More criminals. More illegals. Shut up and bleed.

Basically, the title is a summation of the policies of the globalist oligarchy and the federal, state, and local government officials who serve it.

New California Prison Sentencing Rules To Cut Inmate Population By 9,500

There are already far too many criminals out wandering our communities. Every year I read about ghastly crimes in which people are severely victimized and often killed by criminals who have had multile previous convictions and who should not have even been free.

Just a couple weeks ago there was a horrendous rape of a young girl in a school restroom by two illegals who shouldn’t have even been in the country. The tepid response by public officials was an even bigger crime. The deliberate attempts to block and circumvent federal immigration law is the biggest crime. Yet so far we have not seen any arrests over these arch crimes.

There is also the myriad of lesser crimes of which people are victimized by all the time – thefts, etc. Things are so appalling right now that these crimes are not even counted – they are not considered significant enough to exist according to the authorities who have betrayed the people of America.

In the modern world run by the globalist oligarchy you’re supposed to shut up and bleed. If you are bleeding and speaking out then you’re considered a troublemaker and a bigger threat to their corrupt system than the actual criminals. That’s because the oligarchy and the officials who serve it are the criminals.

Your blood is considered an acceptable sacrifice for the sake of their profit.

Shut up and bleed so they can make money.

This is just so cute!

I don’t know why, but I find this gif touching in some way. Maybe it reminds me of my hair.

Someone posted this as solidarity against the hijab BS. Feel free to repost it in solidarity! I honestly find hiding one’s hair and one’s body to be immoral. The modesty excuse is mostly a lame copout for hypocrites. If you want to make God happy get off your fat ass and get outside and do some yoga naked in the grass. And stop eating the flesh of sentient beings.

Image courtesy of giphy.

Here’s what a loud vehicle looks like

The new sound meter I ordered arrived today. It connects to a PC and has graphing capabilities and can also export data in spreadsheet format.

Above shows a vehicle that went by outside – somewhat loud but nowhere close to some of the really loud ones that pass.

The blue line shows the sound level and the red line is the max value. The max value gets set any time a new record high sound occurs. When the loud vehicle went by you can see that it set the max value to a new high.

Another thing to note – this meter records data points for every second of time. Not sure how it actually calculates the value for each interval of time, whether it is an average or a max value from a sample over the time period or just a brief slice from somewhere in the period.

You can see that the noice inside my apartment – the meter is about 15 feet from the windows – registered around 61 dBA, about 16 dBA above the baseline background level which is around 45 dBA. This occured after midnight. Think of all the people affected by this one driver.

It would be interesting to do big data analysis of sounds like this. Imagine having many graphs like this at different locations, but then also imagine that every vehicle has an ID tag on it and along with the ID is information about the driver. So for example you could analyze the data and find out what percentage of abusive noises are caused by illegals vs. citizens. Or data about what are the most common makes of vehicle that produce abusive levels of noise. Density of noise events during the course of the day/week/month/year. Correlations with weather and/or events. Correlations with how many prior tickets or convictions drivers have. Etc.

You could also compare this data against state and local laws and against law enforcement databases to see what percentage of abusive noises actually get ticketed, and whether there are any correlations between times of enforcement vs. times that noises occur.

It’s kind of funny – many cities have no compunction against putting up red light cameras. As a bicyclist I’m actually in favor of most of them. But think how easy it would be to have red noise cameras. Automatically detecting and pinpointing sources of loud vehicular noise emissions is clearly something that could be done as easily as red light cameras. But of course it’s never a fucking priority of the powers that be to actually give a fuck about citizens or to protect them.

Half the time I think the rancid punks driving these loud vehicles are the kids of the authorities running the city which is why they never do shit about it.

Study shows using GPS while driving switches off parts of brain

Reading about a new study which has shown that part of the brain in people driving with the aid of GPS is switched off.

I cannot say for other people, but I know for myself the changes which occur via using GPS to navigate are extremely positive ones. Instead of being anxious and preoccupied with looking for street signs and where to turn and which way I’m heading, when using GPS I can just chill out and relax. I can actually be much more aware of the actual scenery around me and I’m generally in a much better state of mind.

Sometimes I like to have GPS on even when I know a route to where I’m going, because it just makes it that much easier to not have to worry about missing a turn or looking for signs. There’s something very reassuring about driving with GPS and knowing, for example, that two miles before you need to take an exit ramp off a highway, you will be notified.

This is wrong in so many ways

DA not considering immigration status in plea deals, says public defender

When Deputy Public Defender Kathleen Natividad’s client, who has lived in the U.S. for 20 years after arriving here from Guatemala, was arrested for a DUI in 2015 by San Francisco police, the case had the potential to get him deported.

An illegal alien from Guatemala who most likely cannot read nor write and probably cannot speak English either, should never have been able to nor allowed to enter the United States. The fact that he has been in the United States for 20 years itself is an outrage. That alone shows that we do not have an immigration system nor even a meaningful border. Any fuckwit came come in and stay in. But the story get’s better:

That’s because immigration law says that a DUI conviction can impact one’s status, according to Public Defender’s Office lawyers. With that in mind, the Richmond carpenter and father of three — who is undocumented — and his lawyer came up with a compromise: he would plea to a wet-reckless charge and agree to the same fines and punishment as a DUI.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. First of all, when this guy was pulled over for a DUI they should have realized he is in the United States illegally and that should have been it. At that point he should have been deported.

Second, what the fuck is a public defender – on the taxpayer dollar – defending this person? That is very wrong and that is basically a violation of the law. This is public officials acting in violation of federal law – conspiring to circumvent it.

Third – this fuckwit has three children. That’s outrageous. These fuckers come to the US and have babies at taxpayer expense. These people are illiterate and they are stealing jobs from US citizens. Often these are jobs that people on the margins use to survive, and while we have tent cities and huge problems with poverty and unemployment, our politicians are faciltating this.

With three kids that means 4 jobs stolen and countless other opportunities and public resources wasted. While American citizens are hard at working studying for advanced degrees and pursuing their careers, putting off having kids, these fuckwits enter the country and have kids – usually they intentionally have kids in order to anchor themselves here. It’s outrageous and the kids need to be deported as well. Society should not be providing incentive for this bullshit but should be stopping it!

But the prosecutor would not agree, and now the case is heading to trial, which could end in a conviction and possibly deportation because such an outcome would make him an enforcement priority for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Let’s hope there is sanity an he is deported as quickly as possible. Every dime of taxpayer money spent on this is an outrage and a waste.

Last year, a state law took effect that instructs prosecutors to consider the impacts of plea bargains on immigration status.

That is completely fucked. That basically amounts to the government of the State of California having been subverted by foreign governments, and failing in its basic function as a government to protect and serve its citizens. Every politician responsible for this is guilty of a crime and should be proseccuted.

What the fuck has happened to California. It’s government is fucking outrageous. It has been flooded with tens of millions of illegals and rather than stop it the government is facilitating it. This is a crime.

President Trump, please help. Send in federal marshals or the FBI and start arresting politicians. Make a clean sweep. And send all illegals back including their kids who are not US citizens.

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