Democrats are now blaming Donald Trump for the blowback from years of their own failure to deal with the massive illegal immigration problem in America. They had ample time to stand up for American workers – especially those on the margins of society who are disproportionately displaced by the jobs and other opportunities (think housing, etc.) stolen by illegals. They didn’t do shit.

America needs to stand up. It needs to tell people in the firmest possible way that you will not be rewarded for scamming our country. Anything less than that is not acceptable.

If you want someone to blame for the mess blame the Democrats and others who sat back while America was invaded by 1/3 of the population of Mexico, and enormouns numbers from Asia and other places. They claim to be humanitarian but thought nothing of the massive displacement of American citizens from employment, housing, educational, and other opportunities by the invasion.

Fuck them. Fuck that. End DACA immediately.

From now on if you want to come to America you apply. If you want a job you go through an application process by which an employer must show that that position cannot be filled by a US citizen. DACA people are welcome to re-apply for entry under that system, but first they must go. Blame the Democrats (and many Republicans too) if that is heartless.

Standing up for Americans is not only heartful, it is the responsibility of every public official in America. All we have now are a bunch of grubby traitors doing the bidding of chambers of commerce, real estate interests, and others (Sinaloa?) for whom mass illegal immigration is a major hit of crack.

Fuck Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and everyone else clamoring for amnesty. No more crack pipe for America. End the DACA now.