Good things about America

After my last post about America being satanic, I thought I would make another post about good things in America.

1. Americans in general are really intelligent, together, good natured people.

2. Americans tend to have a highly developed sense of music and other art.

3. America is one of the most multi-cultural places in the world if not the most. Americans read about tensions, discord, or conflicts between other groups in other parts of the world, and from our viewpoint we can’t even imagine such things happening here because we all love, respect, and appreciate each other to the extent that those things simply wouldn’t happen here.

4. America tends to accept even out there things. People can do whatever they want, even things that might be considered extreme, and usually no one cares about it. While not enough people may appreciate it, it is actually a huge thing. Every place is only as rich as its dark side. Everywhere needs a dark side for its spirit.

5. I love department stores and mass-produced things. While some might bemoan such things, the technology which enables things like blue jeans to be mass produced is obviously a huge benefit to humanity. America excels in being a country that can provide abundantly to those in the middle. While its nice to like exquisite things its important to cherish that because we can create things efficiently and at low cost they can be available to many people.

6. Very advanced thinking. So many things come from America. I’m a computer science student and it amazes me how many concepts and things were created here such as the Java programming language.

7. Spirit of helping others. There is a strong spirit in America of helping others. There are a lot of people who are like angels in society who do a lot of good. There is a lot of benevolence and good intention and people who are dedicated to making things better.

8. Freedom. Need I say more?

9. Tolerance. I already covered this in 4. but I’m still thinking about it because tolerance is so important in the world and we see how it is lacking is so many places.

10. Close to other countries. America welcomes scholars from around the world to study in its universities. It is open to rich cultural, scientific, and other exchanges. It has a free and open academia (although there is a severe problem with the cost of education which in many cases is outrageous and available only to an entitled elite).

Is America satanic? I feel like it has crossed that threshold in some ways. There are dark things which occur. There are dark agendas advanced by powerful interests which often conduct covert propaganda and mass persuasion campaigns with dark motives. One thing I think is kind of like this is when you consider how much psychological engineering goes into the design and marketing of motor vehicles. Look at the grills of many SUV’s. They look like medieval shields. They are designed to impart a psychological sense of domination and power.

These kinds of twisted manipulations are all around us and permeate marketing and media, yet many people are not aware of them and fall prey to them. Another dark campaign is one against bicycling and bicyclists. There are probably paid groups which deliberately astroturf on forums to promote intolerance and hatred of things including bicycling. Sadly it was recently reported that this also goes on on a huge scale in China.

Veganism is still pushed to the margin and there are often attempts to deliberately malign veganism and the organics movement. On Google News I set up “organic” as one of my news sources and I’m shocked at how many anti-organic propaganda “news” “stories” there are. To attack bicyclists, vegans, and organic foods is satanic. Bicyclists are getting killed and maimed in the streets of America. They truly are martyrs for Earth.

Its quite sickening that the Obama administration allowed this to happen and did not do more to speak out and stand up for things.

Vertical panels (finally) coming to Cinnamon – Plasma 5.8 should be coming to Ubuntu

Finally there will be vertical panels available for Cinnamon. Honestly, that was one major reason why I never used Cinnamon. I simply cannot stand horizontal panels. They are inefficient and waste space.

I actually installed the gnome metapackage for Ubuntu not long ago and was really not impressed by it. Cinnamon is much more advanced and I will wait until version 3.2 is available – perhaps through an Ubuntu PP archive – to install it.

Also there is no KDE Plasma 5.8 available for Ubuntu. Someone mentioned that it should be coming fairly soon though.

America has a satanism problem

America has a satanism problem. Everything else is just a sideshow.

I was in a church recently attending a recital and the structure of the building would literally shake every so many seconds during the performance when blastingly loud motorcycles would roar by outside. Its like a constant war zone – only the war is satanic.

And the country which is satanic like this drops bombs on other places.

The other evening as I lay in the bath relaxing I reflected on how the one thing that the Romans left behind in Northern Europe were all the baths, and perhaps some aqueducts. That’s all.

Then think of America and what it leaves behind. Depleted uranium – radioactive contamination causing birth defects. Highly toxic residue from the Agent Orange defoliating chemical that caused tens of thousands of birth defects and severe damage.

It leaves behind massive debacles – failed projects like power plants that are never completed and operational. It tries to promote its “beef industry” and force the flesh of dead sentient animals raised and killed in ghastly conditions down the throats of other countries, as well as grotesque genetically modified frankenfood, as part of its “trade”. In its wake is devastation and disaster. It deliberately tries to corrupt and bribe freely elected leaders of other nations in order to control them.

It exports the most foul, demonic “culture” of crass materialism, self-indulgence, irresponsibility, and vileness through its media with depraved, self-destructive icons who are not positive role models for life but more like possessed demons.

How can America not be hated? And what the hell is going on with a country that can’t even love itself? It spies on its own people. Even peaceful groups that come together and meet are spied upon by undercover police in what is a huge violation of rights. Citizens’ private lives are raided by unknown agents of the government who have the power to spy and commit sexual and other abuse. Edward Snowden explicitly described situations of sexual abuse and violation that would occur, that he personally witnessed.

And what’s really sick is how the hypocritical scumbag politicians will shit their pants over seemingly ridiculous shit – like transgender bathrooms which isn’t even an issue – yet people cannot live peacefully in their own homes in peace or comport themselves along the streets of their cities without being subject to severe physiological abuse. They cannot attend a music recital at a church without being exposed to physioligical attacks from sick demonic people driving around with motor vehicles deliberately modified to emit appallingly loud noise.

It allows millions of illiterate illegals to swarm across its borders and infiltrate its cities and does nothing to stop it. Its so corrupt and sick that it can’t even stand for its own integrity but it has no qualms about dropping bombs in order to combat “terrorism”. It inflicts brain damage upon itself and is causing its own dysgenia so that political opportunists claiming to be humanitarian can cash in.

It destroys itself and inflicts damage and suffering everywhere it spreads like a disease. America is satanic.

Until that is addressed I assure you no mere political, economic, nor other activity will matter.

Its not merely that China and the rest of the world is laughing at America. It regards it as a sick disease that is a threat to life and to peace on Earth.

Cool JDrama tech gadgets

What mystery jdrama would not be complete without a Mini 8 Multi Voice Changer to scramble the bad guy’s voice when he calls the protagonist to lure and/or taunt him or her? I actually saw one of these models (the more expensive black one in the listing) in a drama and was surprised to find its an actual device you can buy, not just a prop they were using for the drama.

On Linux there’s a free LADSPA pitch-shifter plugin called Autotalent which can do the same thing as the Mini 8 Multi and has more settings.

I recently installed the ubuntustudio-audio metapackage and have been trying out various music creation & production apps on Ubunut. Some of them are very cool. autotalent is already available in the Ubuntu package archives. To use it I’ve been using QJackCtl for routing setup and JackRACK for loading plugins (it has a ton a plugins built into it!).

Ubuntu also recognizes my Zoom H2N recorder in USB microphone mode although I haven’t been able to route it properly with Jack to use it with plugins.

Why America is Satanic

I had a dream and in that dream I was in a very special place. That place was like a temple. It was a place where humans and Earth were integrated to extremely advanced levels in harmony, in symbiosis.

That place can not exist on Earth anymore. There may have been a time when it was possible, but not anymore.

I was in that place. I walked in it. I experienced it.

That is how I know that America is satanic. Because what America represents, and the authorities and powers in it that control its destiny, prevent that place from existing. They block it.

Asians who get nose jobs to look more European

I watch a lot of Japanese dramas which I usually like. Sometimes I see the actors and actresses and wonder about their appearances. I’m not sure, but sometimes I wonder if a lot of the actors and actresses have nose jobs. I notice that their noses somehow look odd. Its like the nose doesn’t fit with the face.

Asian people have different shaped noses, but also the entire shape of their head is different. If you change the nose it can actually look kind of strange because a narrow, pointy, European-like nose does not fit their face.

In general, one notices that many of the leading roles in dramas are filled by actors and actresses with certain looks which tend to be more European-looking, whereas in minor roles they tend to look more “ethnic”. I’m really concerned about this.

I would hope that no one would change their nose to look more European. Every nationality is different and looks right the way it is. Also, I’m very concerned that if people do this it sets a really bad precedent and then more actors and actresses feel pressure to do the same thing. Hopefully the production companies will discourage it by not hiring people who have plastic surgery.

The Internet was Attacked Today

A very serious attack on the Internet occurred today. A large number of websites including were unreachable for many hours.

I don’t remember such a serious attack. In the past there were more limited attacks, but this one affected many, many sites.

Its 2016 and I remember thinking years ago in the mid-2000’s about the bad security situation then, with huge networks of compromised computers leveraged to spew out constant spam and to occasionally attack sites. I thought that, as technology would improve, that the security situation would get better. For example all those zombied Windows machines with non-updated software forming botnets. Windows has improved a lot. But now today’s attack was utilizing networks of compromised Internet of Things devices – that is things like webcams which have Internet connections.

Many of these connected devices use the same crappy, low-security chipsets and that’s how the exploits which compromise them work. But its kind of shocking that these chipsets can have these vulnerabilities. If I were in the government I would be asking how it could be that our chip making companies are, in the year 2016, releasing hardware that is so flaky. What kind of oversight of this is there?

Just as by law if you operate a motor vehicle on public roadways that vehicle is expected to meet certain basic operational and safety requirements, should not devices on the Internet be required to satisfy minimum security requirements? Just as when some junky car falls apart in the middle of the road causing damage or injury to others, these crappy chipsets are causing real harm on a mass scale.

I think the makers don’t think much of it. Perhaps they see it as just one bad chip. But that one crappy chip gets made zillions of times and is used in zillions of devices. Its not just a problem of one crappy chip, but zillions of these exploitable pieces of junk waiting to be used by attackers.

I’m sure there will be some very high-level and a lot of lower-level meetings to figure out how to deal with this and potentially worse threats. I guess for non-techies this Friday was perhaps more like a holiday. But for the hard-working techies who are responsible for the infrastructure that we frequently take for granted, I’m sure it was a hard day.

Perhaps the positive side to all of this is that when things like this occur they serve as a wakeup call and help to inoculate us against worse things. Things could have been worse than they were so maybe we should be thankful and heed the wakeup call and get to work…

FYI here’s a really good reference article: Internet of Things a playground for hackers

If nothing else, it makes you wonder how the hell companies are allowed to make these super-crappy chips that can then get used to inflict massive damage on the Internet. Maybe there needs to be a radical rethink about the roles and responsibilities of all devices that are allowed to access the Internet.

Chinese illegals

A huge, massive swarm of Chinese illegals has flooded into the United States. Especially into California. More Chinese illegals have flooded into America than from Latin America.

I remember one time I went into a copy shop to do something and there was a Chinese lady in there who was copying sheets of social security cards. The scale of the fraud is huge.

Given crimes like this, is anyone in the local, state, or federal government speaking up and taking action against the issue? Have they expressed concern about illegal activities and fraud, and promised to take action? No. Instead they talk about the “rights” of illegals and how our country was based on immigration. Its absolute bullshit.

Basically the government is lying about what is happening. They are covering it up.

xonsh: A revolutionary Python-Bash hybrid shell

I just found out about xonsh. I will just paste a bit from the project’s homepage:

Xonsh is a Python-ish, BASHwards-looking shell language and command prompt. The language is a superset of Python 3.4+ with additional shell primitives that you are used to from Bash and IPython. It works on all major systems including Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. Xonsh is meant for the daily use of experts and novices alike.

To install it on Ubuntu Yakkety 16.10 just do sudo apt-get install xonsh then go into your favorite terminal program (I like Konsole) and create a new profile. Name it xonsh and for the command option set it to /usr/bin/xonsh.

Then you just open a new tab or window with the xonsh profile and the first time it runs it will prompt to run through a setup script. Most of the defaults are good so you can just press enter. I did choose the option to enable compatibility with a foreign shell and selected Bash.

Based on the answers it will create the static configuration file at ~/.config/xonsh/config.json.

You can also create a user control file ~/.xonshrc. See here for more information on how to set this up. You can add Python modules and statements inside .xonshrc. For example I added import os so that I can now use commands like os.getcwd() in the shell.

If you want just a particular method in a library you can use for example: from math import pi and then in the shell if you enter pi you will see the number pi. Another library that might be really useful to import would be the regex library: import re

Once you’re finished editing .xonshrc you source it just like you would a Bash file: source .xonshrc If you want to source a Bash file there’s a built-in alias for it: source-bash

After setting up xonsh you have an amazing shell environment which essentially behaves like Bash yet has the full power and features of a Python shell as well.

I’ve already switched to it as my default profile in Konsole. I’ve been trying some shell stuff like echo grep cut find etc. and it all works. I also have been doing some stuff with Python lists, iterators, and loops and it all works well.

I’m not an ultimate shell-guru person or anything but to me xonsh seems revolutionary.

Here’s a portion of a comment on a forum by the creator of xonsh regarding Bash compatibility:

… I agree that making shell languages into ‘real’ languages is strong goal that we should all have. And like with real languages, many can co-exist happily.

I’d like to point out though, that the goal is not to have bash-compatibility. As you point out, bash does some insane things and that is exactly what I want to avoid with xonsh. I should be able to give xonsh to a programming newbie and they should not experience any gotchas once they know the language.

I have been pretty careful to say BASHwards-compatibility in the docs and elsewhere, for exactly the reasons you mention. The goal isn’t to be bash with some python-isms, but to be python with the useful parts of the shell syntax. Like any good technology, it should interface as well as it can (ie when not insane to do so) with the previous technologies. …

References: New shell packs power of Python and Bash

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