Why I’m voting for Donald Trump on November 8th

Donald Trump – despite the constant attacks, lies, and slander against him – will unquestionably be the best candidate for women.

I am voting for Donald Trump because I have seen the appalling mess left behind by the lying, hypocritical, “liberal” and “progressive” Democrats who have turned our country into a free-for-all for criminals, misogynists, illegals, drug dealers, and all sorts of scum.

Our cities have become disgusting, abusive, unsafe places where women cannot safely comport themselves without being harassed, abused, or subject to violence.

It is the logical result of the years and years of “liberal” and “progressive” Democrats’ policies which have allowed a huge influx of illegal immigration, have resulted in an utterly shocking and abhorrent lack of lawlessness across America – particularly in its big cities – even while the privileged entitled elites claim exemptions from the rule of law and special privileges for themselves.

The Democrats are giving us a third-world wasteland America that is not a safe, decent, and wholesome place for a woman to live. Hillary Clinton’s loyalties are to the rich – be they from backwards, undemocratic countries which persecute women and minorities or anywhere else.

The bottom line is that, beyond her smooth-talking BS she will allow the collapse of the United States into a third-world country to continue while rich bankers and elites continue to cash in at the expense of the people of not just the United States but of the entire world.

Also, Hillary Clinton represents a betrayal of the hard-working people whose blood, sweat, and tears created and built America into a great country. She will betray Americans like no other. She represents one of the greatest threats that has ever faced the United States of America and a true destruction of democracy and democratic principles.

The fact that Hillary Clinton was shoed-in by the establishment – by the oligarchy – as the Democratic nominee for president was a slap in the face to democracy and to all Americans. It’s time to respond to that slap on November 8th with a definitive answer that America won’t tolerate its government being hijacked by an oligarchy bent on serving itself while America descends into a third-world pit.

By serving the interests of the people of the United States Donald Trump will help to make the world a better, stronger place. There is no question who to choose on November 8th. The choice is as clear as day.

Please vote on November 8th for Donald Trump!

$9 computer

Was just reading an article at heise.de about the release of the $16 Chip Pro from the same company who make the $9 Chip computer.

Memorize this: . ^ $ * + ? ( ) [ { | [backslash]


This is a really good set of symbols to memorize because if you are writing a Perl-compatible regular expression (PCRE) then these are the symbols which if they occur as literals within expressions (and outside of character classes), they need to be escaped. [Sorry WordPress is messing up the backslash character in the title]

PCRE’s are used in languages including PHP, Python, and Java. And of course they are used in Perl.

Remember that character classes are enclosed in square brackets [], for example:
[a-z0-9] is a character class consisting of the range of lowercase letters and digits 0 through 9.

The symbols which must be escaped inside character classes are intuitive so don’t really need to be memorized. They include – which is used for ranges (as above), the \ character itself, and the right square bracket ] as well as the caret ^ which negates or inverts a character class.

Reference & credit:
stackoverflow.com: What special characters must be escaped in regular expressions?

Kaine: A scurrilous rogue

This is who is picked to be the #2 executive of the federal government. A scurrilous rogue.

Cool historical concept of the {time_interval}: Phoenician

As I was reading one of my computer science textbooks on my laptop something made me think about languages in general and alphabets. The whole idea of an alphabet – symbols to represent phonetic sounds which can be re-used and combined to form words – all began with Phoenician.

Phoenician is where it all began. We all owe some major credit to where it is due: With the brilliant person or people who started the first alphabet several thousands of years ago.

As a computer science student I have come to a special appreciation for symbols and writing. As neat as Java, Python, SQL, PHP, etc. are I’m still fascinated by how it all began thousands of years ago and who the brilliant genius or geniuses were who developed it.

I imagine what it would have been like in the ancient world to be a trader or traveler visiting an exotic, distant place and to encounter a written alphabet for the first time. Nowadays we get excited about so many things. Imagine seeing written text for the first time and being blown away at the sheer genius of it.

I can easily imagine some people being so blown away by it that they would have stopped everything – completely dropped everything else they were doing – in order to learn this amazing new inscription system.

If you look carefully at the symbols of the Phoenician alphabet you will notice that many if not most of them closely resemble their Greek and/or Latin equivalents.

Phoenician. Love it!

Hillary Clinton *Should* Be In Jail

Absolutely. Along with her should be many other people. Corruption at the highest levels. Using the office of Secretary of State of the United States of America as a pay-to-play scheme, as a private bribery machine, as do many Senators, Congress members, and other top officials.

Bypassing the interests and protocols of the government of the United States and the interests of the people of the United States in order to cut deals for personal gain. Its outrageous.

Hillary Clinton absolutely should be in jail and I’m glad Donald Trump is finally talking about her corruption and criminal activity bluntly. There absolutely should be a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton along with many, many other people.

The United States federal government is a dirty, bribery machine, controlled by the oligarchy, which is turning its full might against Donald Trump.

The same Democratic party apparatus operates at city and state levels across the United States in the same corrupt way. It is a crooked bribery machine which is literally destroying the United States and rotting its communities.

Nothing can be more grotesque than the appalling entitled, upper-class hypocrites supporting the corruption machine while they live in their insularized, privileged enclaves far away from the catastrophes they are responsible for.

Great Blue Angels video

Love this video. It shows many if not most of their major stunts and formations. While this video is good its nothing compared to seeing them in real life, to things like seeing 5 or 6 fighter aircraft whip past the roof of your apartment only a stone’s throw away, or whip over your head as you’re bicycling along a city street.

What you don’t see in this video is the “sky art” aspect of their flying which can be spectacular.

I love the Blue Angels. I see them every year. Its so exciting it almost makes me cry!

Today at the performance I met a man who is a visiting student in aircraft engineering from China. He said that the Chinese have something similar to the Blue Angels. One day I would love to see them also.

One thing we discussed was how the efforts of so many thousands and thousands of people goes into making such amazing aircraft. Some of the technology is the result of 20 or more years of intensive development.

The Blue Angels inspire me to do my best with my computer science courses. Just like each team member is doing their part, and all the thousands and thousands of people who create and maintain the amazing technology that is behind them, I feel that by studying hard in my classes I am doing my part. That is my way to be a part of the team.

Amazing Vim tip of the {time_interval}: Commenting blocks of text

If you have multiple lines of code that you want to comment out, here is an easy and fast way to do it in Vim:

From command mode, with the cursor placed on the first line of the block that you want to comment, type Ctrl-v to enter visual-block mode.

Move the cursor down to the last row of the block.

Enter insert mode: Shift-I (note it has to be capital I, not lowercase as one would normally enter insert mode from command mode).

Type the comment character (for example #) then press escape to exit insert mode. Automatically the entire block of lines will be commented.

Note that I tried to use this same procedure to uncomment a block and unfortunately it doesn’t work…

UPDATE: Here is another way to comment and uncomment blocks using Shift-v (visual-line mode) instead of Ctrl-v:

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2561418: #26 You could add the following mapping to your .vimrc

UPDATE2: This is even cooler:
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2561418: #1 Ctrl + k for comment (Visual Mode)

One you add the two lines to your .vimrc and you are editing a file, in command mode you just press “v” to go into visual mode, then move the cursor down to select a block, then press either Ctrl-k to comment the block or press Ctrl-u to uncomment the block. Very simple!

I think regular visual mode in this last example is easier than visual-block mode in the first one or than visual-line mode in the second one.

Credits & thanks:

devrefresh.wordpress.com: Vim: Comment a Block of Code

Ubuntu 16.10 “Yakkety” is coming closer, but…

Ubuntu’s next releast 16.10 “Yakkety” is coming closer. That’s a great thing, but I always like to wait a while after any Ubuntu release before installing it.

It is likely that in the first weeks or even months after an official release there will still be a significant amount of updates. I like to play it safe and wait a while. Let everyone use it for a while. If there are any serious issues they will get noticed and fixed. After things calm down a bit then I like to install it.

I’ve always found not being in a hurry to be much more beneficial in the long term.

Then again, I might be so eager to switch to KDE Plasma 5.7 (and ultimately to 5.8 via backport) that I will be impulsive and switch right away!

Also, one wonders if they will be going with the predictable “Zebra” for 17.04? Zebu might be more interesting.

Really cool Vim tip of the {time_interval}

I just discovered this today and its really useful when writing code.

To indent multiple lines, from command mode in Vim just enter the number of lines to indent and then >>.

So to indent 10 lines you would just enter 10>>

At the beginning of the semester everyone was discussing what IDE they use. I don’t know, I’m still really loving Vim. I would really miss it if I had to leave it. I know IntelliJ IDEA has a Vim mode which is cool but its still not the same as Vim in a terminal. Ok maybe it is the same but I still love plain old Vim 🙂

I guess part of it though is that I actually really like using console windows. I use a tabbed console program – right now I use Konsole although there are other good ones. So it wouldn’t be accurate to say that Vim is my IDE because Vim is only one component of it. My true IDE is a Linux BASH environment using the Vim editor. The BASH environment provides me with a lot of other powerful tools which I regularly use: rsync and scp to sync/transfer code between machines. cp and mv. chmod. less which I use frequently. And grep or egrep (actually I have a bash alias to a function which greps through source code folders for each class I take which is extremely useful when looking for bits of code).

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