Cultural parasitism and the creation of ethnic mafias

Nordic people are trusting, they’re open-minded, they respect effort and, what was going on there in my reaction, was that I was in effect being tricked into thinking that this person was exercising some kind of aesthetic discipline and was very pious in some way or another, and that to me was a sign of effort, a sign of work.

They know how to exploit that, and they do it mercilessly. They always will exploit our willingness to treat them as individuals and give them the benefit of the doubt, but they always are working to benefit their own in group. They don’t have the sense that we’re citizens of a greater humanity.

The net result of that is that whenever Nordic Europeans encounter these tribal groups is we get exploited by it and that we really can’t compete with them on fair terms…

Don’t let yourself get ripped off. Don’t sell yourself or your culture, your people, out. That’s not virtue, its ignorance.

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