Cannabis: A marginally-useful anti-emetic herb, a pernicious problem

Hundreds of Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations Sprout in the Shadow of Mount Shasta

And of course you knew it had to be “refugee” invaders:
Hmong Settlers Say Siskiyou County Pot-Grow Crackdown Smells Like Discrimination

Cannabis abuse and its widespread criminal cultivation is a serious problem. It is useful as an anti-emetic herb and even its medical use has been seriously abused. No serious medical practicioner would ever recommend consuming cannabis via combustion because of the toxic byproducts which result from combustion.

A lot of people abuse cannabis. I have known many – people who smoke it every day. Occasional recreational use is probably not that bad but even for recreational use combustion is still extremely bad.

The problem with criminal cultivation is really serious. I support these men who are busting the criminal cultivation operations. Even more though, this news story makes me sad that there are so many directionless people wasting their time engaging in behavior like this instead of cultivating themselves.

So much for Ecotopia. Thanks libshits for turning California into a dystopic, dysgenic, crime-infested, toxic hell hole.

Toxic Chemicals Killing California Wildlife At Illegal Marijuana Grows