I just found this amazing coupon site

Today the department store didn’t have the half-size of boots I really wanted to get.  I went online and ended up at shoes.com.  They had the boot!  In the size I want!

During the checkout process there was a box to enter a coupon code.  I thought “Why not at least try?” so I did a quick Google search and found a site, dealigg.com, which had a page listing coupon codes for shoes.com.

I saved $50 on my order!  Wow!

I notice that a lot of what seem like sites offering coupon codes are actually spam.  I got lucky to find dealigg.com.  In fact there were multiple codes for shoes.com listed on the page, and all of them seemed to work, although shoes.com only accepts one coupon code for an order so the $50 one was the best deal.

What a nice end to my day though with the boots and now I can look forward to getting them soon and having the hottest boots of all to wear!

Since I’m onto the whole coupon thing, I should mention another really cool site which doesn’t feature coupons but rather lists ongoing advertised specials and discounts: salescircular.com.  If you need to get for example an external hard drive or a cell phone or something you can go to this site and see which specials are currently running at all the major stores.  Extremely useful.