IQ isn’t everything

I just want to mention that IQ isn’t everything. Some people have lower IQs. Some have higher. It turns out that having an IQ over a certain level – I can’t remember the exact number now but I think it’s around 130 – people with IQs over 130 actually do less well. I actually am one of those people. Having too high an IQ is an impairment because our society is definitely fucked up.

I just want to write this because if you happen to have a low IQ don’t feel bad. There are people (like me) on your side.

A good painter is skilled at using many brushes. If you took some brushes away from him he would miss them and not be able to paint as well.

A good craftsman is skilled at using many tools. If you took some tools away he would miss them and it would be difficult for him to create all the things he wants to.

People with IQs in the range that make them “successful” are typically selfish asswipes who are not really that smart, just smart enough to make money and be “successful” in a rigged system that actually penalizes people who are more intelligent than they are.