MSM deceiving about war between China and US

I know for a fact that mainstream media in the United States engages in intense and highly effective control over information. I also now suspect that what is really happening right now on the global stage is also massively being distorted and mis-reported by the MSM.

Here is what I think is happening:

1. The Obama administration has put unprecedented pressure on China, which has hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the US Treasury.

2. China has been incensed and is furious with the treatment it received.

3. The Obama administration has intensified its pressure against China to include not just economic factors but geopolitical ones such as territorial and resource ones.

4. China has become further enraged.

5. Just at this time, there was a major leadership change in China. This was a highly significant event and a very critical point which either could have turned things for the better or for worse. It is clearly evident now that it has been for the worse.

6. China is amassing troops and weapons near its border with North Korea in preparation to defend it in the even that it is attacked by the US in retaliation for strikes against it or against South Korea. (highly unreported)

7. The true reality of what is happening is that China is threatening nuclear attack against the United States. This is the consequence of the actions by the US which enraged China.

Obviously we don’t know the whole story. But it seems rather apparent to me that this is what is happening. It fits too closely and the mainstream version of what is happening which we are supposed to believe simply doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately most Americans may never actually know the real reasons why there might be a nuclear strike (or strikes) against their country or why, quite suddenly and unexpectedly America might find itself embroiled in a very serious war against China (with which it is highly likely Russia would ally itself).

What is happening right now is World War III without any bombs, as of yet, having gone off.

We may never know why it is happening but I can make some guesses.

One has to consider what sorts of actions the US could have taken to infuriate China. It does not seem likely that China just started becoming beligerent without provocation.

It could be economic moves by the US of which I am not really an expert. But it stands to reason that the potential exists when China has literally hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the US government and the US government, among other things, decides to start printing mass amounts of money in its “quantitive easing” which basically devalues China’s investment.

It could be that the American government has made China play by one set of economic and competitive rules only to have had the rules abruptly changed at the last minute, having been shortchanged. Again, I am not an expert, but I do know given the level of trade and economic involvement and investment between the two countries that there exist possibilities whereby the US may have stiffed China on a massive scale.

Another thing: in the media we are being pumped headline after headline about territorial plays by China. But we are also not fully aware of the extent to which the US controls territory and maritime resources around the globe. Again, I’m not an expert, but I’m guessing that the amount of control the US has over global territory might be highly disporportionate vs. the control China has. If the US controls territories and resources around the globe China might be thinking “Why the hell shouldn’t we have control over some of the islands around the coast of our mainland?”

I’m not defending any side nor making any political statements with this analysis but want to point out that there probably exist many possibilities why China might be infuriated with America and could be now threatening a nuclear strike against it via the proxy North Korea.

One other thing I will mention, and this makes me sad: America has exported the manufacture of almost everything it consumes from small trinkets and keychains to massive cranes and steel beams for bridges from China. China manufactures them. To produce them China’s carbon footprint goes way up to fuel the factories and make the materials for all these products. This leads to pollution and degradation of quality of health, environment, etc.

At the same time, to fuel all the factories, it also mines enormous amounts of coal. Thousands of miners have died in China in tragic mine accidents, to provide coal to power the factories which make all this stuff.

Then, on the global stage, the US tries to control global oil resources with its wars in the mideast.

I can only say that the picture doesn’t look pretty and I for one feel terrible that while so many products which I use every day, including the clothes I’m wearing now, the chair I’m sitting on, and the laptop computer I’m typing this on, have all been made in China. And now America is about to have a war with them. That doesn’t seem right.