I was sexually harassed and subject to humiliating and degrading treatment

In the city I live in, by employees of the city. I then reported the harassment to a non-profit agency which claims to represent transgender people and they claimed they would get back to me. I waited and waited and they never got back to me and subsequent attempts to communicate with them were ignored.

I reported the harassment to an supposed oversight agency and was subject to even more harassment. After I filed the report they never got back to me. When I followed up with them later they denied that anything wrong had happened (surprise).

I tried to find a civil rights attorney to handle the case and was forced to repeat the humiliating, degrading story of my abuse multiple and each time was denied assistance.

The idea that people can be held accountable for violation and abuse is an illusion. It’s something that people may think from watching tv but it is not how the world works.

The idea that there are organizations which will help you and stand up for you if you’ve been victimized is also an illusion.