Run fast virtual machines in Ubuntu with LXD

I was going to install a KVM virtual machine until I found out about LXD:

LXD is a hypervisor based on Linux containers that provides blindingly fast, very efficient, very low-footprint virtual machines of any Linux on Ubuntu.

LXD crushes KVM in density and speed

  • LXD achieves 14.5 times greater density than KVM
  • LXD launches instances 94% faster than KVM
  • LXD provides 57% less latency than KVM

LXD is the container-based hypervisor lead by Canonical. Today, Canonical published benchmarks showing that LXD runs guest machines 14.5 times more densely and with 57% less latency than KVM.

Sometimes it seems like things are changing so fast that there’s no time to breathe. Anyhow it looks really cool and also fairly straightforward to start using.

This is what happened to a Donald Trump supporter in Los Angeles

All she was doing was sitting by Donald Trump’s star with signs in support of him. An angry mob surrounded her, mocked her, and eventually attacked her. Its absolutely appalling. What’s really sick is that these people are accusing supporters of Donald Trump of hatred yet look at what they’re doing.

We are so blessed


To have this man working so hard on behalf of the people of America to lead the country to a brighter future.

Sharia-villes in Michigan: An outrage and an atrocity against America

My city has a disease

My city has a disease: Too much welfare and too many illegals.

If there were a vote (you know, democracy?) tomorrow on welfare and illegals, I guarantee you that the result would be overwhelmingly against both.

Welfare and illegals deprive resources and opportunities from citizens who are striving. I’d like to ask any politicians who support welfare and illegals what the fuck they are thinking by harming their own citizens and putting the priorities of illegals and fuckups above people who are striving to make their lives better?

What the fuck is wrong with them?

Good things about America

After my last post about America being satanic, I thought I would make another post about good things in America.

1. Americans in general are really intelligent, together, good natured people.

2. Americans tend to have a highly developed sense of music and other art.

3. America is one of the most multi-cultural places in the world if not the most. Americans read about tensions, discord, or conflicts between other groups in other parts of the world, and from our viewpoint we can’t even imagine such things happening here because we all love, respect, and appreciate each other to the extent that those things simply wouldn’t happen here.

4. America tends to accept even out there things. People can do whatever they want, even things that might be considered extreme, and usually no one cares about it. While not enough people may appreciate it, it is actually a huge thing. Every place is only as rich as its dark side. Everywhere needs a dark side for its spirit.

5. I love department stores and mass-produced things. While some might bemoan such things, the technology which enables things like blue jeans to be mass produced is obviously a huge benefit to humanity. America excels in being a country that can provide abundantly to those in the middle. While its nice to like exquisite things its important to cherish that because we can create things efficiently and at low cost they can be available to many people.

6. Very advanced thinking. So many things come from America. I’m a computer science student and it amazes me how many concepts and things were created here such as the Java programming language.

7. Spirit of helping others. There is a strong spirit in America of helping others. There are a lot of people who are like angels in society who do a lot of good. There is a lot of benevolence and good intention and people who are dedicated to making things better.

8. Freedom. Need I say more?

9. Tolerance. I already covered this in 4. but I’m still thinking about it because tolerance is so important in the world and we see how it is lacking is so many places.

10. Close to other countries. America welcomes scholars from around the world to study in its universities. It is open to rich cultural, scientific, and other exchanges. It has a free and open academia (although there is a severe problem with the cost of education which in many cases is outrageous and available only to an entitled elite).

Is America satanic? I feel like it has crossed that threshold in some ways. There are dark things which occur. There are dark agendas advanced by powerful interests which often conduct covert propaganda and mass persuasion campaigns with dark motives. One thing I think is kind of like this is when you consider how much psychological engineering goes into the design and marketing of motor vehicles. Look at the grills of many SUV’s. They look like medieval shields. They are designed to impart a psychological sense of domination and power.

These kinds of twisted manipulations are all around us and permeate marketing and media, yet many people are not aware of them and fall prey to them. Another dark campaign is one against bicycling and bicyclists. There are probably paid groups which deliberately astroturf on forums to promote intolerance and hatred of things including bicycling. Sadly it was recently reported that this also goes on on a huge scale in China.

Veganism is still pushed to the margin and there are often attempts to deliberately malign veganism and the organics movement. On Google News I set up “organic” as one of my news sources and I’m shocked at how many anti-organic propaganda “news” “stories” there are. To attack bicyclists, vegans, and organic foods is satanic. Bicyclists are getting killed and maimed in the streets of America. They truly are martyrs for Earth.

Its quite sickening that the Obama administration allowed this to happen and did not do more to speak out and stand up for things.

Cool JDrama tech gadgets

What mystery jdrama would not be complete without a Mini 8 Multi Voice Changer to scramble the bad guy’s voice when he calls the protagonist to lure and/or taunt him or her? I actually saw one of these models (the more expensive black one in the listing) in a drama and was surprised to find its an actual device you can buy, not just a prop they were using for the drama.

On Linux there’s a free LADSPA pitch-shifter plugin called Autotalent which can do the same thing as the Mini 8 Multi and has more settings.

I recently installed the ubuntustudio-audio metapackage and have been trying out various music creation & production apps on Ubunut. Some of them are very cool. autotalent is already available in the Ubuntu package archives. To use it I’ve been using QJackCtl for routing setup and JackRACK for loading plugins (it has a ton a plugins built into it!).

Ubuntu also recognizes my Zoom H2N recorder in USB microphone mode although I haven’t been able to route it properly with Jack to use it with plugins.

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