Bluetooth speaker deal alert

Just saw this deal alert at Infoworld for Bluetooth speakers:

71% off Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Deal Alert

Shipping cost is about $7 so total cost is around $42 but seems like a pretty good deal for Bluetooth speakers.

“A pattern… for the destruction of the German people…”

All in all, a pattern has been laid in for the total destruction of the German people. And we can see this – it’s clearly true, it’s clearly playing out now. The final stage of this destruction will be their genetic destruction – and that is the final stage because that is the permanent stage – after that there is no going back – that people, that group, that collective cannot ever exist again. But the only condition under which that can happen is their having been psychologically destroyed already.

Ubuntu has run out of Latin letters. What should it do next?

The upcoming release of Ubuntu will be “Zesty Zapus”. What should it do next? Go to the letter A? It could, but that would be boring. Really boring. Really, really boring.

I was thinking about this and I think that the coolest thing Ubuntu could do would be to use sounds from the languages in the Khoisan language family, which have more phonemes than any other languages on Earth.

People might think that that would be confusing or too complicated, but I think of it the opposite way: I think by officially naming releases based on letters from Khoisan languages it would be the perfect opportunity for people to be exposed to these letters and to really understand them.

For example, many people may know that Khoisan languages use click sounds, but how many people know how these sounds are spelled, much less how they are actually pronounced? Using letters of Khoisan click sounds would be an excellent way to introduce these letters to the world and to popularize them.

Wow. White people are so bad!

Wow. White people are shit. The people whose blood and sweat built the United States into a great country are shit because stupid savage frackups are victims and deserve everything. And racism doesn’t exist unless it’s against whites, of which there are always too many and who are always guilty. Yeah.

Things have really, really descended to an abominable state. This is all the more reason why Congress must be disbanded. Congress is an abomination against civilization.

I hope they select this appalling woman as chair. Let things become so off-the-scale sick that it is clear to everyone what’s going on.

“We are so white! We are soo white!” What the fuck does that mean? White people are bad! Too many whites! We’re not a racist country but… too many whites!

Sweden has lost…

…its shit. Completely.

Sweden defends officials wearing headscarves in Iran

The Swedish government has defended its decision to have its officials wear headscarves during a trip to Iran, saying that failing to do so would have broken the law.

Trade Minister Ann Linde led a business team last week and faced criticism for wearing a headscarf, or hijab.

Sweden says it has the world’s first “feminist government”.

Pathological. Totally fracking pathological. This politician should be put in a sanitarium as should most of Swedish politicians.

And this is not mere stupidity – in the case of it being public officials, the consequences of violence, rape, and other crimes committed by the Muslim invaders is an arch crime.

These people are not mere idiots, they are arch criminals destroying a 7,000+ year old culture.

Sweden is now so progressive and feminist that it actively embraces a highly misogynistic, ass-backward, inbred culture that promotes enslavement of women and has allowed it to invade and take over their country.

All these EU people are a bunch of sick, stupid twits.

Crumbling infrastructure & mass evacuations: Part of the clusterfrack

Crumbling infrastructure and mass evacuations are just one part of the clusterfrack brought about by the frackup politicians who are responsible for mass illegal immigration, rampant crime and lawlessness, and general decline of America into a third-world pit ruled by global mega corporations, drug cartels, and the elites who control them.

I was driving on a major highway yesterday and was shocked at the how many really, really bad potholes there were. And this stretch of highway was resurfaced not to many years back. Another infrastructure frack.

They love burning money. They love weakening law enforcement to support the rights of savage thugs (and endangering the lives of law enforcement). They love importing millions of illegals and forcing American citizens to compete against them for jobs, housing, and breeding. The American people are being fracked over to a great extent like no time other in our history.

I was just thinking today how fracked things are. I remember Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent”. I was very aware back then of a lot of the BS that occurs. And now that we have a president who actually gives frequent, sharp criticisms of the BS mainstream media – a self-made billionare because – guess what? – no one else except a billionaire would ever be able to break into the rigged, broken system – are people elated that he’s doing this? People should be dancing in the streets. What Donald Trump is doing is revolutionary.

But – hell no – that’s not what people are doing, becase they’re so fracking brainwashed and deluded that they don’t even know what the hell is going on.

So the question is: Should Donald Trump’s federal government help out California with its emergency? I say: Hell no! Let California rot in the pit it deserves. Let it become so bad that eventually they will have to send in federal troops to restore order (and hopefully arrest all the treasonous politicians who belong behind bars).

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