My Time

Found an interesting article today about the background on Arizona’s decision to opt out of the Uniform Time Act in 1968.

As I’ve written over the past months, I am really loving the fact that I did not change my clocks from Daylight Savings Time back in November. I have been able to keep my same exact daily schedule, not having to throw my body’s clock off and disrupt my systems.

I’ve also gained extra time each day. Appointments that are at 2 pm everyone else’s time are at 3 pm my time. I can take early morning appointments no problem since for me they aren’t actually that early. It also feels like I have more time to be able to get ready to go for appointments.

I’ve been thinking about this, and am realizing that this is working so great because everyone else is maintaining the switch off DST. If everyone copied me and decided not to switch off DST this wouldn’t be nearly as convenient (nor fun!).

So I’ve kind of gone full-circle Taoist on this whole time change thing and am actually glad that everyone changes their clocks in November because it makes it a lot easier for me.

Thank you everyone!

Daylight Savings Time. Love it!