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The European Union is no longer fit to be the collective political body of Europe

What the vote in the the UK means is that Angela Merkel and her cohorts’ disastrous policies have wrecked the European Union. Angela Merkel’s infamous legacy will be the wrecking of the institution of the European Union which took many decades to build. Her appallingly outrageous policies of betrayal of the people of Europe made the European Union an organization unfit to be the collective political body of Europe.

As a political leader, Angela Merkel is deluded and her policies are catastrophic. It is taking Germany way to long to kick her and her cohorts out of power.

Until there is a fundamental re-awakening in Europe the project of uniting Europe into one union has and will be a failure because it is wrong. It went from a dream to a nightmare. The fact that it occurred so quickly and so undemocratically is shocking and a lesson to all.

Its unfortunate because the European Union was perhaps the most progressive political organization in history in terms of protecting human and other rights.

But the mass betrayal of the peoples of Europe condemned it to catastrophic failure. There will be more to happen politically across Europe before many of the deluded politicians learn their lessons and are permanently thrown out of power.

Its too soon to talk about something new in the future to replace what the EU was supposed to be. Right now it has to be completely torn apart.

Peoples of Europe: Get to work!

The best speed dial extension for Chrome!

I just discovered the best speed dial extension for Chrome. Up till now I wasn’t entirely happy with any of the speed dial apps I’ve seen. Many of them are what amount to extension spam – a variation of app spam in the Google Play store, plugin spam in WordPress, or search engine spam in Google – the bane of the modern world. (Thanks Google for unleashing all this sleazebag shit upon the world. I don’t think this grubby shit is what was meant by “bazaar” in the concept of the cathedral vs the bazaar.)

To find this extension I went searching on Github which is a repository for Open Source projects. The fact that a program, app, plugin, or extension is even on Github is already a good sign that its clean and designed by well-intentioned people.

This amazing extension, called Simple Speed Dial can be installed in the following way:

First go to the Simple Speed Dial Github project page linked above and click on the green button Clone or download. Choose the Download ZIP option. Once its downloaded to your system, extract the zip file using 7-zip or any other unzip utility.

Now in Chrome select the menu -> Settings -> Extensions. At the the top check the box to enable Developer mode. That will show a couple buttons at the top of the page. Select the button Load unpacked extension… and navigate to the directory of the extracted zip archive that was created above and press OK.

VR Update 3 and Overheating Solution

There’s too much going on with my new VR to write about it all. Today I’m downloading a bunch of free games and apps including VR museums and many other things that seem interesting. I also tested Samsung Milk VR and saw the beginning of an amazing VR documentary about people in Nepal. Its like you’re standing right there in these villages in Nepal. Amazing.

I also found a *really* fun game: VRAsteroids! Basically its like taking traditional Asteroids to a totally new level where the asteroids are coming at you from 3 dimensions. The graphics are good and its fun. Also no motion sickness whatsoever.

Another thing I loved was this short VR experience-type adventure called Colosse. Its basically a short-story in a VR world. Its the kind of thing I imagined would be a cool use of VR and it is. I can see people getting into designing a lot more really cool VR spaces/adventures like this.

Another one I tried today was VR Orchestra – again a somewhat brief but cool experience where you are actually present in VR with an orchestra.

Had another overheating issue again today with the Note 4. Did some more researching and it looks like the way to solve it is to order a 3D print of a custom cover which can be fitted with a cooling fan to provide active cooling. Here is an example.

At this point I can say that getting a Gear VR is definitely worth it and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to try new experiences.

VR Update

This is an update on my VR experience. The last time I wrote I was feeling somewhat nauseous but a lot of that had to do with my trying to experiment with things like trying to use Google Cardboard apps with the Gear VR. I also wrote that Land’s End gave me motion sickness.

After taking a break for a few days, I used the Gear VR again and the experience was mostly good. I did try Land’s End again and yes, I am unfortunately prone to get motion sick from it, but I noticed that mostly the sickness occurs right at the end of movements. In the game you change position in successive movements, where its like you are automatically moved from one point to another.

I noticed today that throughout much of the movement I do not feel motion sick, but for some reason right near the end of each movement is when I tend to feel sick. I think it has to do with the fact that the rate of movement seems constant for the duration of the move. It would be better if it slowed down – decelerated – near the end. I don’t know why but this is what seems to be the case.

If I just close my eyes for the few seconds near the end of each move sequence it tends to help a lot.

I’m still waiting for support on whether it will be possible to get Darknet to work. I also noticed another app is crashing today.

Although the focus is not perfect, it seems like I can live with it. I keep the lenses as clean as possible and keep the headset adjusted properly. I notice that my point where the headset is correctly focused is right near the end of how far the dial turns, which concerns me.

All in all I am happy to have the Gear VR and know it is something I will continue to use and enjoy in the future.

Prelude on a lute

This is little prelude BWV 999 played on lute. Have been working on this piece on keyboard for a while. Technically not very difficult but just a lot of notes to memorize.

I like this interpretation which is much slower than many others. Its nice to dwell in the chords and not rush through them.

One thing that kind of annoyed me when initially learning it was that the arpeggiation of the chords was fully written out in the score I have. As you can hear, its basically the same pattern of arpeggiation throughout the piece, so its not really necessary to completely write out each arpeggiated note for the entire piece. In fact its easier to play and learn if it is not.

This is a piece where slight nuances of articulation on keyboard can make a big difference in how it feels.

This is what is being destroyed

This is being destroyed to feel “sympathy” and “compassion” for rancid dumbfucks who can’t use birth control and are invading Europe and its totally, completely fucked.

Its not racist to protect your heritage, your roots, and your homeland: Its your sacred duty.

If you really want to help them, build camps in neighboring countries which would be a fraction of the cost.

Profound composition

Starting to study this piece. The left hand is very challenging. The emotion this piece instills is very profound. For me it is complete and necessary.

By complete I mean that it is able to completely fulfill me. I need nothing else. By necessary I mean that I need it as part of my life, as part of the music that I listen to. (It is not exclusive because yes I can and do listen to other music.)

I realize though that music created by others who do not have this inspiration or something very similar to it leaves me feeling empty. I’ve had way too many empty musical experiences in my life unfortunately, and there’s way too much empty music in general and the trend is in the wrong direction (not surprisingly like so many other things). In a sense this world is really lost.

I was looking for a guitar version of this e-flat major praeludium and the only one I saw was terrible. But I did find this guitar version of the e major praeludium for violin solo by Bach which also exists as the sinfonia for his cantata “Wir danken dir” (which is a majestic, beautiful organ piece):

As a woman I want to write that this is one of the biggest turn on’s – not like so many pretentious “dude” idiots with tight abs who are totally full of themselves (and full of crap) – but a man like this, so immersed in the process of creation and devotion to music, where you can see the joy and ecstasy in his expression as he plays.

Prophecy about Donald Trump

You know what’s interesting? In this video notice spread out along the table the tubs of a product. If you look carefully you will see that the labels read Red Supremefood and Green Supremefood.

What’s notable about this is that my stomach was not feeling good again today. My appetite was low. I went the entire day with eating only some fruit but had no appetite for anything else. I also had food poisoning about a week ago and perhaps my system is still a bit sensitive from that.

I was feeling really, really drained much of the day. I knew that my body probably needed nourishment, but I didn’t know what to give it. Nothing appealed to me.

Then something came to me, sort of like a flash. I remembered that I had these packets of superfood powder mix that I got at the health food store a while back. They have been sitting in my kitchen for a while and even though I had gotten them I never used them. Until earlier. I was so overjoyed when I remembered them!

I had two packets: Green Superfood and Raw Reserve, made by a company named Amazing Grass. First I had the packet of Green Superfood and, feeling so good after drinking it, I immediately used the second packet of Raw Reserve. Both of them I mixed with some organic unsweetened soymilk and some Mango Cogo juice.

I was so uplifted by this I even told myself that I have to go get some more as soon as possible because its a lifesaver.

The two miracle packets that really saved me when I was feeling de-energized.

The two miracle packets that really saved me when I was feeling de-energized.

Then, just a short while ago, I came across the above video on YouTube and was curious about the tubs of product on the tables which turned out to be Red and Green Supremefood.

What Donald Trump is doing is revolutionary. I believe that there is a reason why everything has happened the way it did. I believe that Donald Trump was given so much wealth so that, one day, his heart would be so deeply moved out of concern and deep love for his country – our country – that he would make the sacrifice to run for President to fix our country and make it great again during a time when our democracy was so broken that it would not otherwise be possible for someone not beholden to the oligarchy to do so.

trump_oath 2

I recommend watching the 6/15/2016 campaign rally in Atlanta. This is about saving America and I believe it may also have a major impact on the world. America needs a strong, honest, clear-spoken leader, not another weasel who is a shill for the oligarchy.

Above: The Dwight Eisenhower speech to our troops on D-Day which is mentioned in the prophecy.

My plan to save America’s crumbling cities

Impoverishment has reached shocking levels across the United States. The city I live was ranked in the top ten worst cities in the world in terms of homelessness, although I’m not sure of the actual verifiable source for it (it was a YouTube video). Still, there’s no doubt that it is one of the worst regardless of its exact ranking.

I think there is a way to solve the problem. I don’t know of any other way to preface this so let me just try to spill it all out as best I can. Sorry if this is not the most elegant exposition. Its 04:21 in the morning.

The basic idea is to create, in the heart of cities, the best vocational/technical schools in the world. Instead of homeless people living on streets, in shelters, or in sub-standard housing, they will live in dormitory-style housing on campus. Their lives will be centered around learning.

I envision these vocational schools to be extensions of already existing community college systems. But one difference is that they will be on a greater scale.

The way I see it, we as a society spend billions of dollars on new developments all the time. when it comes to some new development project downtown, there’s no shortage of people with money wanting to invest.

But then, when it comes to community colleges, they tend to always be operating with fixed budgets and limited resources. That entire thinking needs to fundamentally change. Education needs to be seen as the most important thing in society.

People living in the dormitories will be expected to adhere to a basic, strict code of conduct. There will be little if any tolerance for failure to adhere to the code of conduct.

For people who do adhere, conditions will be good. It will be designed for people to want to take the right path. But for people who do not want to take the right path there must be no tolerance. This will have to dovetail with community policies, such as law enforcement policies, which also have no tolerance for such behaviors. It is critically important to set up a distinction between healthy conduct and unhealthy conduct.

A second, major part of this dovetails with the platform of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who intends to bring jobs back to the United States and to create many of the types of jobs which the United States used to have in abundance years ago: Manufacturing jobs.

All I can say is, if Hilary Clinton becomes President, we can expect to see more people smoking crack and doing meth and many more Jamba Juice-type jobs which might be appropriate as part-time afterschool jobs for kids, but are not real jobs that should comprise the bread-and-butter of the American economy.

We need to start making the things we use, not expecting other countries – most notably China – to make them all. The devices we rely on every day, all the technologies around us – there’s no excuse for us not to be designing and manufacturing such things here with our own hands.

I highly recommend watching Donald Trump’s June 15, 2016 campaign rally in Atlanta. This is Donald Trump at his peak. This is the fruition of his months and months of running for President, speaking as the Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States.

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