Firefox 57

Firefox 57 has been officially released. If you followed the instructions in my previous post about getting ready for Firefox 57 you might not even notice much of a change at all except for a few things.

Multi-row tab bar is possible!
There is a way to introduce a multi-row tab bar into Firefox 57: See this post on Reddit’s FirefoxCSS forum. The code needs to go into the userChrome.css file which you can easily create.

Open all tabs after the current tab
There is also a useful addon called Open Tabs Next to Current which does exactly what it says.

Annoying spaces to the left and right of the URL bar (in the navigation bar)
Firefox added large spaces to the left and the right of the URL bar which is the address field inside the navigation bar. These can easily be removed via customize and then dragging the spacers away from the navigation bar.

Live Bookmark (RSS feed) icons in the Bookmarks Bar

Firefox also has introduced icons next to Live Bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. This used to be the case with the Linux version but now also is the case with the Windows version as well. They can be removed by placing this code inside your userChrome.css:

Make the RSS (Live Bookmark) feed font larger
Is the font for Live Bookmark feeds too small? You can increase it:

Get Speed Dial [FVD]!
Speed Dial [FVD] is great. It’s the best speed dial addon I’ve seen and best of all there is a version for Chrome/Vivaldi as well. After creating all your dials and dial groups you can conveniently export them to a backup file and then import the backup file in another browser to recreate all your dials.

There are a number of competing speed dial addons many of which try to upsell you stuff. Speed Dial [FVD] only offers a non-free optional cloud backup solution but otherwise is pretty cool. I find the default settings a little bit gaudy so I remove the background image and disable the panning feature, among other things. But it’s great that you can customize it so much including colors for the background, titles, and URLs.

Feature wishes
One thing that I will be hoping/watching out for in Firefox is tab stacking similar to Vivaldi.

Final thoughts
With the release of Firefox 57 Firefox now is clearly the best browser. This comes after what was a rather long, painful period for many users of significantly reduced performance. I hope Firefox will continue to remain at the top and also that they will consider developing an Open Source desktop operating system replacement for Microsoft Windows.