefox 57 you might not even notice much of a change at all except for a few things.

Multi-row tab bar is possible!
There is a way to introduce a multi-row tab bar into Firefox 57: See this post on Reddit’s FirefoxCSS forum. The code needs to go into the userChrome.css file which you can easily create.

Open all tabs after the current tab
There is also a useful addon called Open Tabs Next to Current which does exactly what it says.

Annoying spaces to the left and right of the URL bar (in the navigation bar)
Firefox added large spaces to the left and the right of the URL bar which is the address field inside the navigation bar. These can easily be removed via customize and then dragging the spacers away from the navigation bar.

Live Bookmark (RSS feed) icons in the Bookmarks Bar

Firefox also has introduced icons next to Live Bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. This used to be the case with the Linux version but now also is the case with the Windows version as well. They can be removed by placing this code inside your userChrome.css:

Make the RSS (Live Bookmark) feed font larger
Is the font for Live Bookmark feeds too small? You can increase it:

Get Speed Dial [FVD]!
Speed Dial [FVD] is great. It’s the best speed dial addon I’ve seen and best of all there is a version for Chrome/Vivaldi as well. After creating all your dials and dial groups you can conveniently export them to a backup file and then import the backup file in another browser to recreate all your dials.

There are a number of competing speed dial addons many of which try to upsell you stuff. Speed Dial [FVD] only offers a non-free optional cloud backup solution but otherwise is pretty cool. I find the default settings a little bit gaudy so I remove the background image and disable the panning feature, among other things. But it’s great that you can customize it so much including colors for the background, titles, and URLs.

Feature wishes
One thing that I will be hoping/watching out for in Firefox is tab stacking similar to Vivaldi.

Final thoughts
With the release of Firefox 57 Firefox now is clearly the best browser. This comes after what was a rather long, painful period for many users of significantly reduced performance. I hope Firefox will continue to remain at the top and also that they will consider developing an Open Source desktop operating system replacement for Microsoft Windows.

Python script to recursively change directory permissions

This is similar to using the Unix find command to recursively set directory permissions. Often you want to do this to make sure that permissions on all directories under a given path are set to a specific value.

find /var/www/html -type d -exec chmod 750 {} \;

Today I decided I wanted to do it in Python. I created the following interactive script which takes two arguments: the path and the permission mode. For example it can be run like:

chmoddirs /var/www/html 750

If the user enters invalid data it will print a message and quit. If the data is valid then it asks for a confirmation before executing.

White people of Silicon Valley you have a responsibility

White people of Silicon Valley, you have a responsibility to society, to your people, to your ancestors, and to your progeny. Stop empowering people who are your enemies by giving them your money.

You live in the midst of an evil culture which betrays your people. While you may feel proud of your career success in life and be happy to make money, you should feel ashamed that by living and working in Silicon Valley you are betraying your people. You are empowering enemies who are actively working to replace your people and undermine everything that you and your ancestors have striven for.

You should follow the voice of this woman. Listen to her. She is like the voice of Earth itself: Angry and pissed because this betrayal is also a betrayal of life itself. It is a betrayal of evolution and a betrayal of the manifestation of highest divine love on Planet Earth.

Listen to her angry voice and follow her advice: Keep your money out of the hands of our enemies.

Replace Mexicans/Chinese/Indians for Muslims in the video and that is the situation you have. Imagine if all white people in Silicon Valley protested by staging a mass sick-out in Silicon Valley, what a message that would send.

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