Human Sacrifice

An asylum seeker accused of raping and murdering a student in Germany has told a court he posed as a minor to improve his immigration chances in 2015.

Maria L was 19 when she was raped and murdered last October in Freiburg, south-west Germany. Her body was found in a river; she had been strangled.

There was particular anger that he had been jailed for attempted murder in Greece before making his way to Germany.

He had been let free after little more than a year in a Greek jail, under an amnesty.


Imagine putting all the women murdered, raped, and abused together in one place. How many are there? Thousands. Imagine you are standing somewhere, watching all these women. And then in a sick, barbaric act all these women, these precious lives, are sacrificed.

They are sacrificed by some the most despicable, sick, tyrants in the history of humankind. People like Angela Merkel.

They are demonic mass murderers. They may as well be satanic because there is no difference.

The mass invastion of Europe is an heinous, reprehensible, appalling sacrifice of human life.