Retardedness keeps everything retarded

Retarded people keep other people retarded. Being around retardedness makes people retarded. Retardedness keeps everything retarded.

This is what society chooses. This is what America chooses. It doesn’t choose brahmanic cultivation. It doesn’t choose evolution. It chooses retardedness.

There’s too much profit involved in retardedness for it to change. Retardedness is the overriding agenda, because retardness makes money. It’s an industry.

In America you’re supposed to shut up and be damaged. Shut up and be happy for the “freedom” which is damage to others and abuse. Shut up and bleed.


units. Indispensible tool. Very, very useful!

$ units
Currency exchange rates from on 2016-06-21
2926 units, 109 prefixes, 88 nonlinear units

You have: floz(2)
You want: ml
* 59.147059
/ 0.016907011

Yes, 2 fluid ounces is 60 milliliters.

Brahmanic energy can save the Earth

There are some people who want to live like savages. They are not evil per se, but they are not stewards of planet Earth. They are not the same as people who attain advanced brahmanic states.

Some cultures have tended towards more and more brahmanic cultivation. Some cultures are stuck. They make advances but then collapse. Other cultures simply do not achieve it and probably never will.

Scandanavian countries were once at the forefront but are committing suicide. The United States has been stuck. Some parts of it reach high levels of advancement but then there are major issues that cause it to fall back.

Now what we are witnessing in the world is mass suicide as many cultures which reached levels of advanced attainment are literally killing themselves through pathological altruism.

If left uncontrolled, Earth will surely plunge into massive destruction and suffering.

Brahmanic energy can save the Earth. Failure to attain a state of advanced brahmanic cultivation will surely result in destruction.

Let’s be clear: What will save Earth, what is necessary to save Earth is evolution. Evolution means advancing towards ever higher states of brahmanic cultivation. Deevolution is the opposite: it is the degeneration into lower and lower states away from brahmanic cultivation.

To allow a country, just when it is reaching a higher state of evolution, to be flooded with vast hordes of high-breeding low IQ people is a sin against nature. It is the most ecologically destructive thing that can be done. There is nothing humane about it. It is stupidity at the highest level.

Evolution doesn’t care about bullshit. It only cares about evolution. If a society is to exist sustainably, if Earth isn’t going to be turned into a burned-out pile of shit, then evolution must occur. Since there is no longer natural selection humans must choose to evolve.

That means choosing evolution above everything else. Nature doesn’t give a shit about “being nice”. It doesn’t give a shit whether people want to feel good or not. All it cares about is evolution. Evolution is what it is, regardless of what shit humans do or say or fail to do or say.

Evolution, whether humans figure it out or not, has to be the goal if there is to be minimal suffering on Earth and maximal thriving, sustainability, and happiness.

It may take humans a very long time to realize this. It may never be realized. At the current rate it appears that it won’t be realized.

“…not to be celebrated in the presence of common people…”

The late 13th-century theorist Johannes de Grocheo believed that the motet was “not to be celebrated in the presence of common people, because they do not notice its subtlety, nor are they delighted in hearing it, but in the presence of the educated and of those who are seeking out subtleties in the arts.” Motet

Came across this quote today while reading.

“Seeking out subtleties in the arts”. I love it! Love it!

On that note, I was again reflecting today on the clash between brahmanic cultivation and decadance. One can witness how there are attempts to appropriate aspects of brahamanic cultivation yet these amount to no more than scheming since they fail to heed the ground of brahmanic cultivation. To put it more basically, people can lie for a while and make things which are ungrounded seem like reality, but eventually they collapse.

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