Tidy Up with KonMari!

I love this. I found this at NHK about organizational guru KonMari. She’s like a goddess. These videos don’t stay up for long so I recommend watching it while it’s available.

KonMari gives amazing tips on how to basically change your space. I already applied some of her techniques and they are truly amazing.

nhk.or.jp: Tidy Up with KonMari!

California is happy :-)

California is happy right now. The state is wet from top to bottom. All the land, the forests, the hills which are often parched are now nice and wet. The weather is moist. We are in the midst of the rainy season and it’s so nice!

US soldier brutally beaten in outrageous attack

Attacked for serving his country: Soldier, 19, was beaten by ’15 men who spotted his army jacket’ – just days after a kind-hearted stranger flew him home to spend Christmas with his widowed mom

This is the reality of America. Wake up Americans.

This is what the invaders are doing in Europe

Vandals [read: Muslim invaders] in France torched 945 parked cars on New Year’s Eve in an arson rampage that has become a sinister annual “tradition” amid a row over whether the government sought to play down the figures.

According to the French interior ministry, the total of 945, which included cars that were either “totally destroyed” or “more lightly affected”, amounted to a 17 per cent rise compared to last year.

Despite this, New Year’s Eve “went off without any major incident”, the interior ministry insisted in a statement, adding that there were only “a few troubles with public order”.

source: telegraph.co.uk: Almost 1,000 cars torched around France on New Year’s Eve but government insists it ‘went particularly well’

90,000 security forces were deployed in France on New Year’s Eve to protect people from the invaders. 90,000. Fucking insane.

Every politician and bureaucrat in France who allowed the invasion to occur should be hanged. Their dead bodies should be dangling from ropes in downtown Paris.

I love Perl

If you ever learn one line of Perl, learn this. It’s so useful. I used this to fix a playlist which got messed up when I changed the server that holds my network drive with all my music on it. I first exported the playlist as an .xspf file which had lines like this in it:

?:\Music\00 - Ambient...

you see at the beginning of the path the ?: which is not right. My network drive is at M: so it should look like this:

M:\Music\00 - Ambient

this is really easy to change with Perl:

perl -pe 's/\?/M/g' my_playlist.xspf

you will notice that I had to escape the ? above because it is one of the special control characters which must be escaped inside a regular expression when it occurs outside a character class: .^$*+?()[{\|

To view the output of the command above just pipe it to the pager less:

perl -pe 's/\?/M/g' my_playlist.xspf |less

once you’ve examined it and are sure you have your regex substitution working correctly, redirect the output to a file:

perl -pe 's/\?/M/g' my_playlist.xspf > my_playlist-new.xspf

If you have no idea what any of this is or what I’m talking about: This is stuff you do in a command shell. If you’re on Windows you would want to install Cygwin and a nice console app like ConEMU. On Mac you already have a console built in, same with Linux.

Here’s a good reference on Perl regular expressions.


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