“Events” that I like

Looking at “event” listings for my area and it’s depressing. I feel like an alien. And it seems like it’s only getting worse, not better. There seems to be an increasing amount of things that are not what I want, and fewer of what I would want.

We should live in a world where there’s music, where there’s people creating and playing music around us. Where we are creating and playing music. Where it isn’t difficult to create and play music. Where there are lots of places for us to create, play, and listen to music.

Imagine if every place you visit in a week that has recorded music playing – if that place featured live music instead. Imagine the difference. In fact recorded music kind of makes me sick. It’s like a disease. It perpetuates the absence of music and musicality from our world, not their presence.

I like a variety of music, usually acoustic-focused, and not the mainstream shit pushed by the likes of Disney and Hollywood.

I like piano, guitar, violin, woodwinds, voice, etc. I like instruments from different parts of the world.

But where is it? There’s nothing going on.

I’ve put some music on this page that is along the lines of what I like. It’s music that comforts and uplifts. It’s music that’s there for times when you need it. That’s what music is supposed to be.

This music is so beautiful and holistic it brings tears to my eyes.