Warning to the World

At this end of 2017 the situation for humanity on Earth is grim. Over past decades again and again humanity has witnessed one sad turning point after another as humanity continues its plummet towards catastrophe. Many of these turning points are ecological, biological, or environmental in nature as species die off, habitats disappear, environments are changed, and natural systems which have existed for countless millennia irrevocably break down.

Humanity has not even achieved ways to measure and fully understand many of the catastrophic changes that are being inflicted upon the world, but even if it could it would not really matter as the orientation of human society can scarcely be changed. Over the past years we have witnessed what were once among the brightest nations on Earth commit literal suicide as their political leaders allow the mass invasion of millions of immigrants who ultimately drain the precious resources of those countries which represent the cumulative hard work of their peoples. It would have been more honorable if the leaders of these countries put their citizens in gas chambers than allow the mass rape, abuse, destruction, mayhem, and heartbreak inflicted upon their peoples who must watch their traditions and their once cherished societies die an agonizing death.

Human governments across the world are a shambles and as technology increases to ever greater, seemingly miraculous accomplishments, this is a recipe for catastrophe on scales never before imagined. Humans have not even accomplished being able to run their countries, their cities and towns safely, sustainably, and justly for their citizens but they allow slow-moving catastrophes to occur as their cultures are destroyed and their once great cultural centers fall into ruin.

While over the past years alarms have been raised over the potential destructive aspects of different technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, or drones the most frightening prospect is not from any of these, but from the attainment of an unlimited supply of power in the form of nuclear fusion. The state of human society with its disastrous political and spiritual conditions around the world is hardly in a position to handle the extreme responsibility of unlimited energy, and this power placed in the hands of almost any government in the world today would almost certainly lead to unbridled disaster.

Perhaps the greatest catastrophe of all in this dark time is humans’ forgetting that the most essential accomplishment they can make is not to change the world around them but to change themselves. This is not a metaphor either, no different than the non-Cartesian conception of space in the Heideggerian sense being non-metaphorical. Humans are flesh and blood and ultimately it is in our DNA and our hearts and our minds where our greatest achievements are attained and where the legacies of these achievements continue to live on.

Our struggle and our achievements need to drastically change their focus from the external world to the internal world of which the political worlds which shape our societies are a refelection. The greatest change we can make for ourselves and for our world and all the beings around us is to evolve on every plane both physical and spiritual.

Evolution is not an SJW agenda, not the newest milestone to achieve in a never-ending campaign of “rights”, but the result of quiet effort, achievement, discipline, concentration, conscientiousness, dedication, devotion, and ultimately love. It is a love which is not complicit in enabling destructiveness, but always stands clear and strong for highest choice, no matter how uncomfortable.