President Trump

Your people are dying.  They are being crushed.  They have been oppressed for so long that they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be successful, to have dreams.  They are broken.

Hilary Clinton would not have saved them.  Nancy Pelosi certainly won’t.  The Democratic and Republican establishment won’t.  Corrupt city political machines won’t.

But you can.  You are the hope and the path to restore the lost power.

What was ours has been stolen over generations.  Our youth are destitute and dreamless.  They have no healthy models to look up to and inspire them.  The situation is grim and our country is weak.

Tech companies hire more foreign workers for engineering positions than Americans.  The education system has fallen far behind.

You are the hope and the path to restore the lost power.  Just like any true doctor they will fight you bitterly, tooth and nail, to stop you from curing America.

This is a contest of evil vs. light and I believe in you.