“…not to be celebrated in the presence of common people…”

The late 13th-century theorist Johannes de Grocheo believed that the motet was “not to be celebrated in the presence of common people, because they do not notice its subtlety, nor are they delighted in hearing it, but in the presence of the educated and of those who are seeking out subtleties in the arts.”

wikipedia.org: Motet

Came across this quote today while reading.

“Seeking out subtleties in the arts”. I love it! Love it!

On that note, I was again reflecting today on the clash between brahmanic cultivation and decadance. One can witness how there are attempts to appropriate aspects of brahamanic cultivation yet these amount to no more than scheming since they fail to heed the ground of brahmanic cultivation. To put it more basically, people can lie for a while and make things which are ungrounded seem like reality, but eventually they collapse.

Thinking about Buddhism, Taoism, and modern life

Hello I’m updating this post with more relevant information.

To start off there is something that I find very strange about the world: Why do people help other people who do not have their best interests at heart?

This is a very basic question, but one sees that it occurs all the time that people help others who do not have their best interests at heart.

There is a teaching about the precious garden. A place that one has cultivated and in which many nourishing things grow. Helping others who do not have one’s best interests at heart is like letting someone into the garden who will damage it. It doesn’t make sense.

There are many people in the world who do not have the best interests of people at heart. They will take what they are given and turn around and cause harm to those who gave. Yet people continue to give to such people.

What causes this? Obviously it is a type of ignorance.

One classic example of this is watching television. When people watch most (but not all in the world) television they are giving to others who do not have their best interests at heart. They are therefore enabling the spread of suffering and harm in the world.

Why would anyone do this? I know I’m going in a loop with this but the paradox of it is, to me, astounding. I witness it all around me and it shocks me. I see it everywhere and it perplexes me.

Some people are honest, sincere, hard-working, and dedicated people who spend their lives working at things, and then those people give their power to others who turn and cause harm.

Think of the Nazi collaborators. Why would people collaborate, why would they allow the fruits of their hard work and dedication to benefit others who cause harm? Either they themselves have bad intentions or else they’re really ignorant.

I’m afraid that in our modern world the latter case is what seems to be prevalant. Even though people have advanced degrees and high levels of knowledge, they act in ways that are extremely ignorant by enabling those who harm society.

In thinking about the roots of this there are Buddhist teachings that give me guidance. If a person is weak then they will give themselves over to something destructive. For example the need for entertainment. Rather than not require entertainment, or else pursue a form of entertainment that is wholesome, they pursue unwholesome entertainment which has all sorts of destructive results.

People are making these unwholesome choices constantly and look at where things are with the world. We are in a situation where people have lost touch with even understanding how reality can be and what their true natures are. It is a demented process that leads to more dementedness. It seems like it can’t be stopped.

But I believe it can be stopped. All one has to do is get back to the foundations. Remember the core teachings. Being able to practice a virtuous life and striving to pursue only virtuous, wholesome things helps decrease suffering in the world.

People act like it’s not a big deal when they make unwholesome choices. They try to trivialize the damage and adverse effects that they cause. I find this really sickening actually.

There are a lot of examples of how people being consumed by unwholesome impulses leads to harm in the world. Many good examples relate to “entertainment”. For example actor and comedian Bill Cosby was very popular in society for many years. It seemed like an innocuous desire to be entertained that people watched this man and thus gave to him. But this man was a serial rapist who harmed many women over many years. The activities of all those millions of people being consumed by their unwholesome desires for entertainment led to the rape of women.

Another example could be some modern artists who might be destructive people who harm others in their personal lives. Think of some popular artist whose works are exhibited at modern art museums, who people who want to be entertained by modern art then pay money to, can harm people. The artist might be a drug addict. An abuser. A rapist. Etc. People wanting to be entertained by art are causing the suffering of the victims of the artist.

I remember before the Olympics in Brazil how there were very strong protests by the local people against the Olympics being there, against the people being displaced to build the facilities for the sporting events.

But just recently it was in the news how one of the facilities there – which initially had been promoted as being of lasting benefit to the people in the communities there – how this facility has become a decrepid, unusable pile of garbage. It is worse than if nothing had ever been built. Then of course there is the corrupt Olympic Committee and the bribery scandals. And there is the rampant doping that occurs in much of the “sports”. In all the Olympics is very unwholesome, is rotten, and not positive.

People thousands of miles away, wanting to be entertained, then watch the Olympics and thus give money to it, and enable all this destruction to occur. It’s sad. It’s just another type of ignorance.

In order for people to transcend ignorance they have to first be aware that there’s something better. They cave in to ignorance because they know of nothing better. They are muddled in their understanding and therefore cannot see the harm their poor choices are making, and understand that there are better choices.

And of course those better choices are harder to make because, surprise, so many people are making the bad choices. Thus it becomes even harder. It gets to a point that one has to sort of be abnormal to not be unwholesome, not be destructive.

This is a sad, sick path that society is aflicted by but I believe there is a clear way out. I believe that the teachings of Buddha are clear and very powerful. Now more than ever on this sad, very sick planet where there’s so much destruction, it’s important to be strong and be wise and to choose wholesomeness.

Sorry I didn’t do a better job of oranizing my thoughts on this. I would like to write more about this because there is a lot more to write about.

How can you not love Ayla?

Watching Wife with a Purpose’s latest video – post nasty derisive mainstream media coverage of her which occurred last week.

All I can say is: How can you not love Ayla? She’s so cool! She’s this amazing, thought-provoking, conscientious, and considerate mom who creates these videos where she shares her insights, knowledge, wisdom, and ideas honestly and openly.

The only people who could not like her are people who don’t want you to think, to use your mind, and to freely express ideas and communicate.

Unfortunately there are a lot of such people as can be seen. To see her being attacked is just like, wow. Attackers instantly and completely lose all credibility.

First Millenial Woes and now Wife with a Purpose. And we see how totally out of touch mainstream media has become – a dying dinosoar on the verge of a very welcome extinction.

I think the most sick thing about it is the overarching arrogance of the dying mainstream media as it just implicitly thinks it is in a position to pronounce the totality of a person’s ideas and thoughts as unacceptable, like a Pontiff at some kind of inquisition.

How to fix LibreOffice’s horrible user interface issues under Ubuntu

LibreOffice is supposed to be really good, and it is really good, however on my Ubuntu systems which run KDE the interface of LibreOffice looks terrible.

I tried changing the themes and various interface settings but it does not help. Icons look horrible. The background is is horribly dark to the point of being unusable. Finally though I found a way to fix it. You have to completely remove LibreOffice and all its components, then selectively reinstall certain ones.

Use the following command to completely remove LibreOffice. You may have to do dpkg -L |grep libreoffice to see the exact package names of LibreOffice on your system which may be slightly different.

sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice libreoffice-base libreoffice-calc libreoffice-writer libreoffice-impress libreoffice-en-us libreoffice-draw libreoffice-dict-fr libreoffice-dict-es libreoffice-dict-en libreoffice-ure libreoffice-debian-menus uno-libs3 ure

This will remove LibreOffice and components and libraries associated with it. Now just selectively install the LibreOffice components you want. For example to install Writer, Calc, and Impress:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-writer libreoffice-calc libreoffice-impress

It turns out that some packages intended to “integrate” LibreOffice with Ubuntu actually mess it up. When you just install the two packages above you will get a clean interface without any of the messed-up themeing.

The way American citizens are being screwed over makes me livid

I am from Ohio, and one thing that makes me livid is to see how the amazing, incredibly good, hard-working, honest and intelligent people of midwestern states are being totally fucked over while states like California turn around and give free shit to illegals.

Most of what is great about America was built by people from the Midwest and their intelligence and hard-working ethic.

But then Silicon Valley sprang up on the west coast. For a while it was sane there, but then in recent years the politicians running California are basically criminals who have allowed massive amounts of illegals to swarm in and who are busy bending over backwards to give as much free shit as they can to them.

People from Ohio and other states should know that their country which was built by their ancestors is being squandered and given away by corrupt politicians. The society they built and deserve to have is being destroyed.

The fact that California has so much money is due to ignorance and betrayal. People responsible for running businesses in a state which fucks over the citizens of the host country are often too ignorant to comprehend the destruction that their actions cause. They are too narrowly focused on more minute details of their companies without comprehending the impact that their hiring practices and the choice of location for their business has on the surrounding community and the country.

To locate a company in an area the economy of which is based in part upon a large illegal population is immoral and should be criminal. It is a Ponzi scheme and the ultimate victims of such a scheme are the hard-working citizens of the country that is being betrayed, who will lose opportunities.

It’s sick how people committing arch crimes in the name of capitalism and greed have the audacity to try to make it seem like they are morally superior and humanitarian. This is happening because of severe parasitism that has taken hold in politics.

I wish I could travel across America and tell people how deeply they’ve been betrayed and that they must demand changes to how our country is run. Places like California do not deserve the wealth they have and every sanctuary city is really a city of betrayal of American values and of the American people. I would like to show videos to the people of the Midwest of the throngs of invader illegals. Show illegals working jobs that Americans should be working. Show how many there are, and how far the government of California has gone to betray Americans.

People should be very upset about this. Our America – the one we built – is literally being stolen from us. The criminals enabling this are still in power and acting with impunity. People like Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamla Harris are literally spitting in the face of every American.

If these sick people get their way our entire country will turn into a third-world savagescape with rampant crime and lawlessness. They are turning America into a failed country. This is already evident across California. The cracks in their Ponzi scheme have become gaping holes, vast caverns where you see the impoverishment, the crime, the lawlessness, the destruction of basic principles of civilization.

These arch criminals are like demons who will promise a sugar-coated world of “freedom” and “values” but who will leave society an unsustainable, burnt-out, decreptid shell of hopelessness and broken dreams.

More criminals. More illegals. Shut up and bleed.

Basically, the title is a summation of the policies of the globalist oligarchy and the federal, state, and local government officials who serve it.

New California Prison Sentencing Rules To Cut Inmate Population By 9,500

There are already far too many criminals out wandering our communities. Every year I read about ghastly crimes in which people are severely victimized and often killed by criminals who have had multile previous convictions and who should not have even been free.

Just a couple weeks ago there was a horrendous rape of a young girl in a school restroom by two illegals who shouldn’t have even been in the country. The tepid response by public officials was an even bigger crime. The deliberate attempts to block and circumvent federal immigration law is the biggest crime. Yet so far we have not seen any arrests over these arch crimes.

There is also the myriad of lesser crimes of which people are victimized by all the time – thefts, etc. Things are so appalling right now that these crimes are not even counted – they are not considered significant enough to exist according to the authorities who have betrayed the people of America.

In the modern world run by the globalist oligarchy you’re supposed to shut up and bleed. If you are bleeding and speaking out then you’re considered a troublemaker and a bigger threat to their corrupt system than the actual criminals. That’s because the oligarchy and the officials who serve it are the criminals.

Your blood is considered an acceptable sacrifice for the sake of their profit.

Shut up and bleed so they can make money.

This is just so cute!

I don’t know why, but I find this gif touching in some way. Maybe it reminds me of my hair.

Someone posted this as solidarity against the hijab BS. Feel free to repost it in solidarity! I honestly find hiding one’s hair and one’s body to be immoral. The modesty excuse is mostly a lame copout for hypocrites. If you want to make God happy get off your fat ass and get outside and do some yoga naked in the grass. And stop eating the flesh of sentient beings.

Image courtesy of giphy.

It all goes up in flames

Top UC Berkeley Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Hudin also admitted that Searle “has had sexual relationships with his students and others in the past in exchange for academic, monetary, or other benefits.”

“I’m fucking my professor | boss | commander.”

Everything goes up in flames.

I think America is satanic and this type of thing, which we see frequently in media, indicates it. Using one’s status to get sex – that’s just so inappropriate. American society is satanic, it is possessed by demonic energy. Now another career up in flames.

What the fuck did they research at the “social ontology” center? They are blind to satanism. What the fuck is worth researching if you are blind to satanism?

The sad thing is, the victims of demonic energy are usually the last ones to fully comprehend it. They are too messed up by it to be able to see clearly.

The drug epidemic is another sign of the satanism. It does the same thing – the victim caves in to the desire and for a while they ride high – before it burns them, burns up their life, usually burns up their bodies and leaves them as a burned-out shell.

Satanism is a sign of a sick and a weak society that lacks positive role models. This definitely fits in with the cultural marxist stuff that is being pushed onto society. As a transgender I’m aware of this. I see how there are two transgenderisms – the politicized one that is used as a prop or a tool for people with agendas, people vying for power, and then the reality one of actual people who are transgender whose realities transcend any projections cast upon them.

To be clear, in the case above its not the sex that is satanic, its the caving in, the lack of ideals. If he had just hired an escort to fuck for $200 and had his fun that would have been that. But to prey on students – creepy and wrong. To think that one’s increase in status and privilege equates with an entitlement to sex – something’s fucked in his head.

Bill Clinton did this kind of shit also.

The satanic aspect comes into play because what’s happening with this guy is happening in the context of society – the cues – whether he’s aware of them or not – that his mind and spirit receive, all the feedbacks from society, the absence of things which in a healthy society would be there but which are not, all these things lead for this to happen, like the guy lost in his own hubris in the heart of the jungle.

It’s amazing how many things would be solved by people 1) hiring an escort (and a decent one, not some fucked up trash); 2) masturbating; and 3) practicing more temperance and abstaining. This is exactly the kind of thing that a professional escort could have solved.

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