114 hours 🎶 ♪

I have a music playlist that is 1030 hours’ worth of music. If it takes me 20 seconds to review a 3 minute track, that means I could review all the tracks in only 114 hours.

Of course 20 seconds for 3 minutes is just an estimate. I actually can cut the time down considerably. Sometimes I just give songs a minimal “pass” rating if they’re not really bad and then at some later time I could review them again and give them a higher rating.

To do that I could have certain times when I reevaluate all the low-rated tracks.

Also some tracks are really long and the percentage of time necessary to rate them is less than for a 3 minute track.

I’m noticing some other issues too:
1) I am thinking now about different types of playlists. 1030 hours’ worth of music includes a pretty wide spread of sub-genres. Instead of just giving a star rating to each track it would be nice to somehow flag them as possible or strong candidates for certain sub-genre playlists. Right now I’m just taking notes in a text file.
2) There are some tracks when I scan continuous mixes which I like even though I don’t like other songs in the mix. Again, how to I flag this? Right now can only do it in a text file and am also trying to use certain star rating levels (for example 2.5 stars) to indicate that some tracks are good.

My goal next is to learn how to actually start mixing tracks. A huge part of this is collating and reviewing everything. Another part will be figuring out how to mix and edit it.

A third thing is that I also am teaching myself how to play some things. Even though my focus is on early classical music I’m really drawn to funk bass and finding it a fun challenge to play funk bass riffs on my synthesizer. I realize that almost every really outstanding track that makes you really feel exhilirated has intense stuff going on in the bass. I would like to teach myself to become a bass track expert, to be able to design and create amazing bass tracks.

So I decided that I’m amending my Music Path to include early classical music and funk bass. I’ve already found that they are complementary. For example a couple days ago I was learning this amazing bass riff and then afterwards started practicing a Telemann harpsichord piece. They actually fit very well. Good classical music is also really big on intense bass lines 🙂

Years ago I was on the dance floor at this music event. I think it was early morning at an after-party after having been up all night. Listening to the music I suddenly imagined this piece by Bach in rhythm with the music being played. The piece is very airy and ethereal. I realize that it is the bass of pieces like this which to a large extent creates that energy. It sets the ground energy off which everything else is based. Maybe that’s why it’s called “bass” 🙂