A Truly Mind-Blowing Piece of Software

I have discovered this program called Atmosphere Deluxe that is so incredibly awesome I really want to tell everyone about it.  While there may be ambient sound and relaxing sound effects CDs, this program takes the concept of ambiance to a completely new level.  Unlike the CDs where you basically get whatever is on the CD, with this program you can basically create and shape any ambient sound environment you want.

For example, if you like listening to water (as I typically do), you don’t get just one river track that you can hear.  No.   What you get are Fountain, Stream, and River all of which you can enable, disable, or blend to whatever degree you want together to get what to you is the most perfect ambiance of running water.

But this is just the beginning of this little mind-blowing program.   Would you like to add some Campfire to the mix?  No problem.  How about tempering Campfire with a little amount of randomized Crackling Fire?  Sure.  You can set the random factor of the background sounds.

Would you like some birds?   We’ve got Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Long-eared Owls, Doves, different types of Gulls, Loons, Finches, Starlings, Larks, etc. etc.  How about rain?  Well you can choose any combination of Hail on Tin Roof, Rain on Car Roof, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Rain on Leaves, and Rain on Pavement.  You get the idea.  This program is amazing!

Now to add to all this the latest version also incorporates this new feature called Brainwaves which basically is a sound frequency and beat frequency which can be static or change dynamically over time to induce various types of brainwave patterns.  There are many presets that can be selected depending upon the current mood you are in and the desired end-state mood.  My favorite is called Sleep Induction from Relaxed which basically gradually lowers a pitch and beat frequency over a period of 15 minutes.  I’ve tried it and I think it actually does help.  The base pitch where it ends can then play continuously (or simply be set to stop) and I find it to be very relaxing to just keep it on all the time.  You can also customize and tweak all of the settings to your heart’s content.

Given how awesome this program is, it doesn’t seem to have received the attention that it should.  I consider this application to be among the upper-echelon of  truly killer computer applications.