California was never Mexican

The early generals, ranchers, and governors of California were Spanish. During that time there were indigenous tribes of native Americans living in California. But California was never Mexican.

Juan Bautista Valentín Alvarado y Vallejo, Governor of Alta California from 1837 to 1842. Image links to article.

General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, military commander, politician, and rancher. Image links to article.

José Antonio Castro, acting governor of Alta California in 1835. Declared independence from Mexico in 1836, becoming Presidente of California. Image links to article.

Luis Antonio Argüello (pictured right), first governor of Alta California. Image links to article.

Yes California was a territory under Mexico, but Mexico was a Spanish territory and the people who controlled it were Spanish. They were not “Mexican”. These guys were all Spanish, Europeans.

This whole thing about “sanctuary” cities in America is a joke because Mexicans already have their own sanctuary country: Mexico!

I would be happy to see indigenous native American tribes living in villages around the state, but California is not Mexican and doesn’t belong to Mexicans and never will.