Stanford descending into full-blown delusional brain-deadedness

Stanford now questions grad student applicants with this:

The only thing more demented than the people who create and openly solicit/require questions like this to be answered by applicants are people who actually want to answer them.

A person’s race, gender, etc. is nobody’s fucking business.  Race, gender, etc. do not exist to benefit some pie-in-the-sky diversity bullshit in order to make demented morons feel better about themselves (or for possibly perverted purposes as one can strongly suspect of such liberals).

A university has absolutely no business asking a student applicant questions about their race or gender.  Such a policy will will make certain that only the most warped people will respond to these questions thereby providing reinforcement for this whole BS.

Who you are does not make you virtuous.  If you are a male who likes to suck dick, and you let that define you to the point that you think you are entitled to special treatment in society, you are extremely fucked up. If any institution in society teaches you or others that your sexual preference somehow automatically imparts some kind of virtue or value upon you, that is fucked up.

How you are is what determines your character, and that has nothing to do with whether you like pussy or dick, the color of your skin, etc.

It’s not entirely surprising that this is happening at the same institution which trained the Enron con artist thieves. The idea that just because you are something, instead of being a certain way, makes you better/virtuous is akin to a scam.

We see all around us the scam mentality of libtards in action as our society melts down and our once great cultural centers degenerate into 3rd world savagescape cesspools of crime and sickness.