How grubby the City has become

Walking and riding buses through city today. It’s shocking, sad, and upsetting how grubby the city has become. You see illegals everywhere. If you see any construction projects going on almost all the workers are illegals. They all speak Spanish or Cantonese.

Buses are packed with lots of illiterate illegal welfare plundering migrants. Lots of little old Chinese ladies gabbing away in Cantonese who look like they have an ice cube’s chance in hell of ever being able to meaningfully participate in our country or our economy. Of course, that’s not why they’re here. They’re here to plunder the resources. As Stefan Molyneux said in the video I posted yesterday, if you have a welfare state you cannot have open borders. What you get is full-scale plundering. You have the private sector reaping benefits while the public sector gets raped. Straight up Fascism 101 as Stefan said.

The fascists are in their privileged enclaves, far away from gritty, sick reality of the streets of the cities they destroy.

Years ago when you’d go through the city and ride buses they would be full of citizens and productive people. The were not these grubby, squalid, alien places. That this was allowed to happen is an arch crime and every public official responsible should be prosecuted for treason. This is the plundering, the strip-mining of the wealth of Americans.

Americans should be pissed and they should wake up and realize the urgency of stopping this invasion of their country.

I thought I had a basic human right to sanctuary. To live in a city free from invasion, from becoming a grubby, decrepit pit full of illegals who don’t share my culture nor speak my language. I thought I had a right to live in a city built by my ancestors, a place where I could be safe and live sustainably, not have my city given away as a welfare benefit by sick public officials who should be prosecuted and jailed for treason.

The invasion of illegals

about 1 in 8 students in California schools has at least one parent who is undocumented

Education Trust-West, an advocacy organization in Oakland, estimates that 750,000 students in California’s preK-12 schools have an undocumented parent

This is full-scale invasion. Every public official responsible for enabling this should be prosecuted.

Taxpayers are paying for this. Opportunities for citizens are lost. Precious resources are drained on this. This is treason against America. Full scale invasion.

Last week in an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said undocumented students who have received temporary relief from deportation through the DACA program could “rest easy.” “We are not after the Dreamers…”

That is breaking one of the most important promises he made when he ran for office. He was elected explicitly to address the problem of the United States being invaded on the promise that all illegals would “have to go”.


24 hours ago I thought I would have to drop my courses

24 hours ago things were so fucked up, I was so sick, toxed out, and tired that I thought I would have to drop both my online courses. Now I’m back to getting A’s.

Retardedness creates retardedness. Being around retardedness makes you retarded. Retardedness spreads like a disease. In this fucked up society having a lobotomy is a “advantage” (yes I put quotes around it because even though it seems like it is it still is not even if the “disadvantaged” bleed or die).

Follow Buddha’s teachings. When you are consumed as a consumer, consumed by your attachment to senses, when you give in to shit in order to be “entertained” you create damage. You spread retardedness. You cause unwholesomeness to increase in the world and wholesomeness to decrease.

Follow Buddha’s teachings. Only classical arts are worthy of pursuing. Gregorian chants. Lute music. Harpsichord music. Rock music is retarded. Big band music is retarded. Jazz is retarded.

If you pay money to go to a modern art museum and they have installed “art” by some fuckup loser who just creates garbage, is destructive, sows destruction in the world, inflicts harm upon others, then you are inflicting harm also. It may seem cool to go to the art musuem to see the shit, but your weakness causes suffering.

Remember you don’t need anything else. You are the source of everything. What you create is most important. What your teachers and masters who have come before you create is important.

Obviously it’s the same thing with television, movies, music, and other things. It’s the same with food. Oh yes, look around you at how sick everyone looks. Maybe I shouldn’t even write this because everyone’s too sick and gone over the edge for it to even matter.

There is life and there is suffering. Life is life. It can either occur with suffering or without. If life is put up as the highest goal without regard to decreasing suffering, then what you might get is hell and imprisonment.

If you want what is good then you want to minimize suffering and that requires more than just perpetuating life. If you want more than enslavement then you must choose freedom and that involves decisions which require clarity and honesty and certainly discomfort at times. It requires discipline which is something cultivated.

Retardedness is enslavement. It creates more enslavement. There’s a lot of retardedness as a result of extremely bad decisions. People don’t want things to collapse but then the engage in behaviors which cause collapse.

America and the world needs to wake the fuck up. But maybe it would rather just be comfortable and consumed.

I’m not going to tell you not to kill. Maybe you have to kill to be free. Maybe not.

You choose: Brahmanic cultivation or retardedness. Wholesomeness or unwholesomeness. Freedom or enslavement.

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