White people of Silicon Valley you have a responsibility

White people of Silicon Valley, you have a responsibility to society, to your people, to your ancestors, and to your progeny. Stop empowering people who are your enemies by giving them your money.

You live in the midst of an evil culture which betrays your people. While you may feel proud of your career success in life and be happy to make money, you should feel ashamed that by living and working in Silicon Valley you are betraying your people. You are empowering enemies who are actively working to replace your people and undermine everything that you and your ancestors have striven for.

You should follow the voice of this woman. Listen to her. She is like the voice of Earth itself: Angry and pissed because this betrayal is also a betrayal of life itself. It is a betrayal of evolution and a betrayal of the manifestation of highest divine love on Planet Earth.

Listen to her angry voice and follow her advice: Keep your money out of the hands of our enemies.


Replace Mexicans/Chinese/Indians for Muslims in the video and that is the situation you have. Imagine if all white people in Silicon Valley protested by staging a mass sick-out in Silicon Valley, what a message that would send.