Microsoft Word 2016 configuration notes

Change default document template to single-spacing (Word 2016)

Windows start -> Search -> %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates

opens in Explorer:


in blank document in Word 2016:

Home tab -> Styles -> right click Normal -> select Modify

change font to Calibri 11 pt. (other good fonts or this)

click single-spacing icon (near center)

click Format -> Paragraph

change Spacing before and after values to 0

Save as Word Macro-enabled templace (dotm) named Normal2.dotm

navigate back to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\

save as Normal2.dotm

in Explorer rename Normal.dotm to Normal-ORIG.dotm

rename Normal2.dotm to Normal.dotm

Other settings

View tab -> Zoom -> click Page Width icon (lower right)

File -> Options

Proofing -> AutoCorrect Options

uncheck Correct TWo INitial CApitals
uncheck Capitalize first letter of sentences
uncheck Capitalize first letter of table cells
uncheck Correct accidental usage of CAPS LOCK key

Office Theme – Dark Gray

uncheck “Show the Start screen when … starts”

Advanced -> Cut, copy, and paste

Pasting between documents -> Keep Text Only
Pasting from other docs -> Keep Text Only

Advanced -> General

uncheck “Provide feedback with animation”