High-speed, electrified rail coming to California

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/AP) — The Trump administration has agreed to fully fund a $650 million federal grant for electrification of the Caltrain system that would also help California’s high-speed rail project.

The Federal Transit Administration announced its decision on the Caltrain funding request Monday.

Trump Administration Approves $650 Million For Caltrain Electrification

The only sad thing as that California is turning into a vast, 3rd-world ghetto savagescape so maybe it won’t matter by the time the line is completed.

Maybe it should have been built in Ohio or somewhere else.

Return to the light

Just because there may be a lot of darkness doesn’t mean there isn’t light.

This is what it’s all about

Put me on a desert island with this.  This is all I need.

Everything else is degeneracy.

I’m embarrassed to post this, but this is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned

I’m embarrassed to write this post but I really love this handheld cannister vacuum I got recently – an Oreck BB1200. Note that the model variant on their website is “DB” but the one I found online for a really good price was the “LR”.

This is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned. The build quality is amazing.  It’s made in USA. If you want to know how well things were made in the 1970’s get this.  For someone who lives in an apartment this is the perfect vacuum cleaner.

It’s lightweight and you can either hold it with the convenient handle or use the shoulder strap. Even though the filter compartment isn’t really large it seems to compress the dirt so well you don’t have to empty the filter for a long time.

It also has a secondary filter where the air exhaust comes out in the back which is a really nice touch. The power cord is quite long which is very convenient and it’s made of a high-quality rubber material which is much nicer than the cheaper vinyl-type power cords.

This vacuum is so nice that it actually makes cleaning fun. All I can say is that getting this vacuum was an excellent investment.

Now that I’ve written a post about a vacuum cleaner I know I’ve passed inexorably into the realm of being a complete geek. But I’m happy 🙂

Oreck BB1200. Love it!

Hypernormalization and crime

Am watching the film Hypernormalization again and I like the part where they’re discussing the idea of the job of politicians is to deal with managed outcomes.

I see that every day. Managed outcomes means that we let people out of jails because there isn’t enough space to hold them and anyhow it costs more money. So you basically have criminals out in the streets. At this point in the breakdown of society it’s tacitly accepted that you can steal things from people and get away with it.

There was a case of a woman who actually stole an ambulance – yes, an ambulance – and yet a couple days later she was shot by police after she had stolen another vehicle and tried to run them over. What the fuck was she doing out free after having stolen an ambulance?? Managed outcomes.

Part of managed outcomes means accepting that certain people are victimized as just part of the equation. Your shit gets stolen, your car broken into, or even stolen – that’s just an acceptable part of it all. No investigation is done because – there’s other shit they need to investigate like stabbings and killings, etc. Managed outcomes.

Basically we’re in a fucked world that has broken down this far and is getting worse, yet like all the fake news and ubiquitous lies – just like the sugar that is in all the foods – an illusion is created of some kind of normality that is purely contrived. It has no relation to reality because reality doesn’t really mean shit.

The lawlessness and insecurity in your community, the breakdown of order and of rule of law in socity, the inexorable descent of our country into a vast, third-world savagescape: Managed outcomes.

By the way, the film does mention Donald Trump. It seems to take an agnostic position about him or perhaps they are trying to paint him as some kind of opportunist. However I believe that God put Donald Trump in that position so that he would gain wealth and one day become the leader of America during it’s time of crisis.

What the fake news thing is about

What the fake news things about is this: Only the oligarchy-controlled mainstream media has the right to create fake news. They are targeting unsanctioned sources of fake news because they want to maintain the exclusive right to create and distribute fake news.

Let me give you some examples of fake news:

Remember the thing about soymilk being bad? Soymilk can cause breast cancer, etc. That is 100% fake bullshit. Soymilk is extremely healthy. Yes there are naturally occurring compounds in soymilk but they occur at levels so incredibly low that they absolutely pose no health risk whatsoever. In fact they may be beneficial. The soymilk is bad story is 100% fake news. It’s a lie. Yet debunking this lie was not a priority for the fake news mainstream media.

I regularly see “news” articles panning organics, panning vegetarianism and veganism. Let’s be clear about this: Organic food is absolutely better. Just because some chemist did or did not detect something in a lab in a sample doesn’t mean that organic food is bad. That’s complete bullshit. This is a huge lie. Yet again debunking this lie is not a priority.

Vegetarianism and veganism have also been the subject of many fake news attacks. There’s no question that going vegan is one of the absolute best things you can do for the Earth and for your body (and soul). There have been a lot of fake stories – again based on what some extremely limited analysis concluded. Again, there is no outcry over this.

Just like there is sugar loaded into so many foods – walk into even a “health” food store and so many of the products are loaded with sugar – we are being pumped with incessant lies and disinformation.

And just as with sugar, it’s very hard to avoid the lies. They permeate everything. It takes an extreme amount of diligence and perseverance to recognize them and to avoid them.

They know that most people don’t have the will, the strength to resist and that’s how they win.

Hence we have a society that’s extremely sick.

Sugar, illegal immigration, media lies

Notice how ubiquitous all three are? Notice how extensively they try to push them down everyone’s throats?

Toxic sugar pushed down everyone’s throats by globalist conglomerates is a good metaphor for all the shit going on.

By the way, Starbucks has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. They tried to take a moral stand to support illegal immigration. Have some illegal immigrants with your toxic, disgustingly sugar-over-laden beverage.

And it’s funny, remember that video of Hillary talking about her Starbucks drink when she started acting weird?

It all fits together.

Vivaldi: The web browser of the future (master list of extensions)

So I’ve started using Vivaldi as my main web browser. It simply performs much better than Firefox. It is radically faster and plays media better (less choppy/laggy/etc.). It has more features than Chrome or Opera. It’s simply the best browser available.

I have a high standard for a web browser and Vivaldi comes close to meeting every expectation very well and exceeding many.

Vivaldi is based on the Chrome engine and uses Chrome extensions. Here’s a list of the extensions I use. I highly recommend all of these.

List of Vivaldi/Chrome/Opera extensions

Ghostery Protect your privacy. See who’s tracking your web browsing with Ghostery. One of the first extensions I immediately install on all browsers (including mobile).

uBlock Origin An efficient blocker: easy on memory and CPU footprint, and yet can load and enforce thousands more filters than other popular blockers out there. This is the most important privacy/ad-blocking plugin. I use it along with Ghostery above. When you install it don’t forget to subscribe to the Anti-Adblock Killer list (go into the options for uBlock, select the 3rd-party filters tab and check the box next to Anti-Adblock Killer to enable it).

Tab Cookies Get in control of your privacy automatically deleting the unused cookies created in each tab when you close it. Similar to CookieCuller Firefox add-on. Whitelist only the sites (such as banking) that you absolutely need to store cookies for.

Dictionary Tip Look up definitions in a small frame without leaving the web page

Disable HTML5 Autoplay Disables autoplay of all HTML5 audio and video

Flashcontrol Block Flash from loading automatically and allow content only on selected sites. Use this with Disable HTML5 Autoplay above to stop the annoying video autoplay when viewing e.g. news websites. This one blocks flash video autoplay while the above blocks HTML5 video autoplay.

Draw.io Desktop Draw.io is a completely free diagram editor. For computer science it’s great for diagramming trees and nodes. Actually the draw.io website is just as good without the need for installing this extension but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Foxish live RSS RSS feed reader in the style of Firefox’s live bookmarks. Set up some RSS bookmarks and put them on your Bookmark Bar. When you click on them you’ll see a dropdown list of all the headlines for each site. Only issue with this is that the width of the column of article headlines is a bit too narrow and cuts off the headlines. Still this is the closest you can get to Firefox’s Live Bookmarks (which, incidentally, is the only remaining reason I still use Firefox).

Hand Tool Use your mouse or stylus to smoothly pan web pages, bringing Photoshop Hand Tool to the web. This is really great if you use a Trackpoint or similar pointing device.

LastPass Password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. Can’t live without it!

List Opened Tabs An extension to list, search, rearrange, close, and switch tabs.

Recently Closed Tabs This small extension provides you with a simple way to reopen some web pages you closed before.

TinEye Reverse Image Search Find out where an image came from, how it’s used, or find higher resolution versions. Extremely useful.

YouTube High Definition Powerful tool that will let you play all YouTube videos in HD and change video player size automatically.

A couple final tips: In order to enable Vivaldi’s ability to save documents in MHT archive format type vivaldi://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml into the addressbar, press enter, then select enable.

To add dict.org as a search provider go to Tools -> Settings -> Search, click Add New Search Engine and use the info provided in this post.

This kind of makes me sad

Saw this when updating Notepad++:

It’s sad when our intelligence agencies cannot keep secrets. Wtf is going on? Did all these recent NSA/CIA leaks occur because employees leaked it, or was it because they got p4wned somehow?

I wonder if they have a strict policy requiring only Linux/BSD to be used??

I realize, now, what’s missing

I’ve been aware of this for some time. It seems like the more immersed I became with the AltRight the more I became aware of it. There’s a disjunct. Something is not right. Something is really not right. I mean, just look at the disconnect between what people are saying and what is reality.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what it is. In fact it’s pretty obvious once you step outside the echo-chamber-bubble-thing of these online forums/social-media-things/whatever-they-are-called.

People can blah blah blah all day and to some extent it may help, but in the end – in the end – you need a movement. You need actual power. You need to move people and, above all, you need leaders.

Social media/echo-chamber-thing stars are not really leaders. There is the potential that they could be, but for the most part, by-and-large, they aren’t. If there are any leaders among them it would be one of the rarest exceptions actually.

None of the people on the AltRight are really leaders. There are many pundits, theoreticians, social scientists, analysts, etc. But we really, unfortunately, don’t have a leader. By leader I mean someone like Donald Trump – but even better. I mean a person who has it in them naturally to be a leader, who can actually stand up in front of a crowd and get them going – without needing an online presence or anything.

And I realize also that this situation is not unique to the AltRight. The left is in a similar, quite sad position. I saw a news segment about a Democrat podcast event that was held yesterday. There were some former staff from the Obama administration there and then Kamala Harris showed up. She came of like complete crap, totally lacking any natural leadership ability, like some kind of parasitic worm.

These effete former Obama administration guys were talking and the whole thing was basically drab as hell. Like the proverbial ceremonial wedding sheep that is slaughtered but has no blood. An empty sacrifice.

Yesterday I watched a Millennial Woes video where he was answering a reader’s question about what regrets he has in his life. It kind of makes me think that, if I have any regret, it’s that taking the path I’ve taken in my life, for reasons I will not discuss here, kind of makes it impossible for me to be a leader. Because the more I become aware of all this stuff the more it is clear to me that I actually am one of those few people who has an innate ability to be a strong, good leader.

All I can say is: Without a leader, without leaders – true leaders – people are fucked. Pundits are good. Talking heads are good. Commentators are good. Analysts are good. Social media icons are good. Etc. etc. but what is really, sorely needed right now is/are (a) good leader(s). I really think that’s one major reason why we’re so fucked and why things are going to continue to collapse.

It’s not enough for people to comment on, to discuss things. You have to lead. You have to stand up in front of people and explain to them what they need and how they can do it. You have to connect the world of ideas with the crucial world of action. I have to say a lot of this stuff online – you can keep doing all this agitating and stuff – but without leadership, without a movement actually going somewhere, getting things done, getting things accomplished, it doesn’t amount to much. It might even be counterproductive in some ways.

I appreciate many of the thoughtful people (actually AltRight, left, or any other persuasion) who contribute actual ideas and make us think and become more aware, but we really need (a) leader(s)!


Now that I think about it, that might actually be one of the things the oligarchy and its mind-control/propaganda establishment is really afraid of: Real leaders. Passionate leaders. People who can really stand up and make things happen.

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