Family Safety

It makes me glad to see this. Unfortunately family safety or even family is generally not sufficiently well understood in the mainstream to have the meaning it should. And despite the legion of professors of psychology and sociology – actually in part because of them – our families – our family – is endangered as never before.

For this endangerment to exist requires the legion of professors of psychology and sociology at our institutions of “higher” education preoccupied not with true study of the spiritual sciences but rather with models of rats in mazes. Oblivious to the raging infection ravaging the society around them they dutifully carry on with their research on rat mazes. Not only oblivious to it – in many cases actively contributing towards it.

To see the above Control Panel entry confirms that there’s something kind of archetypal about it the concept of family safety. It’s significant enough to be considered an integral component of the information logos of a mainstream operating system.

Essential to note as well how many or most of those clamoring about supposed progressive ideals, “freedoms”, and “rights” are actually at the forefront of destroying families and endangering our safety.

I don’t mean what people do in their private lives but rather those who are pushing disease into kid’s souls, whether part of a sick deluded agenda, creepy power trips, out of greed, or malevolence. Because it’s not really about freedoms and rights unless offending and infecting others are considered freedoms and rights.

In the ultimate family safety people such as those responsible for things like MTV would be imprisoned.

I reiterate: It’s not about what people do in their private lives, it’s the sick fucks infecting children’s souls with disease. No wonder America is failing as a society and facing multiple catastrophes such as the opiod epidemic.

Were it only as simple as selecting and configuring a Control Panel item.