Heaven and Hell and Sub-bituminous coal

The other day it was really hot. I rode my bicycle to the beach at the ocean. The ocean is normally too cold to swim in. But it was so hot and the time of year was right and I swam for the longest time ever in my life in this amazing, beautiful ocean.

I had not been to a beach in a really long time. On this particular day the beach was packed – packed – with people. Riding in on my bicycle I passed many, many vehicles queueing to be able to park.

I approached the beach along the main path leading from the parking lot and expectedly at the point of the beach closest to this path there were a lot of people, especially parents and families with little kids who were having a blast.

You never knew how much fun clumps of wet sand can be until you watch young toddlers in complete glee playing with it like it’s the neatest thing. I love it. Seeing things like that, and wading in the water as waves come crashing in and everyone screams in delight is priceless.

I will call this part of the beach heaven. I started out my soujourn at the beach in heaven. I then swam and went down along the shore a ways. Finally I had enough swimming and went ashore.

I’m really fascinated by geology and not long ago I was reading about this particular beach which has been visited by field trips from geology classes. Most of the beach is sand and not very interesting, but at one end – the other end – you see coming up out of the ground rising cliffs of stratified rock.

This was finally my chance to see this in person. I’ve seen a lot of different rocks around the area where I live and while they are cool rocks, the vast majority of them are mostly similar. But these low cliffs along the beach were an opportunity to test some of my new geology knowledge and examine the layers.

I knew that looking at these layers is literally like looking at slices of time going back millions of years.

But I’m getting ahead of myself with this geology stuff because, I forgot to mention, that as I approached that end of the beach there were quite other things. Quite disgustingly, sickeningly other. If the first part of the beach I arrived at was heaven this other end was definitely hell.

I was walking along the bottom of the cliffs, examining the strata, chipping away at some sections, really fascinated. As I moved further and further along I had to climb over some rocks and then as I got to the other side, bang, there was some of the most sickening stuff. Disgusting, fat, ugly, perverted, naked old men with their schlongs hanging out. One sick fuck was literally playing with himself completely disregarding the fact that this was a public beach and that there were other people around.

While the Charlottesvill thing received a lot of prime-time attention, I have to say that disgusting people like this at the beach are far worse than any Nazi wannabees. Yet there is no prime-time coverage of this, no mass alarm at this sickening, atrocious behavior. I find that really telling.

I’m happy to say that in my geologic quest I actually discovered something really, really interesting: sub-bituminous coal which is low-grade “brown” coal. This got me to doing some research and it turns out that yes, in this region, along time ago people actually mined and used this coal before better quality coal was imported.

I am really proud of myself for having discovered coal. I feel like a pioneer in a way.

This experience at the beach is a microcosm of the city at large. This city has aspects of it that are heavenly but unfortunately there are aspects that are hellish. Sadly, not enough people are willing to stand up against destruction. I think a lot of people just ignore it or tolerate it.

But people should speak up. They freak out over things like people praising Nazism but then ignore far more sick things.

I think one reason is that this disgusting shit is seen as part of the “gay” movement. They think that being open culturally to homesexuality means tolerating sick fucks like this disgusting fat old men. I find that idea appalling.

Lauren Southern did a great video about this that was spot on. There’s not much more I can say except that the disgusting grubby fuckers who ruin other people’s experiences at public beaches deserve a special place in hell. They are lower than animals.

This touches on the concept of much of the insanity that is seen now in society: Things have become so tolerant and liberal that they now embrace destruction. People are so supportive of women’s rights and open-minded that they support religions which treat women like property and force them to cover their heads.

They are so “open-minded” about homesexuality that they tolerate digsusting, fat, creepy perverts to violate others in public spaces.