The grueling stuff Windows users have to go through

I bailed on Windows. I kept the partitions and have been dual booting to Linux exclusively, but the longer I’m using Linux the more repulsive the idea of ever going back to Windows is.

For anyone who still uses Windows, the process of trying to maintain your freedom is now rather grueling: Microsoft previews telemetry push with new Win7/8.1 patches KB 3192403, 3192404 Win 7/8.1 ‘patchocalypse’ springs a few surprises How to cautiously update Windows 7 and 8.1 machines Woody’s Win10Tip: Block forced Windows updates

The idea of having to fight against, to contend with your operating system is just so inherently repugnant. I’m so glad I’ve switched to Linux.

I will admit that it is not always easy. You get used to things being a certain way. There are some aspects of using Windows that are more polished. But so what? If your OS is doing grotesque things, is this out-of-control thing that is really designed to prey upon you and not serve all your interests, what the fuck are you doing using it?

My next laptop acquisition will probably be a Thinkpad with and Intel graphics chipset (fortunately one of my present ones also does have an Intel graphics chipset).

It appears that Nvidia graphics chipsets have issues running Photoshop under Wine. Its kind of sad because I’m guessing that even a little bit of help from Adobe to make Photoshop compatible with Wine could make a huge difference, but they do not seem interested in lifting a finger to help people who choose freedom.

Post election prayer

For many days now as I’ve said the rosary I’ve been thinking about the fact that one side would lose the election. I put myself in the place of others and wanted to feel what they would feel. I prayed every day about this because I know its not a pleasant nor easy thing to feel. I also prayed a lot that there will be healing.

Its impossible to write something to address “Hillary supporters” because each person is unique and has their own vision, dreams, and hopes. I cannot put people in a blanket category. I pray for each person that they will find strength and guidance through their disappointment, and will hopefully find inspiration and guidance in prayer as I have tried to do.

I want to say that I really cherish everyone. We all make the world magical together. Sometimes we’re on the same side together. Sometimes we’re antagonistic. But the forces between us are what keeps the world turning and no matter what I’m grateful that it keeps turning. Isn’t there some saying about the next best thing to a best friend is to have a good enemy?

One other thing I’ve been thinking about these past few days are all the other precious beings of this Earth that have been left out, that are not part of “the election”. They do not read or write, nor speak language. They do not have laptop computers nor mobile phones yet they are just as much a part of this world as we are. They are just as present in reality as everything and everyone else around us, and right now they are going through a lot of suffering because of humans.

Yesterday evening I went out very late for a breath of fresh air and saw a raccoon. Such a dignified, amazing creature. I’ve been thinking about how frequently humans inflict unimaginable suffering upon other beings either out fo ignorance or out of cruelty. While humans bar nothing to take resources from Earth and demand and impose upon their environments in order to satisfy their every whim, to what extent do they even think about other beings?

They build fences, barriers, freeways, etc. and do not think about the other creatures that live in these areas and how they are affected. Sometimes even slight changes in how human habitations or thoroughfares are built could alleviate massive suffering for other beings, yet humans typically neglect such things which is very heartbreaking.

Not long ago I heard a very wise woman speaking who said basically that it is the one above who is the ultimate provider or depriver of fortune among humans. We may think we are in control, but if the one above wants things to change, they will change. This wisdom has seemed so relevant to me during this election time.

I hope that we will all remember to be concerned with being human and loving each other and this world that we walk through for a time.

Eyeglass computers

Here’s a really cool news segment at NHK about the use of eyeglass computers for insurance claim investigators and adjusters. Obviously there are potentially a zillion really cool uses of eyeglass computers.

Note too that the images conveyed by the eyeglass computers are not even VR, just regular 2D images.

At the end of the article mention is made of the use of drones to investigate traffic accidents.

I had a great day today. My car battery died.

Why was it great? It was great because even though my battery died, I gained from the experience. If first thank AAA for their roadside assistance. This is the second time that I had to rely on them to start a car and their service is fast and their guys are always friendly and helpful. Its a major relief to know that if my vehicle ever fails to start that I can call them.

The guy came out and could have replaced the battery but because I am frugal I wanted to see if the battery could hold a charge first so, after he left, I got on the highway and drove for about 20 minutes. I went to a parts store and had the battery tested and it turned out that it was not holding charge properly.

So I then opted to get a new one. The guy at the auto parts store was extremely friendly and helpful. He gave me tips on how to properly install the new battery including how to grease the terminals and not to tighten the retaining bar too much lest it damage the battery housing.

He lent me a socket wrench and another special ratcheting wrench designed for battery terminals. I got oil for the engine since I need to take it to the shop and have it changed soon. They had a special discount on an oil filter with the purchase of the oil so that was a plus. So my second thanks goes to the helpful guys at the AutoZone store.

It was a good experience today because I learned about car batteries and how to replace them, and because I’m so grateful there are a lot of amazing, helpful people in the world.

I also offer deep thanks to Hephaestus who is the god of fire and technology for his guidance and protection.

Groundbreaking: Evidence for accelerated universe expansion only 3 sigma!

In a groundbreaking paper recently published a team of scientists who examined a greatly expanded dataset of type Ia supernovae have concluded that evidence for accelerated expansion of the universe is only 3 sigma which is far short of the 5 sigma standard required to claim a discovery.

In other words, this is huge news. With all the other stuff in the crap-filled, brainwashing, corrupt mainstream media its sad that a story of this significance did not even get reported.

…it is quite possible that we are being misled and that the apparent manifestation of dark energy is a consequence of analysing the data in an oversimplified theoretical model — one that was in fact constructed in the 1930s, long before there was any real data. A more sophisticated theoretical framework accounting for the observation that the universe is not exactly homogeneous and that its matter content may not behave as an ideal gas — two key assumptions of standard cosmology — may well be able to account for all observations without requiring dark energy. The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate – or is it?

Fecesville spreads – prima fecie


This map is real. It shows the increasing amount of reports of feces to city government throughout the city.

This should not be happening. I do not accept that the answer is blowing in the wind. I do not accept that society hasn’t found a solution for this.

There is real knowledge about how to be healthy for an individual, for a family, for a community, and for a society. I’m not talking about mumbo jumbo stuff, but reality. There are real, actual things that can be done to improve things. There are ways and paths to making things better.

This map speaks more than anything. It says that things are still not going in the right direction – not after all that has been said and done.

One thing I will just say: Being lenient or tolerant is not compassion. Its delusion. I think many people understand this, but it seems to not be translating into policy.

Drugs are bad. Theft is bad. Living in squalid conditions is bad. Being exposed to physiological, psychological, and environmental stresses is bad.

Being too firm is better than being too lenient. I’m not advocating for being too firm, but that is a better stance in the long run.

America is so fortunate

I love my city

The weather, the architecture, the topology and geography, other things too… they’re all nice but what makes my city such a wonderful place to be is the people.

It’s the coolest place. The culture is so colorful, so peaceful, and evolved.

I’m privileged to be among this community of so many amazing, great people ☺️


I see America turning into two places. There are only going to be two types of places in America: AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille. You live there if you’re not entitled. When you live there you are exposed to abrasion and abuse. You’re surrounded by dumbfucks. Its very difficult to get yourself out of AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille because you are constantly being subject to abuse, attack, physiologic assault, etc. It is not a place where the cultivation of the mind and spirit are prioritized.

The other place is PrivilegedEnclave. PrivilegedEnclave is where the entitleds live. They are pretty much set from the time of the cradle to the grave. The kids will never have to worry about how to finance their education. They will get an education and be given a position in society. Regardless of their actual aptitude or talent. Obviously obedience is the more important factor.

In PrivilegedEnclave you can walk along a street, read a book in your home, do all sorts of things without being subject to abuse, attack, physiologic assault, etc. Unlike AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille.

If you call the police in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille you are immediately a suspect. You are a troublemaker for not just getting along and not making waves. There really isn’t much rule of law in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille and you’re on your own. If your car is broken into or stolen, if you are abused or victimized, for the most part you’re on your own and there will be no help. But if you lift a finger to defend yourself you become a criminal. You are expected to be a helpless victim in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille and just shut the fuck up.

If you live in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille and watch the news or read any publications you’ll immediately notice how everything is created and written by people in PrivilegedEnclave, and that their demeanor towards those in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille is smarmy, arrogant, and disdainful. The smug members of PrivilegedEnclave have disdain for any members of AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille who do not admire their great wisdom and virtue.

A few important concepts

Standard Something is said to be sub-standard, or “up to” a certain standard. People are said to “have standards”. There is even the formal concept of standard, for example building standards. Frequently standard refers to the level of quality of something.

Standard can also refer to more abstract things. There are things like moral standards and social standards. The concept standard almost seems to be inherent in humans. Before any definition of it, before it is given a name, it seems as though the concept is already a part of us. Therefore when the concept is present via language it is immediately grasped and understood.

Standards pertain to individuals but what is interesting is that they also pertain to cultures. And in this time of cultural abrasions and clashes in fact I think a lot of it has to do with standards which are either present or lacking. It also has to do with the assumption of standards and what the significance of that is when in fact a standard may not exist where it is assumed to.

Inoculation Another concept that is important. Inoculation is clearly understood for what it is: It is an imparting of strength or resistance upon something. It is a granting of protection. To be inoculated means to have strength or resistance imparted, to be protected. The most common use is with disease. An inoculation generally refers to a vaccination.

To impart inoculation involves presenting exposure to that which is intended to be protected against. Vaccines are weakened strains of actual diseases which are administered to the body and which promote an immune response.

The concept of inoculation can also be applied to other types of maladies beyond physical diseases. Every human being has vulnerabilities which extend beyond their actual physiologic composition. People can experience harm in multiple ways. There are things which can be damaged which are beyond the body.

For example something very important to a person could be damaged. The effect of that damage can be serious and just as real as if physiologic damage had occurred.

For example a human may have built a shelter. They worked very hard to build it and then they dwell in it. It is their home and it is a very important part of their life.

But the home can become damaged. Perhaps a strong storm can damage the roof.

But perhaps the storm causes some damage, but does not entirely destroy the home. It only partially damages it.

Such an occurrence can be viewed in the context of inoculation. A common saying is: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. That wisdom can be generalized to apply to many things. When something experiences a stress or damage, but is not entirely destroyed, that thing can then recover or be repaired.

In the case of the home which was damaged, it can be repaired. It can be repaired to be stronger than it was previously, so that if an even stronger storm comes, the home will be protected.

Certainly the home in this case is what physically is protected. But in actuality also the human being whose home it is is protected. The process of inoculation, of protection is as much a part of what happens to the human who lives in the home as it is of the home itself.

This is an important aspect of what humans are, or how they are as humans, as beings who build and dwell.

Sound (verb) The word sound in this context goes back to Germanic and Latin roots – and probably has other Indo-European connections as well – that refers to swimming. In German a space probe is called a Raumsonde: Raum (space) + Sonde (probe). It also has meanings which relate to water: Swedish & Danish sund which means strait.

To sound something out means to probe something. It is an ascertainment that involves penetrating into or through something. There is an aspect of physical presence.

Sounding can also be used abstractly, in which case there is no physical thing such as a probe which penetrates. The medium which is penetrated or explored is also abstract.

In the case of the probing of abstract things, the actual probe is concepts or ideas. Certain concepts or ideas can be applied to something for the sake of sounding it out, to ascertain the possibility of hitherto unknown things.

Sounding out is a process of revealing which occurs via the thoughts of a person who thinks, who reasons, who applies reason and concepts to something that is dark or unknown, for the sake of uncovering hidden things.

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