No Welfare No Amnesty No Work for Illegals

No welfare, social services, benefits, nor tax credits for illegals.

No amnesty for illegals whatsoever.

No work for illegals – start holding all employers responsible for who they hire.

If necessary provide temporary work permits.

The offspring of illegals are not US citizens.

The idea that uneducated, low-IQ migrants can just take the low-skilled jobs in society is a delusion. It doesn’t work that way. Their culture will clash with the native, educated, high-IQ culture.

Eventually the low-IQ culture will come to dominate. In summary: If you import the third-world you become the third-world.

We are supposed to evolve, not devolve. Evolution is the spiritual and ecological thing that we can do. The open-borders insanity is a crime against life itself and is causing catastrophic damage.