Skara Brae

So amazing. It’s always sad to me when stupid dramas or documentaries depict ancient peoples – our noble ancestors – as crude. Who knows, maybe their lives were far more advanced than ours in ways we simply can’t imagine because we’ve forgotten?

I found out about this while reading about the history of water supply and sanitation. If we lived in a healthy society people would be interested in things like this, not stupid “reality star” idiots, “professional” “sports”, or other garbage.

What got me interested in this topic was thinking about how throughout humans’ existence the relation to water played a significant role in how basic living was organized. Imagine someone living in a village in 18th century Germany and needing to pee in the middle of the night. What did that entail? What if they were thirsty? How did they get water? How was it stored? How did they wash dishes? Did they cleanse or rinse in the morning/evening? How did they go poo? How did different cities and villages around the world deal with sanitation? What about any kind of public place like a church, hall, or shopping district where people had to go poo or pee? Whose responsibility was it to deal with the sanitation in those places?

It’s kind of sad that we don’t even think of these things today, things which would have been a major part and parcel of daily existence until not very long ago. It almost seems wrong that we are unaware of this. I don’t think we can ever fully move forward if we simply forget the past.


Here’s another amazing video about Skara Brae with none other than Iain Stewart himself: