Eyeglass computers

Here’s a really cool news segment at NHK about the use of eyeglass computers for insurance claim investigators and adjusters. Obviously there are potentially a zillion really cool uses of eyeglass computers.

Note too that the images conveyed by the eyeglass computers are not even VR, just regular 2D images.

At the end of the article mention is made of the use of drones to investigate traffic accidents.

I had a great day today. My car battery died.

Why was it great? It was great because even though my battery died, I gained from the experience. If first thank AAA for their roadside assistance. This is the second time that I had to rely on them to start a car and their service is fast and their guys are always friendly and helpful. Its a major relief to know that if my vehicle ever fails to start that I can call them.

The guy came out and could have replaced the battery but because I am frugal I wanted to see if the battery could hold a charge first so, after he left, I got on the highway and drove for about 20 minutes. I went to a parts store and had the battery tested and it turned out that it was not holding charge properly.

So I then opted to get a new one. The guy at the auto parts store was extremely friendly and helpful. He gave me tips on how to properly install the new battery including how to grease the terminals and not to tighten the retaining bar too much lest it damage the battery housing.

He lent me a socket wrench and another special ratcheting wrench designed for battery terminals. I got oil for the engine since I need to take it to the shop and have it changed soon. They had a special discount on an oil filter with the purchase of the oil so that was a plus. So my second thanks goes to the helpful guys at the AutoZone store.

It was a good experience today because I learned about car batteries and how to replace them, and because I’m so grateful there are a lot of amazing, helpful people in the world.

I also offer deep thanks to Hephaestus who is the god of fire and technology for his guidance and protection.

Groundbreaking: Evidence for accelerated universe expansion only 3 sigma!

In a groundbreaking paper recently published a team of scientists who examined a greatly expanded dataset of type Ia supernovae have concluded that evidence for accelerated expansion of the universe is only 3 sigma which is far short of the 5 sigma standard required to claim a discovery.

In other words, this is huge news. With all the other stuff in the crap-filled, brainwashing, corrupt mainstream media its sad that a story of this significance did not even get reported.

…it is quite possible that we are being misled and that the apparent manifestation of dark energy is a consequence of analysing the data in an oversimplified theoretical model — one that was in fact constructed in the 1930s, long before there was any real data. A more sophisticated theoretical framework accounting for the observation that the universe is not exactly homogeneous and that its matter content may not behave as an ideal gas — two key assumptions of standard cosmology — may well be able to account for all observations without requiring dark energy.

ox.ac.uk: The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate – or is it?

Fecesville spreads – prima fecie


This map is real. It shows the increasing amount of reports of feces to city government throughout the city.

This should not be happening. I do not accept that the answer is blowing in the wind. I do not accept that society hasn’t found a solution for this.

There is real knowledge about how to be healthy for an individual, for a family, for a community, and for a society. I’m not talking about mumbo jumbo stuff, but reality. There are real, actual things that can be done to improve things. There are ways and paths to making things better.

This map speaks more than anything. It says that things are still not going in the right direction – not after all that has been said and done.

One thing I will just say: Being lenient or tolerant is not compassion. Its delusion. I think many people understand this, but it seems to not be translating into policy.

Drugs are bad. Theft is bad. Living in squalid conditions is bad. Being exposed to physiological, psychological, and environmental stresses is bad.

Being too firm is better than being too lenient. I’m not advocating for being too firm, but that is a better stance in the long run.

Wow. Fake IDs are illegal in some places.

Amazing. In some parts of the world its against the law for people to use fake IDs. Oh wait! If you’re an American citizen and use a fake ID its against the law, but if you’re an illegal alien in the United States its perfectly allowed!

This is what “progressivism” has brought and will continue to bring

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