Aerogel window insulation

There was an article written a few years ago about a study which found that noise pollution is a significant problem in San Francisco.  I feel totally pissed off reading this article, and other info on noise pollution in the city.  Here is another article, which says “Noise from traffic is putting nearly 1 in 6 San Francisco residents at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and other stress-related illnesses, city public health officials have found. ”

What totally pisses me off about this is, its like – ok – everyone apparently knows that noise pollutions is really bad – but its like, wtf is anyone going to do about it?  I mean, fuck!  Its not like people can’t take actual steps to limit noise.  Noise sources can be eliminated.  Windows can be replaced.  Where are programs in the city to eliminate or discourage noise pollution?  What about providing incentives to landlords to install soundproof windows?

Its like, here’s this study, but everyone sits on their ass and accepts that people should experience degradation of their health and quality of life and do nothing.  Bullshit.

FWIW in thinking about this issue I’ve been inclining towards buying large foam panels that I can have cut to fit exactly inside my window slots.  However, that would obviously block all light, which itself is detrimental.  But I remember reading about a type of material a while ago called aerogels which are supposedly the lightest solid materials that exist.

It turns out that there are companies which make aerogel window panels but they are expensive.  I may ultimately opt for just blocking out some of my windows.  It turns out that having fancy bay windows is actually a pain in the ass in a city like this.  As the average IQ of the general population seems to be plummeting, and people are become more crude and inconsiderate, the noise levels seem to be increasing considerably, mostly from car horns and vehicles with deliberately modified (read: holes drilled in mufflers) exhaust systems to make them louder.