Damage from UniteTheRight

I read the Wikipedia page of one of the prominent people who was at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally (David Duke), and then saw video of another person who was there (Cantwell). Both of these people are never people I would want to follow nor who I would ever consider to be leaders of any kind.

That said, there are brilliant people out there who should be heard. Jared Taylor is a brilliant person and gives extremely compelling evidence that there are serious problems in America with respect to diversity policies and thinking about race.

There appears to be persuasive genetic and other evidence that some races simply do not score as highly in terms of IQ as others, and therefore policies based on the presumption that any differences between races must be the result of discrimination or oppression are wrong. Jared points out in one of his videos how this sort of misguided policy breeds entire generations of people who then believe they are repressed. These policies are just as ugly as the neo-Nazi stuff. Because they are so institutionalized makes them scary.