These women have been called prostitutes

These women have been called prostitutes. But they are not prostitutes. They are far, far lower than prostitutes. Prostitutes don’t enable abusers and rapists. Prostitutes have much more dignity and integrity.

We live in an abuse culture.  In my other post on Firefox 57 extensions I mention two extensions which block the videos which many websites attempt to cram down people’s throats involuntarily, not unlike Harvey Weinstein.

We see Weinstein-type abuse all around is in the world.  It is the standard for how most companies operate in America.  They abuse and fuckover people to the greatest extent possible.

It could be your bank.  It could be your utility company.  Your network provider.  Your mobile carrier.  Your doctor.  Your medicine manufacturer.  Your grocery store.  Your landlord.  Your government.  Facebook is one huge, massive Weinstein down-your-throat fuckover.

We live in a fuckover abuse society in which people are trained at the highest Ivy League academic institutions to be efficient Weinsteins effective at delivering maximum fuckover.

Prostitutes have more dignity and integrity than all these rancid fucks.